Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Another Monday Night came and went last night, and the gradebook is out! Enjoy today's PDC.

Monday Night Impressions

WWF Monday Night Raw

-I want to first address the Jim Ross situation. Last night, he came into the ring to interview Bart Gunn. He said Bart Gunn couldn't look into his face, and started taunting him about Dr. Death. Then Dr. Death comes down and kills Bart Gunn with some really hard suplexes. Now their feud has some heat, but at what price? Jim Ross has now practically turned a heel, and how will he get back to being the best play by play man in the business? This time around, it's different than the time he lashed out McMahon right before he brought the Fake Razor in. What will Jim Ross's role be now? -Uh Oh, the WWF is getting WCW repetitive matches syndrome. They had Stone Cold vs. Kane, and the Undertaker vs. Mankind. Stone Cold vs. Kane match ended very badly. That was a no finish ending, which leaves a few questions. Is Kane and Chyna still in the Corperation, or are they out? As for Mankind vs. Undertaker. That wasn't their best match against each other. Bossman vs. Undertaker in a hell in the cell match?? Oh come on, neither will take the bumps required to make that match continue the great tradition of Hell in the Cell.-I was glad to see that Triple H and Xpac rushed down to fight Jarrett and Owen. Hell, If I was at that show, me and some other jabronie would take Owen and Jarrett on just for the chance to win to see Debra take that robe off! It came off anyways, as it shows that Debra will do anything for the WWF...which is good news! -The women of the WWF are all messed up. For one, Sable is trying to become a heel, and PMS comes down and threatens that no one will mess with PMS. I certainly enjoyed Terri Runnels running down the ramp...damn!-That's sad that the Rock needed Giant's help to beat the Road Dog. Speaking of the Road Dog, I'm impressed that he got away with saying "pussies" on television. -Droz vs. Blackman was a worthless match. As was the Public Enemy coming out to no crowd reaction at all! The funny thing was that during the Holly and Road Dog brawl, you could see Fly Boy Rocko crouching down, trying not to be caught on tape. ====$Well, this edition, well it was a live edition too, wasn't the best Raw I have seen. The Kane/Stone Cold match has already been done before, and it had a stupid ending as well. A bunch of loose ends during the show give this edition of Monday Night Raw a



Monday Night Nitro

-I can't take it anymore!!! If I see any more of those stupid Konnan videos, I'm gonna puke!!!-Well, Bam Bam was the next to do the J.O.B. to Rey Misterio Jr. It twas a good pin by Rey Jr., and it will probably lift him to main event status, but remember something that Nash has said about Benoit and Malenko, they are too small to be Main Eventers...but wait!! Rey and Nash are good friends backstage, so Misterio will be a main eventer now!!!-Saturn better realize sometime soon that he's making his wrestling career go to waste in that dress.-If I see one more NWO wolfpac interview, I am gonna puke!!!-Bret Hart vs. Chris Benoit..oh, we've never seen that before. That was a long and boring match. I could see if you were a hardcore technical wrestling fan, you might enjoy this match. But I guarantee, that one liked how this match ended. Bret Hart's career is going down the tubes.-Oh Joy, good news. The Uncensored match, and it will be a cage match, will be for the world title now. I was beginning to think that it would be non-title. I will be very upset with WCW if Flair loses again.-It was nice to see Buff and Rick Steiner back, even though they were very rusty in the ring. Buff is a way to get ratings! The Goldberg/Steiner vs. Buff/Big Poppa Pump match was alright, but two of the wrestlers aren't completely ready to really put on a show, but oh well.====$Well, this edition of Nitro wasn't one that I liked, as it had some repetitive parts in it. This version of WCW Nitro recieves a


for it's efforts.


-The Great Terry Taylor wants to beef up and give some credibility to the WWF lightweight division. He feels the Lightweight division is a laughing stock, as we all do, and he wants to use talent from the Super Astros shows, as well as use some of the talent, like Taka and Christian, wisely.-Bret's contract is up in 9 months, and if he chooses to stay, he will renew his contract by two years. This could be a huge proof to see if the conspiracy is true.-There is talk of a third hour being added to Monday Night Raw!! No!! Don't do it WWF!! Look at the first hour of Nitro. Sure, it gets great ratings, but it's so boring!! Maybe if it was head to head with Nitro's first hour...hmmm.-ECW's recent video game deal as well as the deal with the Disney company Beuna Vista has eased the money pains of ECW. ECW, I hope can find some original talent and get that company exciting again.-Apparently, WWF is loving the critism. With all of the mainstream media attention, the WWF will become bigger than ever! WCW, though, is becoming the opposite, as they are rumored to tone everything about their show down, and maybe become a 'G' rated wrestling program. Enjoy.

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