Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. With the great Wrestlemania just around the corner, I have my predictions ready to go. I hope Wrestlemania is all that it is hyped up for this year. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-No WWF news today, since all news is centered around Wrestlemania. But what I do have for you is Mr. Tito's Phat Wrestlemania Predictions. Enjoy!=Bart Gunn vs. Butterbean in the Brawl for all. This one's finish is somewhat obvious. Dr. Death is either going to attack Gunn before the match, or do something during the match to make Gunn lose. It could be a DQ for Butterbean if Dr. Death just jumps in the ring and kills Bart Gunn. Winner: Butterbean=Sable vs. Tori for the Women's title. Sable is obviously going to lose because she's not a wrestler, she's a model. Plus, with Tori winning, you are going to see sweet cat fights. Winner: Tori=Hardcore Title Triple Threat Match: Al Snow vs. Mr. ASS vs. Harcore Holly. Mr. Ass is no hardcore champion, so he'll lose, Bob Holly just plain sucks, so that leaves the only Hardcore one to win, Al Snow. Winner: Al Snow=Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart vs. the Heat Battle Royal Winners for the Tag Belts. I say one of the winners in the battle royal will be D-Lo, but I still say Owen and Jarrett will win, just because the WWF is proud of their tag team. Winners: Jarrett and Owen=Shane McMahon vs. Xpac. Everyone keeps saying how his buddies from wherever he was from will help Shane win, but I'm going to go against that. I have faith in Xpac, and I think Shanes friends won't matter. Winner: Xpac=Triple H vs. Kane. This one will be a huge victory for Triple H, to set him ready for his Main Event push. I feel bad that Kane is just a Main Event jobber. : ( Winner: Triple H=Undertaker vs. Bossman in the Hell in the Cell match. No Chance in Hell that Bossman will win. I'm just wondering how they will top the last Hell in a Cell match. Who's going to take the hard bumps? Winner: The Undertaker=Intercontinental Championship 4 way: Val Venis vs. Shamrock vs. Goldust vs. Road Dog. This one's easy. Road Dog and Mr. Ass are probably re-forming the New Age Outlaws, Goldust is no longer championship material, Shamrock is shipping out for fight in UFC again...so that leaves Val Venis! Winner: Val Venis=Guest Referee match: Mankind vs. Paul Wight. I say Paul Wight, no matter how many say that Mankind gets the title shot at the next In Your House. Mankind is very due for some time off especially to do something about his knees. Paul Wight is going to "injure" Mankind somehow, and Paul Wight will ref the Main Event. Winner: Paul "Big Show" Wight=Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock for the World Title. This one is very obvious who will win, but how?! Many say Austin is turning corperate, but I doubt that. I'm not sure how it will end, but Stone Cold will be the man. Winner: Stone Cold


-The reason Arn helped Barry Windham was because of Windham possibly taking the 4th spot in the horsemen. Don't you think this is a little too late? Windham is a dinosaur now, and they should add someone much younger, and fresher. Goldberg would be perfect for that role, but his feud with Flair makes that see obsolete. -Speaking of Arn Anderson, there is some talk that he might wrestle again. What the?!? They said he would be a better worker than half of who's in WCW now, even with that left arm that he can't grip anything with. Arn should NOT return to the ring. He was injured once, and he'll risk it by returning. Besides, he's very old, let the young wrestlers have a shot, not let some 40 plus year old dinosaur wrestle again.-Now, it seems, that Dusty Rhodes will now be feuding with Ric Flair in some capacity. I hope not, especially if they fight one another in the ring. Sure their matches back in the day were pretty good, but that was more than 10 years ago!! It would be the battle of the sagging breasts. Anyways, Dusty is way off ring shape, and it would be an eye sore to watch now.

@Well, that's all I have for today kiddies. I hope you have enjoyed today's edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. Take care, and happy wrestling. This is Mr. Tito, often copied and pasted by others due to their lack of originality, signing off! Have a good one!

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