Oh my Gosh, the Phat Daily Column has returned. Today, I have lots of ratings news to discuss, as they are all in now, along with a Phat Music Review of WWF Aggression. Now I could go on and on to continue this intro, as I try to do everyday, but I truly have nothing more to say, so on to the Phat Daily Column.

But first...thanks to whoever held up this sign at RAW:

That's #13 for me, as I appreciate it very much!

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 2.9
Second Hour: 2.1
Composite: 2.5


First Hour: 6.0
Second Hour: 6.4
Composite: 6.2


RAW: 6.0 Tito's Prediction: 6.3
NITRO: 2.1 Tito's Prediction: 2.3

In Comparison

NITRO vs. HEAT - Nitro: 2.5 and Heat: 3.2
WWF Livewire: 1.8
WWF Superstars: 1.8
WCW Saturday Night: 1.4
ECW on TNN: 0.8

Alright, this looks very sickening. WCW is really in trouble now. They failed to post better numbers than last week following a Pay Per View!!! In fact, they are worse than last week, which really means that WCW is heading for the toilet if something isn't done to improve the quality of this federation. Ignore the romping by the WWF, and take a look at it versus Heat. Heat pounded them this week! What the hell does that say when you have the WWF's third ranked show asking WCW who their daddy is every week? This is simply horrible, and with the projected buyrate for Uncensored looking very bad right now, for the love of God, do something Time Warner!

As you can see, the quest for ECW on TNN to defeat a lower ranked WWF or WCW show failed badly this week. Yesterday, I was trying to find something that would prove my case about ECW on TNN doing horribly on St. Patrick's day. My feelings is that it wasn't St. Patrick's day doing it, as everyone goes out drinking anyway on a Friday Night. So to prove this, let's hop into my Time Machine once again!

Tito's Time Machine

We are now around the country on 1999's Christmas Eve, which just so happens to be on a Friday. We look around at many families attending church services throughout the country in celebration of the upcoming birth of Jesus Christ. We look around neighborhoods to see families caroling together, singing their favorite christmas songs. We see families, who haven't seen each other in a few months, spending quality time together. But guess what? ECW on TNN was also on tonight, which means all of these reasons for this holiday, BIGGER THAN St. Patrick's Day, would make the ECW on TNN rating low, right?

Wrong. With lots of excuses to be low, ECW on TNN prevailed on Christmas Eve. Somehow, ECW on TNN pulled a 1.1 on Christmas Eve no less!!! Nuff said. Thanks to Chris Dailey for pointing the Christmas Eve rating out to me

Ahh, we are back to 2000. So do you see my point? Don't blame a holiday for low ratings, as they are lower than what ECW on TNN started at about 6 months ago. The only thing that I believe you could blame would be the NCAA tournament, which I stand corrected from yesterday's column, as the ratings of it are up from last year. So don't blame a holiday until you look at the rating from Christmas Eve!

One thing else that shocked me this week, and that is the fact that Livewire and Superstars are pulling the same exact ratings. I'd really expect Livewire to get way higher ratings than Superstars, because Superstars recycles a lot of what Livewire does, with just a little bit extra. I guess some people find it hard to wake up on Saturday Mornings, and if they missed Smackdown, they catch highlights on Superstars?


-Congrats WCW, you've lost the confidence of the locker room once again. At Uncensored, many wrestlers snickered and were angered about Hogan becoming the main focus of the Pay Per View. That's an obvious sign of Hogan's power, which is again, becoming ridiculous. Now, many are saying that he will indeed defeat Sid for the World Title at the next Pay Per View. If you disagree with that notion, just think about it. Do you really think that Hogan would put over Sid? I don't see it happening, especially with Hogan's ego being in overdrive right now to save WCW from horrible ratings.

-Dave Scherer reported that Ed Ferarra is the man behind the La Parka's hilarious voice. Ok, how about since Ed is the one behind the voice, why not push La Parka? Right now besides Psychosis in the cruiserweight division, La Parka is the only Luchadore left besides the ones hurt, filing lawsuits against WCW, or being suspended for almost walking out. He busts his ass everytime I see him in the ring, and he's so full of charisma, it's ridiculous. Sure, he can't speak English, but why should that hold him back? He's very funny with Ed's voice behind him, and look at how it pissed Fit Finley off. Come on, how about some love for the Skull Captain!


