Just another manic Monday... oh wait, this COULD be the BEST night of Monday Night television ever for wrestling! So much intrigue, so many rumors flying. Oh my gosh, I can hardly contain myself!

Today, not only will I hype up RAW and the final Nitro on Turner cable networks, but I'll have a multimedia review of ECW's Anarchy Rocks. I find it very funny that my music reviews give me the most feedback compared to books, videos, and even video games! Everyone has their own unique opinion on music, and I haven't met anyone who has the EXACT same tastes in music. So keep that in mind if you see red while reading my music review today.

Speaking of Multimedia.... I went to the local video store around Ohio University, and I rented THREE videos to review. I'm a reviewing, reviewing, reviewing machine! Watch me get down, watch me get down! The videos I rented are Stone Cold HELL YEAH, WCW Mayhem, and Jesse the Body Ventura's video. Let me see here... I'll do HELL YEAH tomorrow, Ventura for Wednesday, and Mayhem for Thursday. Also at the video store, I spotted Sid's WCW video, and the Best of Uncensored to review for the future. I can remember Dr. Krueges warning me to NEVER rent the Sid video a while ago, but I'll rent it anyway for a good laugh.

For those who are wondering, I'm back at school for the Spring Quarter, so I should be back to normal in terms of operations. I couldn't quite give much attention to e-mail, and I apologize for that. On to the PDC.


-NITRO Hype-

Final Nitro ever on any Turner station. It's been a long ride, and the future looks bright right now since the WWF purchased WCW. The ignorance of Brad Siegel, Eric Bischoff, Bill Busch, many of the post bookers/presidents, and even Ted Turner caused this to happen.

Spring Break Nitro..... personally, it's been a favorite Nitro of mine anyway, just because of the strange atmosphere it provides. You always have a hope that some wrestler will get thrown into a pool, and the set is so fun to look at compared to the usual boring WCW set in arenas.

But the REAL fun will be any early WWF stuff that could happen. It's unknown on what wrestlers may show up on WCW, but the possibility will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Wade Keller put it best, though, about the funny possibility of many wrestlers no-showing. Guys like Buff Bagwell, Scott Steiner, Lex Luger, Rick Steiner, and a few others who are shitlisted by the WWF have no real incentive to wrestle tonight. The scary thing is that Scott Steiner is the World Champion, so we'll see what happens tomorrow.

It's the "Night of Champions", with all titles on the line. Let's review the matches that are known thus far:

Shane Douglas vs. Rick Steiner: Fucking let Shane Douglas win, please??? Rick Steiner is worthless, and although Shane probably won't get picked up by the WWF, the Franchise has jobbed to Steiner several times already.

Shawn Stasiak vs. Bam Bam Bigelow: Another worthless match in the WWF's eyes. It's unlikely that the WWF will sign either guy, even if this so called "tattoo match" impresses WWF officials. I have my money on Stasiak winning this match.

Shane Helms vs. Chavo Guerrero: This match will be yet another good one between the two, nuff said. I'll pick Helms to retain.

Kid Romeo/Elix Skipper vs. Filthy Animals: Yet another good tag match for the Cruiserweight division. I see Rey-Rey and Kidman-Kidman winning this match, since it could be the farewell to Rey Mysterio on television as we know it.

Shawn O'Haire/Chuck Palumbo vs. Mike Awesome/Lance Storm: You don't understand how happy I am that these guys will be picked up for the WWF owned WCW. Anyway, I see the faces prevailing here, but it will be yet another good match between the two teams. Don't you just love when good workers wrestle a match together?

Title vs. Title: Booker T against Scott Steiner: Aside from the WWF influence, I see Booker T getting the big win on the "Season Finale" of Nitro anyway. Scott Steiner is actually injured right now, and with the WWF purchase, he just might sit out wih the injury.

As for the "returning champions". Reportedly, Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash have turned down offers to make appearances. Don't rule out Sting, though, despite the Stinger being months away from a wrestling return. Maybe Goldberg too, but that's very unknown too. I doubt former World Champion Vince Russo will make a return, but you never know. I bet Diamond Dallas Page returns too, unless he makes a surprise appearance on RAW...

I wonder if Eric Bischoff will show up as planned, or will he sit in a corner at home, planning his next failed wrestling move.


