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Finally, it has arrived. For one whole year, I've had a Phat Daily Column up everyday since March 29th, 1999. It's been a long ride, and I'm really worn out from it. Yes, with the leap year, this is the 366th day in a row, so that would mean that the year streak was yesterday, right? Well, the Leap Year only happens so often, so I'll declare today the day where I have had a column for everyday for a year. First off before I do anything "special" for this column, the ratings are in, and it's time to analyze them. On to the Phat Daily Column!

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 3.1
Second Hour: 2.1
Composite: 2.6


First Hour: 6.5
Second Hour: 6.7
Composite: 6.6

Head to Head

RAW: 6.7 Tito's Pick: 6.1
Nitro: 2.1 Tito's Pick: 2.2

In Comparison

Heat vs. Nitro- Heat: 2.8 Nitro: 2.6
WWF Livewire: 1.3
WWF Superstars: 1.6
WCW Saturday Night: 1.3
ECW on TNN: 0.8

-Alright, once again, Nitro got hammered against a good showing by the WWF. Hey, at least WCW was above the 3.0 mark for the first time in 3 weeks, but the second hour is what truly counts. Basically, this is what Russo and Bischoff need to work on. They can't get that second hour any lower than it is now or the roof will cave in. The WWF is living in the ratings with Wrestlemania right around the corner. The ratings could get interesting in a few weeks though, as you will probably notice a slight bump in the ratings once Russo starts the storylines again. This same thing happened when he first arrived, but a few months later, he ended up a failure, and was later fired as head booker. We shall see what happens...

-Heat, fighting the Oscars this week, once again defeated WCW's top rated show. Again, Russo and Bischoff need to get above this. Again, it's sad when your 3rd ranked show defeats a first ranked show of another federation.

-The battle of ECW on TNN vs. the lower ranked shows wasn't even close this week. Both Livewire and Saturday Night had horrible ratings this week, and ECW on TNN couldn't even come close to either. Oh yeah, NCAA tournament..oh wait, WCW Saturday Night had that to contend with too. Yep, those apples taste good, now don't they? I do, however, still don't understand why Livewire gets lower ratings. If you don't feel like watching 4 hours of wrestling and/or you missed the WWF primetime shows, Livewire shows you EVERYTHING that happened on both shows in 1 hour!! But yet a recycled version of Livewire with occasional wrestling profiles, we call it Superstars, beats it everyweek.


-ECW news? What the hell? I've heard some rumors that USA executives have already decided against picking up ECW if the WWF just so happens to become a part of TNN. Ouch. USA considers ECW a show which gets poor ratings, even for a Friday Night show. My gosh, that's gotta hurt. So basically, if the WWF decides to muscle out ECW if they sign the CBS/TNN deal, ECW will be dumped on their heads. This after a long fight of trying to make it on TNN, and this would ruin them to have no cable for exposure. The wrestling world would now be limited to only the informercial show, which only a small fraction of us get.


-Looks like Wrestlemania 2000 will have a TV-M this year, which means we could see some skin during the Terri and Kat match. This probably stems from the Kat showing her puppies to the world, and the horrible and wretched stripping by Mae Young. I'm sure Pay Per View companies and the WWF got heck for both incidents, therefore, a TV-M rating is a good thing to have. Besides, if they label it now, they can do whatever they want, right? Hey, why not have the Dudley Boyz tell off the crowd while you are at it! That would be classic!

-It looks like Mtv is having a special "Countdown to Wrestlemania" which will air sometime this weekend. Hmm, I wonder if Viacom, the owners of CBS and TNN, sent a wonderful memo to Mtv for them to "suggest" doing this special. Hmm, nah, Mtv, for some odd reason, has had a good promoting relationship with the WWF. But I'm sure that if this special gets a good response, the WWF would really consider jumping to the CBS/TNN deal to promote their matches on Mtv. I only wish that RAW could be on Mtv.....

