Welcome to yet another feared edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll B.S. on the latest in professional wrestling, and then we'll hype tonight's Smackdown. What else is there to honestly do on a Thursday?

As I admit often, I DO miss reviewing Thunder (or Chunder) on Thursdays. It was just so much fun ripping that show AND WCW apart on that day. Too much fun. I sorely miss laughing at the pathetic angles and crap matches that WCW attempted during its final run.

But now, Thursdays are hard because I have to cover the WWF, again, and since I do not read spoilers, anything from the Smackdown show must be held until Friday. Ah well. Too bad the idiots over at Time Warner, you know, one of the biggest media conglomerates in the world, couldn't run a wrestling company, despite being incredibly successful in any other business they venture in.

Anyway, on to the PDC.


-More power to the WWF for doing well in the early sales of Forceable Entry. In recent times, compilations of artists, such as soundtracks, have really sold well. Forceable Entry is a good who's who of the rock industry, although they are performing wrestling themes. It's also said that the Scorpion King soundtrack is selling well, too. That's not bad, considering the fact that both CDs came out on the same day.

I will say that I probably won't buy the Scorpion King soundtrack. Firstly, I have a lot of the songs already on other CDs, such as Rob Zombie's Iron Head. (By the way, that's an awesome song)

-There appears to be continuous problems with Stone Cold Steve Austin and the WWF. Clearly, the decision to take Austin off the houseshows proves that fact. Note that Austin's contract gives him a good deal of creative power over his character, thereby basically making him invincible in the WWF. Sort of what happened with Hulk Hogan in WCW, although Austin doesn't use his power to hold back guys -- as much. I believe I heard somewhere that tonight's Smackdown was running promos that Austin was going to show up on RAW, possibly? That will probably be edited out.

-In regards to the "rise in power" of Triple H. One of the things made clearly obvious by the Clique in 1995 and 1996 was the fact that they would work hard against each other in matches, but dogged it whenever they fought anybody else. We'll see if this holds true, especially if Triple H busts out his best match in a long time, say against Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, or even X-Pac. That will prove that it's clearly evident. Of course, the addition of X-Pac to the NWO proves that Triple H has some say to what goes on in the WWF, especially when he has the "inside track" with Stephanie McMahon.


The last night that we'll see all of the WWF talent together on Smackdown. Actually, that's a good thing because the way Vince stacked his own show, Smackdown is going to be hot especially if it gives some good focus to Jericho, Benoit, Angle, and even Edge. Oh yeah, Cruiserweights, too.

A Six man match has been officially announced. You will see the likes of the New World Order (Hall, Nash, X-Pac) take on the team of The Rock, Kane, and Hulk Hogan. Yep, Kane has been pushed to the top. I know everyone is just ready to JACK OFF when they see a show headlined by Kevin Nash vs. Kane. You better bring extra towels for that one. Anyway, I'm asking this: how about a clean finish or even a pin in this match? I'm getting a little too annoyed by count outs and disqualifications regarding the matches involving the NWO, Hogan, and the Rock.

Also, we have the Dudley Boyz vs. Chuck & Suck. WWF.com said that if the Dudleys win the match, they can remain as a team. Let's hope so, and in the process, why not turn the Dudleys FACE this time around? The fans still chant "get the tables", and their current heel run as a HEEL team is a failure because the WWF doesn't let the Duds get any mic time, whatsoever. Why not? It will sell more t-shirts and finally give a reason to those "get the tables" chants. Plus, Chuck & Suck is more of a failure as World Champs than any other champions lately, besides Regal. And the WWF says that Chris Jericho had a horrible run as World Champ. HA! Look at Chuck and Billy! They can't even keep an interesting singles match at Wrestlemania. Get those titles on the Dudleys.

And I'm off the firm belief that D'Von Dudley would be DOOMED if he was in singles competition. D'Von's offense is set to be a perfect complement of Bubba Ray, although Bubba is unique enough to survive on his own. Bubba was a good singles competitor in ECW before he tagged up with D'Von to form the famous tag team, whereas D'Von was not. Plus, add to the fact that D'Von is kind of injury prone. If he wrestled singles matches all of the time, D'Von would be much more injury prone than before.

Also, Booker T will take on Diamond Dallas Page. Hey, didn't this headline Smackdown when WCW "invaded" the WWF during the summer? Should be good, but let's face it, it will probably be given 2 minutes to even develop. Both of these guys have been so wasted as talents in the WWF, whereas they should have been key talents to really get the original WCW invasion over. Let's all thank Vince McMahon's ego and the pathetic WWF writing for ruining both of these guys from any WWF potential. Especially DDP.

Rob Van Dam vs. Test will also happen. If Test wins, the biggest FINGER OF SHAME will be given. No doubt. Let RVD blossom as IC champion and you'll see that title worth something, finally. Plus, don't forget what Test does for title belts: absolutely nothing.

Raven will take on Hardcore Champion, Maven. I'm assuming that Raven wins the HC title here, thereby making the WWF have the bulk of the Hardcore division. Hey, they do have all of the washed-up ECW wrestlers on their division, so I guess it would be fitting. Maybe Raven will even get somewhat of a push, too? Now I'm curious.... could someone from another show "invade" the other show just for the 24/7 Hardcore title rules? That's certainly a good question.

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@That's it for today. I'll be back with more insults or analysis, whatever you want to call it, in my Smackdown review tomorrow. Until then, why not chill??!?!?

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