-RAW is WAR Preview-

Now what WCW wrestlers could show up on RAW??? Well, their champs are currently tied up in title matches. I'm predicting a possible Diamond Dallas Page appearance on RAW, and if the Cat and Kanyon don't fight, they could show up too. The Cat would be so perfect for a RAW appearance! I could guess an appearance by Ric Flair, too, but who knows for sure?

Alright, some kind of preview that I saw noted that the Rock and Steve Austin will really go at each other this week. Oh joy. I bet that we COULD see a handicap match between Austin and Chris Benoit/Kurt Angle, you know, so that Angle and Benoit could look bad again, losing to one guy. At least losing to Austin is more respectable.... OR, we could see a sports entertainment like booked match between Austin and (Angle or Benoit) agains the Rock and (Angle or Benoit). Why? Because Angle and Benoit put food on the table to job to Austin and the Rock every week, despite working hard to make the matches good.

I bet you that we'll see some kind of spark to officially hype the TLC match. With the possible addition of Jerry Lynn to the Hardy Boyz, we could see a 9-man TLC match with the Hardyz/Lynn vs. Dudleys (with Spike) vs. Edge/Christian/Rhyno. I'm glad to see that the WWF is keeping the name "Rhino" for Rhyno, because it's a good name for him. I like how they added the "Y" to avoid paying royalties to Marvel Comics. Speaking of Rhino from Marvel, I really enjoy the special Christmas issue of the Incredible Hulk where Rhino and the Hulk duke it out in a shopping mall.

Look for a lot of matches or angles to be RUSHED in order to hype Wrestlemania, but at least it's not half-assed like last year's Wrestlemania booking.

Mr. Tito's Phat Music Review

Keep in mind that this is just my opinion on each track and band, and that you have your own opinions. If it really bothers you, take a deep breath, and tape up your fists before punching the monitor. Let's get on with this review...

ECW Anarchy Rocks

Yes, this is the CD that was supposed to come out in Spring of 1999. That's what it says in the first ECW music CD, which has pictures of the Dudleys, Dreamer, Candido, Taz, and Shane Douglas on that advertisement, each not having a theme on the 1st CD. Well, two years after the CD was supposed to come out, it's finally here. I figured I'd buy it since there are still many former ECW wrestlers who are owed several paychecks for busting their ass in ECW, meaning that this CD purchase could help them in whatever way. Ha!

I actually bought this CD on Friday, but I REFUSED to review it until I could listen to the CD often and well. For the 1st ECW CD, I ripped it a new asshole when I first got it, but the CD has since grown on me. I plan on redoing that review by the way, since I like it much better now than I did then. I've listened to Anarchy Rocks many times now, and I'm pretty sure I could offer a better and final opinion this time around.

By the way, these songs are NOT the themes for the wrestlers, at least for most of them. Anyway, let us go track by track, shall we?

The CD starts off with a comical introduction from Joey Styles. It's classic ECW.

"Balls to the Wall" by Chimaira (Paul E. Dangerously): This is a cover, of I guess, Accept's original track. I know I've heard it somewhere, and that's all Yahoo! would spit out. I like this version better than the original. It's a very fitting track for Paul Heyman, who has kept ECW alive against all odds for the past few years, although it's finally dead now.

"Head" by Static-X (Mikey Whipwreck) This song is kind of stupid and hard to understand. Just weird singing, and no organization. Not very fitting of Whipwreck, either.

"El Cu Cuy" by Coal Chamber (Jerry Lynn) Not a bad song, but definitely not a great one either. Personally, I'm not a big fan of Coal Chamber, and this song didn't quite catch my attention as being spectacular. Maybe if they worked on actually letting fans understand their lyrics, then maybe it would better.

"Superbeast (Porno Holocaust Mix)" by Rob Zombie (Rhino) Superbeast is a perfect comparison to Rhino, but they should have used the regular version rather than this strange remix. This song isn't one of my favorites off the "American Made Music to Strip By" anyway, so I already disliked it coming in. Like I said, the regular version would have been a better fit.

"One Step Closer" by Linkin Park (Nova) I wasn't too thrilled with this track the first 1,000 times the local radio stations or even Mtv played it. It's right up there with 3 Doors Down's "Kryptonite" as being annoying. Please note that I haven't heard any other Linkin Park songs, but for this track, I don't like it whatsoever. I don't see how it's connected to Nova, either. I guess Linkin Park just wanted to make some more money on this overplayed song.

"Neckbone" by Powerman 5000 (Dawn Marie) This is a rather strange track, which isn't too bad to listen to. I don't really understand why this song is used for Dawn Marie, but oh well right?

