Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Oh darn, no Pay Per View to discuss, thus a very slow newsday. As usual on a Sunday, I'll try to improvise. I have lots of added WCW thoughts today, as it seems to be an on-going battle between some readers and myself over Vince Russo's booking. Well, I'll add more to the mix today, and it's time to go to the PDC right now!


-Many are wondering why I haven't been reporting the WWFE stock quotes lately. Well, between people saying I didn't know what I was talking about and finding other newsbytes to go along with it, I gave up. It has however, jumped a good bit in my absence of reporting it. It kept floating in the 11s when I was reporting it, and now it's in the 14s or 15s. Many say that the CBS/TNN deal has already been signed, and the word is leaking out, thus a higher stock. The WWF did say that we'll know everything by April 1st, and that's coming up...tick, tick, tick, tick. I still can't imagine RAW on TNN.

-Right now, word is that the Undertaker is just about ready to return. They say that the torn muscle that he suffered a few months ago is healed up, and he is currently working to get into good ring shape before returning. Yes, like Austin, Debra, and HBK, the Undertaker will be at WWF Axess, which to me, seems like an excuse to be out and around Wrestlemania. The Undertaker probably has the least chance of showing up on Wrestlemania out of the 4, as the WWF is still baffled on finding a way to use him. I just hope he isn't as demonic as he was last time.

-Speaking of HBK, word is that the WWF feels that they don't need to use him due to the continued success of the current storylines and characters. Usually, HBK was brought in to give a little "kick" to the ratings, but now that kick isn't needed with such lackluster competition on Monday Nights. That's a damn shame because HBK could still function as a wacked out commissioner in the WWF. I just hope that the WWF reconsiders everything that's happened between themselves and HBK, and lets him be a part of Wrestlemania. Like they say, a Wrestlemania isn't a Wrestlemania without the Heart Break Kid.


-Time to explain myself, once again! Alright, good ol' Vince Russo. People think I'm the antichrist for constantly blaming this man for horrible storylines. Everyone praises him for his ratings during his first few weeks, but did you see his ratings during the last 2 months of his tenure at WCW? They were pretty low then, and WCW saw that they weren't improving, so they axed him. Duh, that's why he was fired as head booker people, because he wasn't drawing the ratings.

-Now I'll get the e-mails saying that it was all Kevin Sullivan's fault, or it was all Standards and Practice's fault. Aww, poor baby. For one, it's well documented that Sullivan had Bill Busch's ear. In fact, his head was so far up Busch's ass, that they needed the "Jaws of Live" to get him out. Anyway, but that's not the point. All final booking decisions were up to Russo, and all he had to do was to write great storylines to prove that he "was the man", therefore, the words from Sullivan wouldn't have an effect. But noooo, he continually wrote insane storylines that didn't equal ratings. Oh yeah...Standards and Practices...well, they just turned down the smut that Russo wanted. Can't he book without the smut? Obviously he can't, therefore, this is NOT an excuse for his lame booking.

-The next article I want to address is the comparison of Russo and Kevin Sullivan. People somehow think that I'm favoring Sullivan, when I'm not. Kevin Sullivan, in my opinion, is the worst booker ever for his "favoring towards friends" storylines and his lazy booking. As for comparing which is better? I'd have to say Russo just because he got everyone involved in the storylines, unlike Sullivan who only has his stupid friends on television. Here's my proposal: find brand new bookers. That's right..someone new that has NEVER worked with WCW before and has no friends in the business. Someone with an open mind for the business, and someone with great ideas to freshen up WCW. Russo, with his week off to write storylines, will come back with a boom at first, but he won't last just like he did the last time. That's MY opinion.

@That's all for today's edition of the Phat Daily Column. Tomorrow will feature a never before feature on the Phat Daily Column. For the first time ever, a Phat Book Review will happen, and it will feature Mick Foley's autobiography "Have a Nice Day". Yes, I finally finished this great text last night, and I'll have the review and grade tomorrow. So until then, just chill!!!

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