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-Stone Cold was on the great Conan O'Brien show last night, and if you didn't catch it, click HERE for the report I did on Top-rope. I would have to say it was very entertaining, but I'm a Conan O'Brien fan, so I'll always say that. I was surprised at how funny it was. It also gave us a history lesson on how the name Stone Cold came up and how Austin 3:16 came about. They said before he came out that he was the most paid and most popular wrestler of all time. I agree. He's well past Hogan now.-Both wrestlers, Stone Cold and the Rock could be wrestling injured at Wrestlemania. Stone Cold confirmed reports about a pulled muscle in his back, but he said he would be alright. The Rock is RUMORED to have heavily injured ribs. If that's true, then he'll have tape on his ribs under the $500 shirts that he wrestles in. HAHA They will both wrestle the match, because they are from the WWF, and they'll suck it up, instead of taking time off like other wrestlers in other federations do.-The companies that provide you Pay Per Views are expecting a huge buyrate for Wrestlemania. They are expecting the biggest buyrate for any sporting event, EVER!! Wrestlemania is a safe bet to buy, because you know already that the outcomes are fixed, unlike the boxing matches where you find out at the very end that they are fixed.(Example: Lewis/Holyfield)


-I'm sure everyone and their mother has heard by now, that Scott Hall is considering retirement. He's just considering it. But when he realizes that he'll make about 1.5 MILLION dollars, he'll be back. He's finally cleaned up his tainted wrestling career, but now he'll just walk away from it. That would be a shame, because Scott Hall, when he is able, is one of the top performers in the wrestling industry, and the man isn't afraid to lose! That's right, he'll let someone beat him, unlike the rest of those chickens in WCW.-I saw most of Thunder last night, and a few things caught me. The most disturbing thing that caught my attention, was Perry Saturn. That new "Marilyn Manson" gimmick of his is terrible. Get that damn dress off him. He used to be a respectable wrestler, but now he's all messed up, caught in a terrible gimmick that he probably set up for himself. Anyways, what was up with Arn Anderson last night? I guess there's trouble in Horsemenville. Thunder had it's usual array of boring matches, but I noticed all the announcers were a bit edgy. They were taking shots at each other, worse than I've ever seen. Friendly working environment, eh?-Now, we finally know when our favorites, Sting and Macho Man are returning. Sting is returning this Monday, and Savage is returning on the so called refreshed Nitro on April 5th. I just hope that creative team, mainly Hogan and Nash, don't screw them over in stupid angles, which they most likely will. They will keep the two best wrestlers in WCW down as long as they can. You know what I want to see? I want to see the Macho Man finally get his due by finally defeating Hogan. Macho has paid his dues by losing to Hogan for so long, that he deserves to get a clean victory over Hogan.

Here's an extra treat for all of you kiddies!

Eric Bischoff, former King of the Hill

I'm sure by now, everyone has heard that Bischoff might be going out of the wrestling business. Although this is not true, you know he's starting to get frustrated. Before, the man had everything going for him, but now his federation has gone out of control. What happened??I see the problems starting from the night where he joined the nWo. I felt that by putting himself into the nWo would be a complete mistake. Why you ask? When he joined the nWo, he became really into Hogan. Before he loved Hogan because Hogan was his goal to get when he first started working for WCW. But when he joined the nWo, he was really puckering up to Hogan. He made all of the storylines surrounding Hogan. He even started to give Hogan a ton of power, and that power became long title runs, with little title defenses. Even when the nWo groups split up, Bischoff was still in love with Hogan, and he still gave him complete power. This has pissed off many hard working wrestlers, and a few wrestlers just infuriated about the "No chance in hell you will ever get the title when Hogan is around" that they said hell with it, we'll go elsewhere(example: Paul Wight). Now, Bischoff gave way too much power to Kevin Nash, and Nash only helps out his friends. So the ones who got screwed before by Hogan in power, are getting screwed again with Nash in power. Nash and Hogan are dragging the program down, but I guess Bischoff is too blind to see it. Eric Bischoff needs to step up and say "Damn it, I'm the F'N vice president of this company! Many of you get paid very much, so you are getting paid to do what I say you are supposed to do! If that means doing the clean job, then damn it, do that clean job. And Hogan, I've kissed your ass for all of these years, now you are way past your prime. It's time to step aside and job for others. Just remember when Andre the Giant did the job for you? He was great enough to pass the torch to you, so why don't you quit hogging the spotlight, and give it to someone else. Nash! Start pushing the wrestlers that deserve the pushes, not your close friends. This is WCW, not your damn Cliq up north. I gave you a job to book good matches with good wrestlers, not matches that everyone will sleep through!" Of course, this would only be a dream, because Bischoff obviously can't do what it takes to get ahead in the federation wars again.

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