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Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column

Reported by: Mr. Tito on March 23, 1999

Welcome back to the one and only Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. Well, we are just 5 days away from the great Wrestlemania. Joy. Anyways, a Monday Night just flew by, and I do have my gradebook out, and I'm ready to go to the PDC.

Monday Night Impressions


-The first hour was crap as usual except for Disco being in that Luchadore match. I wish, though that Nitro would book better matches in the first hour.

-Dusty Rhodes...HAHA. I do miss him doing the Mothership, a.k.a. WCW Saturday Night.

-I swear, Mean Gene looks older each time I see him. Speaking of Old, Ric Flair was in that interview. Anyways, it was good to see Raven come out and challenge him, but too bad poor Ric Flair didn't want to accept his challenge, no, he wanted him to take on the world tag champs instead. What a chicken.

-Fit Finley vs. Rick Steiner was a very boring, and worthless match to have, especially when you are in a ratings war.

-The El Vampiro and Juvy match was kind of interesting. Both of them kept messing up moves though, and Vampiro must love kicking and powerbombing people. I must say, that Juvy gave Vampiro the hardest Juvy driver yet!

-The Miss Nitro segment, even though it "looked" very nice, it was not needed. Ricky Rackman is just another WCW worker that made a name for himself back in the late 80's or early 90's. HA! That was funny, though, when Nash said "Sable, eat your heart out".

-Now, the best match of the night was Hak vs. Goldberg. Hak gave it all to Goldberg, even some singapore cane shots. I think watching Goldberg now is better because he's not always hyped with that so called undefeated streak and his world title reign.

-The Bret Hart interview was like watching paint dry. His career is going no where. No fan responce to his lame interview.

-I wish that NWO black and white would just break up, or get kicked out.

-Jericho better re-sign if he wants to start beating wrestlers like Big Poppa Pump.

-Now it's time to rip on the Horsemen. Both the World Tag Titles, and the World Heavyweight title should have changed hands. Raven and Saturn had Benoit and Malenko beat, until the ref disqualified them, and Rey Misterio had Ric Flair beat. That's terrible!

====$Well, I'm usually pleased with the Spring Break Nitros, but definately not this one. I was bored all of the way through. Plus, Sting didn't show up like WCW.com said he was. So this week's Nitro recieves a


for it's efforts. The Hak/Goldberg match was the only thing from failing.


-Yet again, another Raw starting out with the dragging Corperate interview. Those are getting a bit painful to sit through. I hope they aren't as long after Wrestlemania. It was funny to see the corperation get hosed down by beer.

-It was funny to see Debra get the bloodbath. Notice the weak crowd reaction when Public Enemy came in. Too sad.

-That's a shame that the Road Dog and Mr. Ass couldn't have a clean match. Now there are a few messed up matches at Wrestlemania. Look for both of them to lose the straps at Wrestlemania.

-Alright, the Legion of Doom returned, and with Paul Elering too! Paul Elering returning with them was one of my prophecies, now we need a heel LOD like I predicted, and I'm the man for calling it!

-Blue Meanie isn't all there...

-Boy, that Sable and Ivory match looked good. : )

-Can't take any more special guest refereed matches..AHHH

-Ok, I'll say it once, and I'll say it again, enough with the flames to the faces, ok?

-Holly and Dr. Death in the frat house..oh my. It would have been nice, but the camera kept getting messed up.

-I saw the ending to the Xpac and Shane McMahon street fight a mile away. Xpac is gonna kill him Sunday.

-What happened in that Ministry/Corperation match??

-Paul Wight vs. Stone Cold was a good match, but seeing Paul Wight go the job this early in his WWF career could really hurt his potential.

====$Well, this edition of Raw was a decent one. It had it's loose ends, but hey, it's very hard to keep a good show every week. I'm sure RAW will get better now that it won't have to constantly hype Wrestlemania. This week's Raw recieves a


for it's efforts!

-Just a key reminder. The NCAA Men's Basketball game will be on next monday, so we will see how much Wrestling will get affected, or how much the B-ball game will get affected by wrestling.


-Rick Rude will be starting to commentate for one hour of Nitro! Yes! If you remembered him as a commentator for ECW, it was hilarious! Wait a sec, back then he had the great Joey Styles..now he'll have Mike Tenay and the arrogant Tony Shiavone. Oh man, is he gonna look bad around those Jim Ross wannabes.

-Well, Macho fans, Randy Savage is cleared to wrestle again in April!! I can't wait! I just hope he does a few things first. Stay away from Elizabeth, never team with Hogan, and do something about that hair. I'm sorry to rip on his hair, but it was looking really bad. I hear he had it shaved, but who knows.

-I'm sure you have all seen the reports about Scott Steiner getting in trouble with the law, as well as within WCW. WCW is getting really fed up with his crap. Many wrestlers have complained about him not selling hits, and hitting them too hard. Many have complained about his Steiner Recleiner, which they say he is really trying to hurt them. Of course, what official has the guts to come up to him and tell him about this? I wouldn't.

That's all for today's Phat Daily Column Thanks for reading, and have a nice day! This is Mr. Tito, the ONLY phat daily columnist, signing off! Have a nice day!

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