-Yikes! Yesterday, the WWF stock rose 9/16 to end the day at 17 5/16, thus making it the first time in a long time that it has been above the original price of 17. This is shocking too, as the whole stock market took a beating yesterday. Many say that this constant rise of the WWFE stock pretty much proves that the word of the WWF signing the CBS/TNN deal is finalized. Remember, the WWF said "nothing will be officially announced until April 1st or after that". The time is coming..tick, tick, tick...


-WCW is thinking of the Russo and Bischoff returns as the "second coming", as they are prepared to do anything at this point. Many people compare the old WCW situation that WCW was in before the NWO made WCW famous to the current state right now. I don't think so. Back before the original NWO was formed and before Hogan was signed, WCW had some pretty tough workers who "tried" to give you everything they had. Sure, they held down talent like Stunning Steve Austin and Cactus Jack in their day, but at least they got on television and they busted their asses. Plus, even though some wrestlers were held down back then, the morale of the lockerroom wasn't nearly as bad as it is now. Nowadays, wrestlers can't stand the management, and the older wrestler can't stand the younger ones and they try anything to hold them down. It's a different story nowadays.

-My gosh, I completely forgot to comment on that badly remade Twisted Sister song on Nitro yesterday! Ack!! What is wrong with me? Anyway, from what I'm hearing, Ready to Rumble could turn out to be a decent movie afterall. From the previews, it looks to be decent, or at least a movie to laugh at David Arquette, and that works for me. Besides, since I can't review Beyond the Mat because it's 2 hours away from me, I'll review this instead and "attempt" to have a review the night after it debuts. Therefore, I can bash it hard, or praise it.

-My good friend Coolbeans told me that Booker T went off on the Nitro backstage webcast, and how he's very happy about Russo and Bischoff coming back. He also went off on how certain wrestlers are constantly kissing the management's ass. Right on Booker T, because you've put up with a lot of crap lately. This man has the MOST potential out of anybody at WCW, but yet he has to put over losers like the Harris brothers and so forth. I'm sick and tired of seeing it every Nitro, as someone is truly blind about how talented that man truly is. At least with Bischoff there, he gave Booker the television title on numerous times. That's better than the stupid idiots that were booking WCW did for him. Please, for the love of God, push Booker T so that many fans, including myself and Coolbeans, could get a little more motivated to watch WCW programming.

1 year of Consecutive Columns

Yes, it has finally arrived. I am very proud of it, as I've worked hard every morning to pump out this very column everyday. As for the usual special days of this column, I usually do something special. I'll have some kind of specialized column, or I'll do the angle predictions. For one, I'm out of ideas for the moment, which means I'm hitting a little bit of writer's block lately. As for the Angles...well, look at WCW. Right now, they have new management, therefore, I have no idea who will get pushed and who will get the shaft. The WWF is hard to predict too, as their stars get set up for some angles that elevate them into stars and some angles that fail and make them wrestle on Heat. Therefore, I'm shying away from them for a while.

However, what I really wanted to do could be told in just two words:

Thank You

That's what I really wanted to say for this very column. Thanks to all of the readers who have supported me from the start, and watched me evolve into what I am today. I appreciate the great comments and I appreciate you guys reading my column every single day of the week. Hell, even thanks to ones who love to criticize me or write columns dedicated to how much they dislike me. Without that, I wouldn't have the ideas that I do to make my opinions strike more nerves of those individuals. Of course, I do apologize if any harsh opinions, like ripping on Too Cool, Hogan, WCW booking, WWF long interviews, and ICP, have got to a few people the wrong way, so I'm sorry for that. And finally, thanks to and especially Calvin for having my column here on this very site. is the best site on the net, hands down!

@So what's next for myself? Well, I'm going to keep writing daily columns, but if a day off is needed, I'll gladly take one. Who knows, maybe a vacation could be coming up, I don't know? But what I do know is that I enjoy writing about wrestling, and I won't stop until that fire burns out. So until tomorrow's column, just chill till the next episode. Best Wrestling Site on the Net!

Take Care, and Thanks a Million for Reading Each and Everyday.

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