Welcome to the day which will remain here next week, unless Viacom decides to throw the wrench into the WWF programming. It's going to be weird to watch just one wrestling program on Monday night, unless the WWF decides to actually run WCW, but only on a different night than any WWF shows (like Tuesday or Wednesday). I'm soooo sure TNN wouldn't have a problem with that. What, are they going to give up their terrible reruns of Martial Law, which nobody originally watches on CBS???

Lots of weird feedback for the WCW Backstage Assault review. I swear, there are some VERY patient video gamers out there, who actually said that once they spent lots of hours mastering the controls, the game became fun. Gotta love 'em. The absolute BEST WCW game is WCW Revenge for the N64, because THQ rules. Well, before they made No Mercy, they ruled.

But enough about video games, since I'm just a casual gamer. I have one more Multimedia for this week, which is the WWF Hardcore video. I wasn't able to rent Stone Cold's Hell Yeah video, as I hope to sometime next week. I also hope to rent Jesse Ventura's video, next week, as well. So stay tuned!

Enough with this funny talk. On to the PDC.


Night started off with yet another Hardcore Match for that so-called Hardcore title... But wait! Raven fought Chris Jericho, and NOT the sluggish Big Show. Decent match too, with the predictable William Regal screwjob. Even better, Raven was announced to be in a 3 Way Dance with Kane and the Big Show. Enjoy the bumping, Raven.

Lots of backstage action last night, folks. God, I just love "Sports Entertainment".

Hey, Grandmaster Sex-ay, Steve Blackman, and K-Kwik fought Xpac, Albert, and Credible. ZZZZZZZZZZ Wake me up when I'm no longer in wrestling hell.

Wow, the Undertaker was arrested again. It's funny how Triple H can just attack the Undertaker at will, but once the Undertaker even gets near the game, he's gotta be arrested. How 1995 of the WWF.

ZZZZZZZZZZZ to the interviews tonight with Austin and the Rock. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Oh joy, nothing like a Kane handicap match against Big Show and Triple H to wake me up from this horrible, horrible show.

Interesting 6 man match with the Dudley Boyz and Edge/Christian/Rhino. Now I can understand the alliance with Spike Dudley, but what the hell is Rhino doing in this feud? What purpose does he serve? It's like sticking Prince Albert with Xpac and Justin Credible.... IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!! At least it makes for better wrestling than anything involving Xpac, Credible, and Albert, so I'll smile instead. (WWF.com does say that Edge, Christian, and Rhino are REAL life friends, but how are most wrestling fans supposed to know that?)

Although Benoit and Angle started their feud, nobody should beat two skilled wrestlers in a handicap match like the Rock did. NOBODY. It's garbage like this that makes me bitch about the main event guys always looking great, while the guys who do the hard work (Benoit & Angle), come out looking like shit. The WWF is building another Hulk Hogan in the Rock, so how about them apples? Better yet, how about that Apple Pie?

This show sucked so bad. D for such worthless hype and terrible matches, with the especially ridiculous finish. No man should beat two such skilled wrestlers, especially when the wrestlers are carrying that man during the match to make him look good. I'd rather watch Thunder than this kind of shitty show.


Oh my God, the WWF has added a crazy Gimmick Match to Wrestlemania. Man, they really want to waste that 4 hours of show. Well, this one should be a good laugh for all of the viewers who watched and suffered through the years after 1990 and before 1998. The fans after 1998 will be like "who are these guys???" Ah yes, the advantages of being a longtime fan.

Man, there is nothing funnier than the WWF's expectations of cheers right now. Steve Austin is becoming the top face by an overwhelming roar by the crowd, while the Rock is now receiving a slight mix of boos. The WWF is even having a bad problem with negative Rock signs in the crowd. Could WWF fans be under an overexposure of the Rock??? Could they finally see that the Rock only has a select few ground moves and lots of right hands??? Wow, I can remember fans thinking that back in the early 1990s, when the WWF was trying to shove too much of Hulk Hogan down the fans' throats.

