Well, what can I say about WCW? Things are constantly changing everyday for them, and in some cases, change is good. For some, it's bad, and many say that Doomsday is upon us. Well, anyway, welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. For the past 2 weeks, I've been very baffled by all of the actions that WCW has taken, and I sense something going wrong yet again. I'll discuss it in a little bit, so on to the Phat Daily Column.


-Did anybody watch Chunder Thunder last night? Did anybody else, like me, cringe at the main event match with Dustin Rhodes and Hulk Hogan? That was by far and away one of the WORST main event matches that I've ever seen. Those two truly defined their roles as dinosaurs, as nobody cares about Rhodes, and Hogan can't carry a match if he tried. I can't believe that I wasted 15 minutes of my life watching that dump called Thunder's main event. The ending..oh my, even worse to this match up. Rhodes attacked Hogan and referee Nick Patrick with his bull rope, and was beating the crap out of Hogan, thus knocking him out. Rhodes was walking away, and Patrick said that he'd forgive the Rhodes attack, but he must come back to the ring and finish the match or he will be fined. So Rhodes comes back, and picks the "knocked out" Hogan up, but gets thrown into the ropes, BOOM, big boot, and BOOM, leg drop..1, 2, 3, it's over. Hogan won the horrible match. Don't ever book this kind of crap again WCW, or you will end up folding.

-Anybody see a comparison to Bischoff's taking over WCW at this very point in time to when he took over the sinking AWA at the end of the 80's? Like the AWA, WCW right now is sinking. Whether or not it will be saved is another question, as Bischoff made a mockery out of WCW in his final days. If you can remember, he let crackers like Kevin Nash book his shows and let Hogan do whatever he wanted. They say that he's "matured" in his months off as WCW's top executive, but I'll comment on it when I see it. WCW, right now, however, is in a situation where the need to cut costs. They just rehired the man who spent a lot of money on the federation. That's all I need to say.

-However, I am glad that Bill Busch is out of WCW now. He had absolutely no idea how to run a company, and the promises he made as WCW's new president were a joke. He didn't know how to take care of the younger wrestlers at all, as you can still see them suffering on WCW television. At least in Bischoff's day, he would whore that television title around to his midcarders...like Booker T! Hopefully, Bischoff sees the biggest WCW problem, and that's the booking. It's obvious that the booking has been one of WCW's main problems, as if you weren't a friend of Kevin Sullivan's, you are NOT getting a push. You know, Sullivan truly shocks me, especially reading Mick Foley's book about him. If you haven't read it yet, Sullivan is so nice to Mick, and he helps the young wrestler when he can. Now, he could care less about a young wrestler unless he's a close friend like Prince Iaukea is.


-Oh my, word is going around that Chyna and Triple H are NO longer a couple. This comes after weeks of rumors about them getting married soon, and that they might be back together on television again after Triple H dumps Stephanie like it was rumored to happen soon. I still don't know whether to believe this or not, as again, rumors are only rumors. Throughout their careers, I've been very fond and intrigued by the Triple H-Chyna couple. It would sadden me if this were true. Hopefully, this angle with Stephanie didn't get out of hand, and Triple H fell for her for real.

-Oh my, here we go again. The new question is that if HBK can return to the ring for his independent federation, what says he can't return to WWF rings? Well, I don't think Shawn Michaels will attempt anything spectacular in his match with Venom on April 4th. I doubt you will see anything high risk that he used to do, and don't be surprised if it's a complete squash. I am hoping that reader Bryan Sweeney is right on the money with his call that HBK would show up to challenge the World Champ, just like in the video game Wrestlemania 2000. Oh wait, he'll just "appear" at Axess, and not Wrestlemania...ohhh, ok.

-Another Axess man, Stone Cold is still being rumored to either being the referee or the guest ring announcer. Again, those are just rumors as he insists that he'll just appear at Axess. Wow, Axess must be a bigger draw, because everyone seems to be there. Anyway, Stone Cold will be AT Wrestlemania. The WWF, as usual, is continually throwing us off. Besides, their show is still unfinished in terms of booking, so big name draws could help.

-Alright, a lot of news and rumors about anything will happen tonight at Smackdown, so being the kind and nice person that I am(insert joke here), I'm not going to ruin anybody's fun by spoiling everything. Now, why would I do such a thing like that? Others simply don't have a guilty conscience, and if you've read into it, you could find out all of what happens on Smackdown tonight. Remember, the PDC is ALWAYS spoiler free.

@That's it for today. I'll hopefully be here tomorrow to discuss what went down on Smackdown, so until then, why not chill till the next episode? 6 days until 1 year of consecutive columns!

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