Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Once again, another Monday Night of wrestling shows is upon us, and we get to see the WWF try to impress us to buy Wrestlemania, and then we get to see what WCW has in store for us tonight. It's back in school for me, so I'm writing this thing quickly this morning before I go to college..so on to the PDC. Oh yeah, today I will feature my first EVER Phat Book Review!!!


-If you saw WWF Sunday Night Heat, you saw Stevie Richards return to team up with Essa Rios for a pounding from the Acolytes. Stevie Richards, who has been hampered with a bad ankle injury, took some good slams from the Acolytes, and that shows he's definately ready for the ring again. Richards was decked in Essa Rios-like gear, so I'd imagine that he'll continue his mocking of other wrestlers. He came back briefly a few weeks ago to mock test, only to be put back on the injured list for a little while longer. All I can say is WELCOME BACK STEVIE!!!

-RAW tonight will feature more from the wrestlers or McMahons featured in the fatal 4 way elimination match from Wrestlemania. It was constantly hyped that more would happen on Livewire and Superstars, therefore, a lot will probably happen. Right now, it's pretty much safe to say that no heels will win the title at Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania is meant to be a showdown where the blowoff matches are in favor of the fan favorites, and with an emotion victory for Mick or a cleanly won world title for the new face Rock, it seems that Big Show and Triple H have "No Chance in Hell" at Wrestlemania.

-On Sunday Night Heat, they were trying to play up to the fact that the Hardys and Edge/Christian aren't getting along with each other. They had an interview together where they were arguing, and then curse words came out, and Edge/Christian walked out. Later on in the evening, Edge/Christian screwed the Hardys in a loss against Kaienti. Later on the evening, Hardys helped Tazz/Jericho defeat Edge/Christian. You can expect lots more tonight with these teams, as the Dudley Boyz get to laugh at them.


-Already, WCW has lost Chris Candido..more like Chris Candido lost in WCW. He wasn't awarded any type of decent deal, as he was only paid per night. Plus, I can imagine that he saw what went on backstage at WCW, and said "to hell with this" and he will now move on to be a big fish in a small pond. I guess many Candido fans are hurting, because they campaigned so hard for him to get into WCW. Now, he can't return to WCW, as he can add that to the list of federations that won't take him back like ECW and the WWF.

Note from Tito: Some sites have said that Nitro and Thunder have been cancelled, but looking at WCW.com, they make no mention of this. In fact, they have the Nitro preview up..therefore, I'll comment on this just in case..plus, it will be such wonderful fun!

-Alright, Nitro is doing the Spring Break special edition of Nitro once again. No matter how bad the show was, I've always enjoyed this kind of Nitro. The setting for this once a year Nitro is beautiful, and it usually makes for an interesting Nitro. I'm always hoping that somebody gets thrown into the pool!

-Oh no, Sid is supposed to discuss something about a "business opportunity" he has for WCW wrestlers. Oh my gosh, I can smell the ratings from a mile away! Why not give the World Title to Hulk Hogan right now so that you don't have to waste another buyrate on Spring Stampede with a Hogan and Sid main event.

-Hey, WCW has a good tag team match for us, which will feature Sting and Vampiro vs. Team Package. That's not a bad match, and it could be a good main event if they don't resort to some horrible match containing Hogan and Sid.

-Oh yay, Mamalukes vs. Harris Brothers! I just want to jump around for this one! Their match from Uncensored wasn't all too bad though. Besides the H-Bomb, the Harris brothers aren't worthy champions...but maybe Russo will make them cool again like he did when he first introduced Patrick and Gerald aka Creative Control. They suck as NWO members though.

-Buff Bagwell and Curt Hennig vs. Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett. Oh my, Steiner and Buff in the same ring together isn't a wise booking decision by WCW. Ever since they lost their friendship, they have fought some very stiff matches since. We could see the same thing here, especially with a very angered Steiner and cocky Buff as of late.

