Ain't nothing like Sunday baby, with no Pay Per View to hype that will drive me crazy!

Well, at least there is the WCW sale to the WWF to discuss, Thank God. This has been the most news packed weekend I've ever witnessed. I LOVE IT!!! Better yet, this intrigue on how WCW will be shaped is making wrestling very interesting, and it could be the big spark the wrestling world needs right now. Yes, the Rock vs. Austin feud isn't that spark.

Thank God there will be a WCW and an alternative to the McMahon and Rock storylines, which would have been shoved down our throats if the WWF didn't buy WCW. Man, there's no way I could have taken just seeing the current WWF as the only wrestling product. NO CHANCE IN HELL. At least now, the possible crossovers are enough to make you jump out of your seat and shout "I'M A WRESTLING FAN!!!"

Let's kick it random style.. on to the PDC.

Random Phatness

Wow, it's so nice of TNN to offer the WWF the 11pm to 1am timeslot on Saturday Night. So nice. WHAT THE HELL IS TNN SMOKING????? I swear, TNN is the most fucked up channel on the planet to offer this kind of timeslot. The WCW show WILL get ratings, especially when the buzz that the WWF owns them gets around. However, it will struggle to get ratings in such a bad timeslot. The funny thing about TNN is that their XFL broadcast, which gets an average of a 0.9 rating, is the #2 ranked show on their channel, excluding Livewire and Superstars. Don't they fucking get it??? TNN's current line up of horrible shows and reruns aren't drawing ratings compared to the WWF material.

Of course, this is the same network that REFUSED to budge on the ECW on TNN Friday night at 8pm timeslot, even though the 1.0 rated show was their best then. Had it been Barry Diller of USA Networks, he would have said "sure, take whatever time you want. I KNOW this WWF driven WCW will gain ratings". However, TNN is stupid, and it must be run by apes or children. The funny thing is that their Prime Time line up on say a Tuesday or a Wednesday are stupid reruns of Martial Law and shitty movies that all of the other stations refuse to pick up.

"We've Got Pop". Please. More like "We've Got Pot" for the shit their smoking.

You know, people can call Vince McMahon a monopolist all they want to. The fact is that WCW was in terrible financial trouble, and that they had NO buyers other than the WWF. Even better, Vince McMahon is picking up a great deal of WCW workers and members of the production team. Yes, he just stopped a great deal of people from being unemployed. He could have just bought the WCW license and said "screw you" to everyone down south, but he's offering work. Sure, it might be for a paycut, but at least they will still have jobs and provide something for their families. So my hat is off to Vince McMahon, despite being evil in many other ways.

It's very nice to see the instant happiness of the many WCW workers who were picked up already by the WWF. I'm sure that they will gladly accept a paycut for an opportunity to FINALLY showcase themselves without some older farts or stupid bookers holding them back. It's about damn time some of those wrestlers got some deserved appreciation.

The thing I really hope is that the WWF keeps the Cruiserweight division alive in WCW, especially the tag division. I was starting to enjoy it more than ever. The Tag Division was just so fun to watch though, and it's a shame that WCW never had a surrounding product to go along with that. Now, the WWF is under control, and I HOPE they throw some smarts into WCW.

You know what I truly find funny though??? Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner is rounding up his remaining fans to send e-mails or letters to the WWF about accepting him into the new WCW. What a kissass, and let me add the word hypocrite too. If you've read enough of Steiner interviews or heard them, you'll know that he's always been open to bash any kissass wrestlers. Now, he's doing the same thing in hopes of getting a position with the WWF. So sad.

I'm glad that Tajiri has finally been signed to a WWF deal. It's about damn time! I actually don't really care about how stupid the WWF uses him, just as long as he's on TV again. He's an incredible talent with an evil look, great moves that nobody else normally does, and he sprays the mist! Oh, by the way, Kid Kash or Cash did his Octopus on Thunder. OH WAIT, I better show this picture.....

..... before any idiot marks attack me for confusion over moves. Oh gosh, I long for the days when Joey Styles would scream "Octopus, octopus, octopus!"