-Everyone keeps asking me 'what's with Tazz?' Well, the truth is that the invasion of the Radicals really did slow his push down. Especially the entrance of Benoit. Both wrestlers are known for hard hitting action, but they can make their opponents look very good. It just so happened that Chris Benoit was better known nationally, so the WWF is now taking a different route with Tazz. Whether it's having him defeat Crash Holly for the Hardcore title, or somehow always going after Kurt Angle, I don't know. But what I do know is to be patient, because in time, Tazz's super push will come. The WWF can't deny the loud pops that Tazz gets everytime he comes out.

-With Mick Foley finally making the Wrestlemania main event, a few questions are coming up. For one, will Linda McMahon back Mick Foley in his corner like Vince is with the Rock, Stephanie is with Triple H, and Shane is with Big Show? I'm not too sure on that one, but don't be surprised if Mick Foley does get the win on this night. Like Slam! was suggesting, and that I suggested the other day in a news report with the filming of the Mummy 2 coming up, the Rock will need some time off in May. So why have him as a world champ in one month? So maybe everyone's anticipated win is now over for the Rock, and they will probably have to wait until another event for the Rock to once again to become the People's Champ.

Mr. Tito's Phat Music Review

Alright, today's review will be WWF Aggression, which just so happened to come out yesterday. This CD idea came about when WWF Volume 4 did so successful in the charts, so the WWF figured that they could cash in on a theme CD with some of the greatest rappers on the planet. So here is my review:

WWF Aggression

WARNING: Just to start this review out, I have to say that I am NOT a hardcore rap or hip hop fan. Sure, there are a few artists that I don't mind, and a few songs that don't bother me. So coming into this CD, there is a slight bias. I just wanted to state that before I did this review just in case I got too many e-mails for bashing this the wrong way, ok?

Alright, my impressions of this CD coming in were that this CD would take the WWF themes that I love, and mix it with rappers for a possibly unique and good sounding CD. Although about 2% of my CD collection would be of hip hop or rap CDs, I am very familiar with the artists on Aggression. So I'm familiar with most of their work, so I can somewhat look at that as well. However, when I first listened to this CD a few times in the car after I bought it, I was like "oh my" because at that time, this CD would have had very bad grades in my book. Later on at home, I decided to give this CD another try. I listened to it a few more times, and I got a better listen to it, and I feel now that I can give a good opinion from a Theme fan who bought a CD with rappers mixing them.

First off, there are some very good mixed theme on this CD. The DX one is probably the best one in my opinion, as the old school Run DMC really added a good mix of lyrics and it has a good bit of the new DX theme in it. I also love the Kane theme. The Eastsidaz did a great job on that song, making it fit very well with Kane. Snoop and W.C. did a good job on Stone Cold's theme, as I don't mind Snoop's work, as it has always cracked me up with his tone of voice when he raps. The Gangrel theme is a very strange one, but a cool sounding one in my mind, as C-Murder and Magic added their own unique style and lyrics to it to make the theme as fearful as the original.

There are rap themes on this CD that I do NOT like. I do not like the Jericho one, Mankind one, or the Rock one. I guess you could say that I've heard enough rap in my life to recognize very bad rap, and this was it. Especially that Mankind theme. It sounded nothing no where near the Mankind theme. The other ones incorporated the themes, but either the lyrics or the style of the artists bothered me. The other themes, besides the ones I've already mentioned, are OK in mixing rap and WWF themes..which is what I'm expecting for this very CD.

Last Word: My gosh, this CD is hard to review. But it's just about what I expected. Some good, some decent, and some horrible. I think that if I was a big rap or hip hop fan, I'd really love this CD, as I really recommend this to anyone of that nature. If you are like me, you might want to try to listen to this CD before you buy it first for your opinion. I'll give it an


because there were tracks that I did like, even though I'm not into rap that much. Plus, the WWF did do a great job in finding all of these artists to participate in this theme CD. That says a lot about the WWF, as I hope that the WWF would try other styles of music, as well, for their themes. Speaking of this CD, I could have listened to every track thanks to many pages having every single track on mp3 format. I wonder if the WWF is trying to track those down, as I wonder how those tracks got out in the first place!

@That's all for this long edition of the Phat Daily Column. I'll be back tomorrow with the usual Thunder thoughts, along with other ramblings always found in the Phat Daily Column. Just chill till the next episode! 1 Week until 1 Year of Consecutive Columns

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