Welcome to the Monday Edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll go over various wrestling topics and provide some hype for tonight's RAW. Tonight's show, in my opinion, could make or break the WWF for the remainder of 2002. The split could be a success, and the crowning of Stephanie as World Champion would be suicide. Keeping her on television (by having Jericho pinned, etc.) would be a slow death to the WWF, as she's been the true poison to the WWF for years now.

Just to screw around, I decided to check out Orbitz, the lovely pop up banner that appears to pop up every once in while from a site that contains the Ugo ads, which we have. Orbitz is one of those travel sites, like Travelocity or Priceline, where you can get discount prices on airfares, hotels, rental cars, and whatever else. Nice looking site, I might add.

Once Tuesday rolls around, I'm likely to pick up the WWF Forceful Entry CD and review it in the Wednesday edition of the Phat Daily Column. Music CDs, for some reason, usually get immediate attention in the Phat Daily Column. Stuff like video games or books takes me a while to get around to review. With videos, it depends... It depends on the demand of Tito and the price.

Anyway, on to the PDC.


-I see a couple of rumors circulating on Newz-Boreds about how Rob Van Dam has turned a contract offered to him by the WWF, yadda yadda yadda. However, I haven't seen any of the big-whig sources reporting it, such as RF video, 1wrestling, Torch, Observer, or even WWF.com saying a single word about it. It's likely to be one of those rumors a hot-shotting wrestling site tries to get extra hits or pageviews. Where I saw the rumor is was posted by the famous "BaBoone", with no mentioned source where he got the news. I happen to know that this "BaBoone" is just some snotty kid who has absolutely NO contact with anyone in the wrestling business, so please take what he says or anyone on these Newz-Boreds with a grain of salt until it's confirmed by a good source. And if a good source confirms the rumor, we'll gladly post it. Until then, it's just a rumor made up by a child for attention on a site.

-I caught bits and pieces of the Rock on Mtv's top 10 Spring Break moments, or whatever it was. I found it funny that the Rock just briefly mentioned that Macho Man Randy Savage was in a tug of war segment, despite the Rock being a wrestler and Savage being a large one of his time. I'm wondering if the WWF told the Rock to act like Savage was just another celebrity or what?

-Speaking of Mtv, I caught the Main Event of Heat, with Rob Van Dam taking on Mr. Perfect. Yikes. Mr. Perfect just isn't fitting with the WWF these days. He just seems to wrestle his same old style of wrestling, which was good for the late 1980's/early 1990's, but this is 2002 and you have wrestlers like RVD who wrestle a brand new style. With the amount of Smackdown/RAW television time that Perfect is getting, it's extremely apparent that Hennig was nothing but a pick off of the XWF promotion.

-With all of the talk of debuting a new WWF logo, it's time for the WWF to debut something else. A NEW SET AND LOOK FOR MONDAY NIGHT RAW!!!!!!! My gosh, the music and the look of this show is just so stale anymore. It's basically the same look as it was in late 1997 when it began, with the exception of the added screens on the side and other additions. Smackdown is only around for over a year and they get a new look. So why not do the same for RAW? Sure, it's cost effective to keep the same look, as I'm sure the RAW set is F'N expensive. But the original Smackdown set was expensive, too, and the WWF didn't think twice to get rid of that, right?

-If the World Wildlife Fund (for Nature) or real WWF wins the court battle against the World Wrestling Federation, it could really hurt the WWF as a whole, especially given the current economic landscape of the company. A name change is the last thing the WWF needs to lose fans. Calling it WWFE won't cut it, either. Maybe call it the WWWF again, World Wide Wrestling Federation? Whatever the case may be, the WWF better pray that they can somehow strike a deal with the World Wildlife Fund for Nature to keep the WWF initials. They would be truly hurt without them.


-Tonight, we get to see the WWF push a major storyline with the Brand Extension Draft. Now what will happen in the Brand Extension Draft? I'm not sure, as I don't really want to go into major detail about the Brand Extension Draft. However, I will make some guesses as to what will happen in the Brand Extension Draft. I'm guessing that Vince McMahon picks Hulk Hogan with his #1 pick. Then, I'm guessing that Ric Flair picks Stone Cold Steve Austin with his #1 pick. My next guess would be that Vince picks up the NWO with his #2 pick, and then Flair would pick up the Rock, possibly. I'd guess that Vince could pick up Triple H, despite, thereby allowing him to feud with the NWO wrestlers. But who knows?

And I don't care how the draft goes. This is something new for the WWF, especially away from the current stale product (although I'd say that the WWF has been much better since the NWO arrived, storyline wise). If the split goes as the WWF claims it will go, then we'll see some midcarders getting a time to shine along with some AWESOME Ohio Valley Wrestling wrestlers showing everyone how great the WWF farm system is.

My guess is that Ric Flair's show will be more wrestling oriented, while Vince McMahon's show will be more of a storyline based show. I suppose the "big feuds" will be the focus of UPN, which is national television compared to what TNN is. Therefore, I'm betting that Vince McMahon will feud with Hulk Hogan as the main focus for the show, at least for a while. Also, I'm assuming that the Cruiserweights will be on Flair's show, or at least I hope so.

Either way, it's something NEW, so enjoy it.

-I bet we'll see a lot of feuds blow off tonight, too. Maybe a Trish Stratus vs. Jazz rematch, where Trish could regain her title to travel to both shows? That could be a given since Trish pinned Jazz on Smackdown during a tag team match. Secondly, we could see the finale of the Diamond Dallas Page vs. Christian feud. Again, why did DDP lose the European Title, especially to Regal, who stunk up the Intercontinental title? My hope is that DDP could be getting a decent push in whatever division he's in, hopefully Flair's.

-And finally, we'll see Triple H vs. Stephanie McMahon vs. Chris Jericho. A big hope is that Stephanie doesn't win the World Title. That so reeks of David Arquette... wait, David Arquette would be a more meaningful World Champion than her. Same goes for Vince Russo or Vince McMahon. The world title around her expanding waist would be suicide for the WWF at this point, as I bet many fans, especially longtime ones, would retire from watching the WWF for good. My bet is that Stephanie put herself as a singles competitor to this match to add more "heat" to it. What it does is make wrestling fans look for what else is on Monday and Thursday nights in the case that she wins.

Secondly, I wouldn't doubt that Stephanie swerves us all and rejoins Triple H. Why? If Triple H is champion, then SHE can travel to BOTH shows. Exactly. She wants the spotlight, and even if there are two divisions of the WWF, she'll find a way on to both shows. That would be such bullshit in every way possible, but if I was a betting man, I would choose this possibility above any other one.

The final scenario would be if Stephanie does get pinned, probably by Triple H, that she would leave the WWF. Based on the crowd reactions of last week and the continuing hatred of the internet fans towards her (myself included), she could take some time off from WWF television. Even if she does leave the WWF, what says she doesn't "turn" NWO and become a leader of that group? Maybe she could flirt with Kevin Nash to start up a Kevin Nash vs. Triple H feud? Very likely. You know what would be funny? If Kevin Nash's political games, backstage, would lead to a real life affair between Stephanie and Big Sexy.

And you know what I want. I want Stephanie OFF WWF television! I know most of you have read the "Let's Bash Stephanie" Weekend column I did a while ago (if not, check the archives). I feel that her television involvement hurts the overall product of the WWF, and that she's the TRUE cancer of the WWF.

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