"Just Got Wicked" by Cold: Yuck, this singer sounds like the lead singer from Bush (Gavin Rossdale), and I can't stand that guy. The rest of the band for Cold sounds pretty good though, and besides the singing, it's a decent one for Tajiri.

"Now You Want Me" by U.P.O. (Elecktra) I've heard this song, somewhere. It's very fitting for Elektra, who allows some webpage worker to take lots of nearly nude pictures of her. Good song I suppose.

"Welcome Burden" by Disturbed (Steve Corino) Man, the lead in by Steve Corino for this track is just F'N hilarious! For some reason or another, Disturbed is growing on me. The Steve Austin theme grew on me bigtime, after first totally hating it. Now, this track grew on me in these 3 days too. ARGH!! If there's anything that annoys me the most, it's having music grow on me after a while. I'm really starting to like the singer on the band, damn it. I don't know how this fits with Corino, but I like the song very much.

"Holy Man" by One Minute Silence (Sinister Minister) Talk about a fitting song title for this manager. It's a very strange song, but it fits the Minister very much.

Ok, there are a few groups you just don't attempt to replicate or do covers of. Here is a short list of bands or musicians you should NOT try to cover:

Bands That Should NOT Be Covered
*Rolling Stones
*Dr. Dre or any NWA stuff
*George Michael

We all know what TRL loveable band tried to cover a George Michael song, now don't we? You know, the band who has let the WWF use a few of their songs lately. It's not like Michael's songs could be improved, but the thought of even lowering yourself to cover his songs is bad enough.

"Highway to Hell" by Jesse James Dupree (Spike Dudley) Wow, Jesse James Dupree attempted the impossible, and actually produced a good cover of Highway to Hell. The singer nearly sounds like AC/DC's 2nd singer, Brian Johnson. The band produced a very unique and interesting version of Highway to Hell, which is the big surprise of this CD. Great job here, and it makes up for the garbage that Motorhead attempted with Metallica's "Enter Sandman" on the last CD. Hats off to Jesse James Dupree!

"Natural Born Thrillaz" by F.M. Racket (New Jack) Alternative bands covering rap songs just doesn't mix, unless you redo the song, just like Dynamite Hack did for "Boys in the Hood". This doesn't sound too bad or embarrassing, but it's nothing close to the original by Dre and Ice Cube. I got a good laugh out of how the lyrics were rearranged on certain words.

LAST WORD: This wasn't too bad. I like the 1st CD much better though, since most of the songs on the 1st were actual themes of the wrestlers. Here, it's a song that "fits" a wrestler. I'm very happy with the "Highway to Hell" cover, along with the Disturbed song. The others are just decent or strange in their own ways. If you like most of the bands listed here, don't listen to me, and buy the CD. If you are unsure about this CD, I suggest you preview it somewhere if you can. I blindly bought it without previewing it, but I'm pretty much satisfied with the CD, especially since I got it cheap at K-Mart. I'll give it a


(B minus) for this CD. I like some parts, and dislike others. Slightly above average if you ask me. Your opinions will probably differ than mine due to the fact that everyone has different musical tastes, so please be gentle on the hatemail. :)

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@I hope I didn't offend anyone by the music review. It's just my opinion, and it's not fact or the way you should think. I'll be back tomorrow with a HELL YEAH review and the Monday Night Impressions. Lord, I can't WAIT to watch Nitro tonight!

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Birmingham Thunderbolts: 0
Chicago Enforcers: 13

NY/NJ Hitmen: 12
Orlando Rage: 17

Wow, what a high scoring day.


Orlando Rage: 7-1
Chicago Enforcers: 3-5
NY/NJ Hitmen: 3-5
Birmingham Thunderbolts: 2-6

Los Angeles Xtreme: 6-2
San Francisco Demons: 4-4
Las Vegas Outlaws: 4-4
Memphis Maniax: 3-5


The NBC Saturday Night game scored a 2.0 in the overnight ratings, which was the same number as last week and it should translate in to the same 1.6 rating like it did last week. Wow, the XFL will tie a record. What an honor. I'm sure we'll continue to hear excuses about how the NCAA tournament was too rough of competition, and so forth. If the XFL was soo good in viewers' minds, then they'd watch the XFL instead of the tournament. That simple.

Nothing else out there. For all of you information needs on the XFL, check out the Wrestling Information Archive for updated archives on ratings, standings, schedules, and more!