Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. The ratings are in, and I'm wondering what QVC pulled off last night with Sting on their show. Anyways, on to the PDC!


Monday Nitro

1st Hour: 4.82nd Hour: 3.63rd Hour: 3.5Composite: 3.97

Raw Is War

1st Hour: 6.42nd Hour: 6.4Composite: 6.4

Head to Head: Raw: 6.4 vs. Nitro: 3.55

-Alright, this week was won by RAW, again!! When you are scoring over 6 each week, then you know the other side is putting up weak competition. Now don't get me wrong, 3.55 is still very good for a cable show, but it's not nearly as close at 6.4. The WWF keeps defeating Nitro easily. The ratings, I think, shall be interesting. Why you ask? The NCAA Men's basketball final, which Duke will easily win, will be on. Maybe the final game could be affected by competition as well. The game is going up against some hefty Monday Night shows next week. Raw will be coming of Wrestlemania, and Raw's are usually huge after Wrestlemania. Nitro will be huge in Canada with the man, Sting coming back!!! Also, Bret Hart will finally be in a good match against either Goldberg or Hogan. It shall be interesting!


-I watched the great QVC last night to see the man, Sting. He said at the end of the show that he was finally coming back this Monday in Toronto!!! YES!! He also made some interesting comments during the show. Like at the beginning, someone called in and said "Hi Steve", and Sting goes, "oh we got an internet person". That was funny. Sting also said he wished the Warrior would stick around instead of disappearing all the time. Sting said about Monday Night he was gonna show up and see what is going on with his old Wolfpac buddies. The crowd also wanted him to wrestle either as Crow Sting or without the paint. Come on Monday Night!!!-Eric Bischoff and Chris Jericho are having some talks about Chris Jericho's future in WCW. Many have said that WCW will offer Jericho a lot of money, and they will attempt to make him into a main eventer. The WWF offers him less money, and less wrestling dates for him to do. Plus he can tour with his band, and wrestle SOME in ECW if he wants if he signs in the WWF. But remember, Money Makes the World Go Around...but I still say you shouldn't offer a big contract to someone who can't beat anyone above TV Belt contender. -Many of the Higher officials in WCW, those bigger than Bischoff, are a bit steamed with the attitude of it's federation. They don't like wrestlers having power, and they don't like how Bischoff is handling their recent ratings drop. The WCW officials are wondering why some of the wrestlers who get paid very well by the company, take long time off. Hopefully, they step in and lay the smack down on the crap that has been going on there.


-With Wrestlemania coming up, many are left to wonder what is actually going to happen? Well, many are confused with the New Age Outlaws switching matches. Look for both of them to drop their straps. Many are wondering what the hell will come out of the main event match at Wrestlemania with the Rock fighting Stone Cold. Well, it's a sure thing that Stone Cold will win the title, but how? Paul Wight will be the ref, because Mankind will most likely be killed by Wight so that he can take time off. Many have said that Stone Cold might turn corperate, but I don't see that happening. It should be an interesting night.-My good friend James Phire showed me some pictures of Trish Stratus, probably the next WWF women's superstar, and man is she hot!! Anyways, I'm starting to enjoy the women's division, because it's like women's mud wrestling, without the mud. If you look good, and can wrestle, the WWF will hire you. They aren't looking for any "manly" wrestlers like the WCW was aiming for a few years back.-The WWF is very pleased with it's training camps. Many wreslers, like Kurt Angle are wrestling independent shows to get ready for their WWF debut. I hear the WCW training camps aren't too filled with talent. The WWF is loaded for many years to come. Good job WWF!

@That's all for today's Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. I hope you can check out tomorrow's editon, as I will have "Mr. Tito's Questions and Answers" part of the PDC. It will answer many questions about myself and other questions that I keep seeing over and over on a regular basis. See you tomorrow! This is Mr. Tito, the ONLY phat daily columnist, signing off!. Have a good one!

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