You know, I do have a proposition for Vince Russo if he is going to take a week to get storylines ready. Why not start over? Seriously, as in rewrite history. Have everything resent back to the beginning with the current wrestlers, but all of the wrestlers pasts behind them are gone. They have sort of thought of this idea for comic books, as they almost did it with the comic book hero Superman. Instead of coming up with new stories for him, they almost started him from the beginning again. Why not attempt this with Nitro, this way you could help establish EVERY wrestler much better without a botched past like they have now. Just a thought.

Mr. Tito's Phat BOOK Review

That's right, the first of it's kind. For those who personally know me, you know that I hate reading very long texts, with the Mick Foley's Have a Nice Day, which will be reviewed today, being 503 pages long. So this was somewhat of a challenge to me, and having a nice week off from Spring break last week, I decided to read the whole book that week. Usually I get frustrated with a novel and throw it down, but for Mick Foley's, I couldn't put it down. Here is my review.

Mick Foley's "Have a Nice Day" autobiography

I had received this great book for Valentine's day, and I was delighted to find time to read this. I have heard nothing but good things about this book, and with a good amount of respect for Mick Foley, I wanted to read this book. The book is self-written by Mick himself, as most of the other wrestlers find a ghostwriter to write it for them. Mick is a great writer, and easily the best I've ever read. He writes with compassion and is very interesting and easy to read. That's kind of hard to understand for a guy who is King of the Death matches.

The whole book gives you a great perspective of the risks that wrestlers do to entertain everyone, as Mick Foley busted his ass in and out of the ring right from the start. He went through hell before he came big, and he didn't give up like most who take his punishment do. Mick really fights adversity by putting up with bad bookers and by bad federations which he wrestled for.

I felt truly bad for Mick growing up for this book. Besides finding his current wife Colette, he struggled to catch on with the ladies in his day. Maybe that made him focused on one of the most storied wrestling careers in history? This novel is very truthful, as Mick did NOT pull any punches at wrestlers or promoters he didn't like. Especially Ric Flair. Flair was a booker during Mick's first run in WCW, and he was a booker at the end of Mick's second run. Flair seemed to be a real prick to me as I read the book, as maybe he was never cut out to book.

This book helped me add some respect to guys that I didn't appreciate before. Jeff Jarrett stuck up for Mick in Memphis, Rob(who was Tennessee Lee) really helped out Mick Foley in certain places as well, and Kevin Sullivan was very nice to Mick Foley in WCW. He had a great deal of respect for Terry Funk, as they had some classic bouts in their careers.

The stories in this book are priceless. The night that Mick Foley and "Stunning" Steve Austin decided to mess with Diamond Dallas Page's head was the greatest. I was in tears from laughing when reading that one. The one with Mick Foley, Austin, and Steven Regal on a "certain" beach is also funny.

The book starts from Mick's lacrosse days all the way to the first time he won the WWF World Title. The book starts out with the infamous Vader torn ear incident from WCW in Germany a few years ago, as it helped set the tone for the rest of the book. I was intrigued from the start, and enjoyed every page of it.

What are my overall impressions of this book? It's the best book I've ever read. If you are a HUGE wrestling fan, READ THIS BOOK. If you aren't a HUGE wrestling book, READ THIS BOOK, as you'll like it anyway. I've never been so into a book in my life, and I truly respect Mick Foley 503 pages later. Therefore, this book gets an easy


because it's just that damn good. Stop what you are doing right now and get this book. I highly recommend it to anybody, even if they hate wrestling. This is the type of book that could turn someone who hates wrestling into someone who respects it for what it is.

You know, Wrestlemania 2000 is just around the block, and Mick Foley is entering this contest as one of the favorites. I appreciated Cactus Jack back in his WCW days for putting on great matches with Sting back then. I felt that he was one of the most fearful heels in the business as Mankind, even though he was with the WWF during their bad years when WCW was their daddy. But after reading this book, I've made up my mind who I want to cheer for. I want to cheer for Foley at Wrestlemania, as he deserves to go out of wrestling on top for the hell he's paid for throughout the years.

@That's it for this edition of the Phat Daily Column. Enjoy the shows tonight, as the evil Monday Night Impressions will be here tomorrow. Just chill till the next episode. Just 2 more days until 1 year of consecutive columns

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