Hello! Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. I've got lots of column today, including my promised "Mr. Tito's Questions and Answers" as well. On to the PDC


-Alright, DDP is getting set to finally return. Oh joy, maybe he'll wrestle for a month or two, then take more time off. I mean really, he takes way too much time off, and when he inked his million dollar extension, did he continue to wrestle? No! He went on vacation! Of course, if I was married to Kimberly too, I'd take off as much time as I can. : )-Eric Bischoff is going no where. He's staying with WCW. Why on Earth would he leave anyways? He has so much power to spend Time Warner and Ted Turner's money. His job is to steal all the talent there is in the sport and hope that it gets ratings. I just wish he could manage the wrestlers better. None of the WCW want to do a clean job anymore, and too much jealousy happens when one deserving or underserving wrestler gets a push. The wrestlers have too much power over him too. Hogan and Nash now run the company. That's sad.-Many reports say that if Bret Hart does not finally get over with his upcoming angle at Toronto, it may be over for him. That's a shame. Bret Hart is a good worker, and he's been wrestling on a very serious groin injury for months now. He is either going to fight Goldberg or Hogan this Nitro. This is probably his last chance to get really over in WCW, unless he starts his Sting angle again.


-To add to more Stone Cold media hype, Stone Cold will be on the great Conan O'Brien Show on Thursday. There was talk of Stone Cold getting his own CBS show, but that's very doubtful because of his demanding Wrestling job. Now if Stone Cold turns Corperate, would his fame stay the same? No! The Rock would now become the top man, and everyone will worship the Rock like they have worshipped Stone Cold. Oh well.-With the Legion of Doom back, they will most likely enter the battle royal on Heat to see who will become the challengers for the titles. Do you think they will win it? Maybe. Even if they do win it, they will most likely lose, because the WWF is very pleased with Jarrett and Owen as champs. The WWF is extremely pleased that Debra has finally helped Jeff Jarrett over. After that horrible return of Double J, I never thought he would have a chance at getting over as a wrestler.-Argh! WWF news is very slow today!!!!

Alright, now on to today's feature. Everyday, I get around 80 e-mails(read every one of them too!), and I see many questions frequently. Some, I see everyday. The point of this extra is to answer those frequently asked questions, so that way you can get a better understanding about me or whatever. Enjoy!!

Mr. Tito's Questions and Answers

How did you start your career as an internet columnist? Well, I used to be a fan of Lords of Pain when it was in its early stages. I thought is was the best newsboard on the net. One day, Painlord had a post up for "help wanted" for a daily columnist. I applied immediately, and I got the job!! I had no experience elsewhere, and Painlord gave me a chance.

Where on Earth did you get that name Mr. Tito? Well, I got Tito from watching the Jackson 5 movie that was on VH1, and after that, I entered a chat room on my cousins computer as Tito because I was laughing at the name Tito Jackson because in the movie Joe Jackson beat the crap out of Tito for breaking a string on his guitar. After that, my friends called me Tito. As for the Mr. part, well I just added it for the heck of it because just the name Tito would seem plain.

Who is your favorite Wrestler? My favorite wrestler would have to be Stevie Richards. I was a hardcore Blue World Order fan, and I enjoyed watching him wrestle for some reason. I went crazy when I was at an ECW House Show when Stevie Richards defeated Raven.

What is your favorite Tag Team? Well, there is a tie between two teams. One, the Midnight Express, the Beautiful Bobby Eaton and Sweet Stan Lane version. I used to love watching their tag team expertise. The other would have to be the Eliminators, Perry Saturn and John Kronus. I saw them wrestle live at that house show, and that Total Elimination is great to see!

What pages do you currently post for? I post for the Great Lords of Pain/Wrestling Empire, and the kick-ass Top-Rope.com.

Will you post for my page?? Sorry, I cut down about a month ago on posting sites. Posting for too many sites is extra work, plus I only produce one column, and if you've seen it in on one page, you've seen enough. So, I can't post for your page. Sorry!

I need help with my page, will you help me out or work for my page? Sorry, like I said about posting, if I work for you that takes time out of my very busy schedule.

Do you have a life? Why yes I have a life! I am a freshman in college, I have a girlfriend, I play tennis and rollerhockey all the time, and I have a job for spending money. If I'm on the computer for a while sometimes, that's because my major is Computer Science, and I have lots of computer work to do.

Who do you think is the best wrestler in the world today? It would have to be Sting. I have never seen anyone cleanly pin him. If you say Goldberg is better, just remember who was in the Scorpion Death Lock when Hogan helped you win the match on Nitro that one time!

Hey Mr. Tito, can you hook me up with a reporting job at Lords of Pain or Top-Rope? I get this one all the time. And my answer is NO. Just because I am a reporter, that doesn't mean I have any say what goes on at either page. I'm just a columnist. That's all. So I'll say it again: I CANNOT GET YOU A JOB REPORTING FOR EITHER LORDS OF PAIN OR TOP-ROPE!!!

What is your favorite wrestling federation? Well, I don't have a favorite. I'm just a wrestling fan. Whatever entertains me, I enjoy. I like different wrestlers from each federation.

Which federation do you think is on top right now? WWF. They are clicking now. Their angles are going good, plus it's a great working environment. But you never know when WCW will get back on top again.

What is you favorite webpage? Lords of Pain/Wrestling Empire, and I'm not saying that to kiss ass. I'm saying that because I liked Lords of Pain way before I was a reporter. I enjoy the multimedia very much, and I think it has some of the best reporters on the net, as well as the best Webmaster

What do you think about those who copy and paste your column? Well, I'm flattered that someone out there thought my column was good enough to use and call their own. BUT, I just wish originality would be considered. You will get no where in this business by stealing others work word for word.

@Well, that's it. I just want to thank all everyone for reading my column. I enjoy writing it everyday! I also want to thank those who made writing my Phat Daily Column possible. This is Mr. Tito, the ONLY phat daily columnist, signing off! Have a nice day!

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