Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Phew! Wrestlemania came and went, and it was huge!! I'm looking foward to see what happens on Raw, as it could turn out to be the biggest RAW ever!! On to the PDC!!!

Wrestlemania Impressions!

-Alright, I'm sure everyone and their mother didn't expect Hardcore Holly to walk out as Hardcore Champion. I guess Al Snow must have really pissed the backstage off when he didn't "take" the chairshots a while ago.-The Jarrett-Owen tag match against D-Lo and Test was a worthless match, but Debra...ahhh. The Tag Division could use a little help here.-Damn, Butterbean waxed Bart Gunn, but I do believe it was a work. Gunn had absolutely no gaurd on his left side. It was a work to set up an embarassment angle with Jim Ross and Dr. Death. That's my call!-What the hell is the WWF going to do with Paul Wight? He's pretty much out of the corperation. What's next for him? That was a lovely choke slam on two chairs though. : )-Road Dogg still Champ? I smell a huge feud between the New Age Outlaws. I was mad how Shamrock and Val Venis got elimiated, but oh well.-When Chyna helped attack Kane, I knew that she wasn't re-joining DX, I told everyone that I was watching it with that he joined her in the corperation...everyone doubted me...-I was shocked when Nicold Bass attacked Tori. But on another note, what the hell was Tori wrestling in? Anyways, everyone in the room was like "who is she". I told them she was the big muscle lady in ECW, or if they didn't know that, she was huge lady in Howard Stern's Private Parts. Good angle as Sable's bodyguard if it plays out tomorrow.-I must say, hats off to Shane McMahon! He took some bumps tonight that I didn't expect him to take. Boy did Test freaking kill Xpac on the outside. I saw Triple H run down, and I told everyone "he's showing he's corperate now!" They were all shocked, and applauded me for my call. : )-The Hell in the Cell match was good, but it was no where near the other two Hell in the Cell matches. I wasn't much for the Bossman getting hanged though.-Oh yeah, Pete Rose coming out as the Chicken to try to attack Kane was hilarious! Stay away from Kane Rose, or you will never see the day you get into the Hall of Fame.-Alright Stone Cold is champ again, a repeat from last year's Wrestlemania. But what I will say, is that the match was a great one, and the Rock gave Stone Cold all he could handle, and the refs had no chance at controlling the madness in the ring. The Rock gave him two of the hardest Rock-Bottoms I have EVER seen. Great match fellas.===$Alright, I have my gradebook out. This was a very exciting pay per view to watch, and I enjoyed almost every minute of it. Nobody in my mind, puts on a better pay per view than the WWF. This years Wrestlemania gets a phat


in my book. An A+ would have been achieved if a better tag championship match happened.

WWF Angles

-Alright, now that Triple H is in the corperation, he will finally get his Main Event status that he deserves for his hard work in the past years in the WWF. He will most likely be built up as the top man in the corperation, and then he could POSSIBLY be the man who beats Stone Cold for his title.-What about Kane?? I hope that the WWF bookers put him in DX. It's my dream for him to be in DX. It would be a perfect match right now. That's my opinion.-What about the Rock? He will probably get kicked out of the corperation, because the corperation won't be able to function with the Rock and Triple H around. But what can he do as a face, unless Stone Cold drops that belt quickly, he has nothing to do.-Paul Wight's career in the WWF is threatening to become a dud, because the corperation was a good role for him, and remember how terrible he is as a face. I think he should become Captain Insano just like he was in Waterboy. Just kidding! They might have him make up with the corperation, or just have him fight on his own, and maybe keep fighting the Rock.-DX's future could be crumbling, because Triple H was their leader, and he's corperate now. Kane joining them could help, but I see the New Age Outlaws feuding for that IC title. Should be interesting to see how that plays out.-And what about the corperation? Without the Rock, Paul Wight, Ken Shamrock(UFC), and possibly Bossman, they will have Triple H, Test, and Chyna. They need more members, or they could just do fine as an efficient little group.-Stone Cold will just be the top face as usual, and he will always be in the title chase. -The Ministry will most likely start weaving out some members, maybe losing the Brood and a few losers(Mideon and Vicera). They will probably keep feuding with the corperation, and the Undertaker will probably join the title hunt again.-The WWF also will have many wrestlers coming back and many new wrestlers(training camps) coming in, so they have a very solid future.

WCW News

-Sting's return should maybe bring some interest to WCW, but after seeing Wrestlemania tonight, they have to do something huge with Sting to generate interest. I hope they don't mess up with him, and I hope they don't turn him heel. I just want Sting, and I want him to climb on the top of that federation, because unlike the rest of those members of that Senior Tour, he's been around the whole time, when he could have left at any time. -Benoit and Malenko are set to lose the straps, and quit wrestling as a tag team...already! WCW's creative team is putting Malenko back in the Cruiserweight title hunt, and they are going to try to make Benoit a television champ(on television that is). I could see Malenko in the cruiserweight division, and I can see Benoit in the television division too. Maybe Benoit will FINALLY prove himself as one of the best pound for pound wrestlers in the land. -Look for Nitro to have some kind of "HUGE" main event Monday involving Bret Hart. It's leaning towards Bill Goldberg mostly, but it could be with Kevin Nash. But nothing with Bret Hart matters anymore. The crowd will be behind Bret Hart since it's in Toronto. I hope he fights Sting, but that's most likely not going to happen. Probably Goldberg, and the Hitman will lose to him, since he never gets any recognition in WCW. I'm sure he's considering a WWF return even if he has bad feelings against Vince.

@Well, that's all I have for today. I must say, tonight was an exciting night to be a wrestling fan. I can't wait for tomorrow, because it could be the "Biggest Night In Monday Night Wrestling EVER!!" I'll be back tomorrow for sure with the usual Monday Night Impressions, as well as other goodies. I hope you have enjoyed todays column, so take care, and happy wrestling. This is Mr. Tito, the ONLY phat daily columnist, signing off!

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