Man, I can't wait until after Wrestlemania when the Rock HAS to film his movie. Hey, didn't Hulk Hogan take time off to film movies, too?

The Jackson 5

5. Chris Jericho: Always wrestling with intensity that earns the fans' respect.

4. The Dudley Boyz: Great to have Spike Dudley in the WWF!

3. Edge/Christian: Welcome back as a team.

2. Triple H: Poor guy has to carry everyone to a good match.

1. Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle: How many times must these guys carry the Rock???

Mr. Tito's Phat Video Review

Oddly enough, a lot of readers are depending on this very review to decide about buying this video. Man, the pressure is on! I'll try to come through...

(Picture courtesy of Amazon.com)

WWF Hardcore

Alright, this video is oddly hosted by Tazz for some reason or another. Well, ok, Tazz is a 3-time WWF Hardcore champion. Tazz is a very strange host though, due to the fact that he's putting himself over during some times, and then at other times, he's actually doing his job. That sort of hurts the video....

This video is NOT a timeline of the Hardcore Title. So for those of you who crave the Hardcore title lineage to be all on one tape, you better talk to someone who has made a homemade tape of all of that stuff. The video has various wrestlers defining what is a "hardcore wrestler", which gets rather annoying. Most of the WWF stuff is just two guys swinging the same weapons at each other, in every single match for that lousy Hardcore title. They should just rename it the "NO DQ division", but that's another column to argue. But just because you can swing a cheesy weapon during a match, it doesn't make you hardcore. Mick Foley, showing a few clips of his previous matches throughout the years, and the time he was officially rewarded the Hardcore title. The title, by the way, is actually the old WWF World Title that Curt Hennig smashed on WWF television a while back. Now that's "hardcore". They declined to mention that great fact. They show the famous true "hardcore" match between Mick Foley and Terry Funk match that occurred on RAW a few years ago. Damn, I wish I taped that RAW match. After this, we get the overall decent Al Snow vs. Road Dogg bout. Road Dogg, I thought, was a decent hardcore champ. I guess all of those drugs shut off the nervous system, at times.

Then, we go to the Al Snow vs. Big Bossman match from some Pay Per View. No, no, no... not the Dog Pen match.... the PPV before that disaster! I never liked that match, as I feel that you aren't hardcore if you wrestle a stupid match across town. We keep up with the Al Snow theme and show his match against Bob Holly, in which they wrestled partly in the Mississippi river. I like how there was chain linked fence, fresh one, just laying by the river for no reason.

One match they included on this video was the very interesting Ivory vs. Tori Hardcore match backstage. It was nothing but an all out catfight, and their outfits that they fought in made this match "hardcore". I liked how both Tori and Ivory were throwing stuff at each other. It's truly a great laugh!

I believe they show the Acolytes, who have a wrestling style that is so stiff, it's "hardcore". But the real HARDCORE bout comes when they show Cactus Jack vs. Triple H at Royal Rumble 2000. It seems that the "hardcore" matches get better as the quality of wrestlers improves. This match is unbelieveable, and it by far, put Triple H on the map as a wrestler. Nobody gave two shits about Triple H as World Champion, until this match, and that's the damn truth!

Next, they show the Crash Holly Hardcore title reign. Actually, it's just about a 3 minute segment, while they were showing most of the Holly, Al Snow, Bossman, and Road Dogg matches. Go figure. I remember laughing my ass off at the Hotel room title defense. Oh, those were the days... now, we have Raven, Kane, and the Big Show fighting over the title.

LAST WORD: Hmmm, I don't know what to really say about this odd video. I think they were showing too much of certain hardcore matches, and too less of some good ones. That's a negative right there. I don't know, it's entertaining for the most part, but it also makes you shake your head a few times at some of the production. We'll give it a


which comes from the bad timing on some matches and for a video that isn't that thrilling or exciting to view.

If you want to see a real HARDCORE video, then by Tables, Ladders, and Chairs.

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