Speaking of Joey Styles..... why doesn't the WWF pick him up now??? Since Paul Heyman is around, can't he hook Styles up for a job to announce the WCW show? He'd be great! Now I do dislike Tony Shiavone, but I wouldn't want him to lose his job (although I did write a column dedicated to that cause, but that was stupid of me). They say Shiavone is very good on production and that he works long hours a day in preparation for shows. Well, why not just let him help produce the shows or announcing instead of having his screeching voice over the mic. Styles would be an instant boost to the WCW product, as is....

Jerry "the King" Lawler, which reports say that the WWF might mend fences with him to possibly announce for WCW. I'm so sure Lawler would actually do it. Lawler seems to be a very stand up kind of guy, meaning that he won't take anybody's shit in real life. I'm sure he's pretty financially secure by now, and if he needs money sometime, he'll just make independent appearances. Along with the Kat, the King has been making many appearances since he quit the WWF. Lawler is very much in demand on the independent scene, and there's no need for him to make a comeback. He should just let the WWF kiss his ass and beg for a return, and to tell them simply "no".

Wrestlemania is looking pretty insane right now, and this week's TV shows will be just that too. Both Shawn Michaels and Mick Foley are expected to make appearances on RAW (or Smackdown, depending on last minute decisions), but is it really to hype Wrestlemania? Well, yes, but the real deal is that the WWF ratings are really sagging right now, and the WWF is probably getting cold feet about it around their biggest show of the year. However, I have a feeling the ratings will pop up once the new WCW gets into full motion. The WCW purchase has perfect timing right now, because the WWF could use something more fresh to work on after Wrestlemania. Last year, it was nothing but more Triple H vs. Rock after Wrestlemania, when we were promised new storylines by Jim Ross's Ross Report.

Finally, an bunch of y'all are getting on me about my comparison of the Rock to Hulk Hogan. Let's take a look at these odd comparisons, shall we?

Hulk Hogan and the Rock, alike in many ways!

*Both make movies as wrestlers, and want that to possibly be a full time job.
*Both rely on a heavy right hand for a majority of their offense.
*Both have fake names known worldwide (Rock and Hulk)
*Both have moves that shouldn't pin anybody, but they do (People's Elbow and the Legdrop)
*Both overdone in merchandising
*Neither man have a wrestling background
*Both have been successful as heels (World champs)
*They are total ground wrestlers (rarely using the ropes)
*The WWF really wanted the fans to still like both wrestlers, despite many fans beginning to revolt

I could go on and on about these, but I have more important wrestlers to talk about. Want some Apple Pie?

On the Multimedia front, I guaran-damn-tee you that I'll have a review for ECW's Anarchy Rocks tomorrow. Who else can make that kind of sweet promise? This past week along, I've padded my MULTIMEDIA REVIEWS section quite well, and I'm not through yet. I have plenty to rent when I get back to Ohio University later today.

Speaking of that, things will be back to normal once I get back to school. My internet use is very limited here due to the very slow speeds and the scary use of the Compaq from Hell. I haven't been able to give much attention to my e-mail due to this fact, so sorry if you wanted a speedy reply or a reply at all. When I get back home, I'll start to put together a NEW Phat Pharm, which should give more opportunities to writers. The current system only allows for 7, and with the revamping, I should be able to allow more writers. I hope at least.

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@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with Nitro and RAW hype and the ECW CD review. Now won't that be fun? You're damn right it will be. :)

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Mr. Tito 1998 - 2001 Exclusive to is quite lazy today on their XFL coverage, but I don't blame them. They don't care for anything that scores the lowest rated Prime Time show in the 3 major network's history.


Los Angeles Xtreme: 35
Las Vegas Outlaws: 26

Memphis Maniax: 12
San Francisco Demons: 21

Didn't catch either game, but from the win by the Xtreme, it's safe to say that Los Angeles has the best team in the XFL now.

Today's Games

NY/NJ Hitmen vs. Orlando Rage at 4:00 pm on TNN

Birmingham Thunderbolts vs. Chicago Enforcers at 7:00 pm on UPN

-No other news yet, and no NBC overnights to report as of yet. The ratings should be low, again, thanks in part to the ongoing NCAA tournament, but it should be larger than last week. It's F'N cold out here in the East!