Welcome to another fun filled edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll discuss the very latest in professional wrestling and hype tonight's edition of Smackdown, as well. What else is there to talk about?

I've seen a lot of columns perform mock drafts or try to assume what the WWF will do for the Split. However, you will NOT see it here. Why? Well for one, the WWF writers and Vince McMahon struggle telling what time of day it is, let alone how to figure out how to make meaningful storylines. Plus, I want to use a "wait and see" approach to the Split, to see if it's such a great idea in the first place. In my opinion, the WWF will spend a good bit of money on the split only to see the ratings remaining the same, and then they'll merge the two sides together in the long run.

But hey, the split CAN be successful. Starting up a successful Cruiserweight division wouldn't be a bad idea. If the Main Event scene didn't suck so bad for WCW in early 2001, then maybe WCW would have shown some success thanks to the revamped Cruiserweight division. However, this IS the land of the WWF, where Vince McMahon jacks off on big guys, such as the Undertaker, Kane, Kevin Nash, and the Big Show before ever considering anything under 6 foot tall or under 230 pounds.

And the funny thing is that the smaller wrestlers move faster, have flashier moves, and will likely get the crowd to say "ooohhh" or "ahhhhh" than a fat ass 7 footer. The WWF doesn't like spot matches, though. You must have the "WWF psychology", or whatever that means. The WWF claims that you "must tell a story" for every match, which after many years of watching the WWF, I still don't see. What I see are only a handful of wrestlers who put on good matches (Angle, Rock, Austin, Triple H, Jericho, Benoit, Rhyno, Hardys, Dudleys, Edge, Christian), and a bunch of nobodies stinking up the place (Rikishi, Test, Albert, Bossman, Goldust, etc.). Where's the "WWF psychology" there?

Is it the WWF's purpose to entertain us or to have it their own way? In a time where shock value no longer gains the masses of fans, it's time to focus on the WRESTLING product more instead of trying to shock people with a limo driving over a bulldog named Lucy. Because from all of the McMahon crap pulled from 2001 and beyond, the WWF has lost a nice core of loyal fans, and if they continue the B.S. any further, then trouble will be on the horizon for the WWF by the end of 2002.

Indeed. On to the PDC.


-Everytime I report news from the Observer about the WWA, I just shake my head in amazement to how STUPID the company is in its early stages of development. Andrew McManus is hardly a good wrestling promoter, as he FAILS to deliver what he advertises on a regular basis. It's said that nearly all of his advertised wrestlers for the Australian tour aren't under contract. That's just absurd! Now, when the WWA goes to Australia, they'll be lucky to have half of that crew, if that, and many WWF-neglected Australian wrestling fans will be rather upset.

TONIGHT ON SMACKDOWN....... A match on WWF.com has been announced. Now the #1 target of the NWO, since Austin has bailed on the company, the Rock will face Kevin Nash in a match, likely to be the main event. Yikes, talk about hotshotting a match for television. The WWF has already given up several Pay Per View matches, such as Rock vs. Scott Hall, NWO vs. Rock/Austin, Rock/Hogan vs. Hall/Nash, and now Kevin Nash vs. Rock. At this rate, the WWF will hotshot Steve Austin vs. Hulk Hogan sometime soon too.

But what will the match quality be? Yikes. With Hulk Hogan, he can add some excitement to the match because the fans love him right now. With Kevin Nash, you get a guy who is badly showing age, actually more than any of the members of the NWO. Before becoming a wrestler, Kevin Nash played years of basketball and was a decent prospect for a while, I believe. Running up and down that hardcourt is hardly anything good for the knees. Many former NBA players and other kinds of runners experience knee problems when they become older. Running on hard surfaces is just terrible for the knees. Secondly, Nash is somewhat of a veteran now in the ring, as he has roughly 10 years of wrestling under his belt. During that time, he has been injured, and I'm sure working on the newer, bouncy rings haven't helped. In Foley's second book, he cited how the new WWF rings, with more give to them, were hell on his knees. I'd expect the same for Nash, with years of working in the bouncy WCW rings.

And yes, I have joked about how Nash "hurt" those knees, but all joking aside, it shows you why he's been the less active of the NWO members. Do you see him run to the ring sometimes? Also, he can't just simply sell the moves like any other wrestlers. When say the Rock or Austin hit him with something, it takes longer for him to react due to bad knees. In conclusion, the WWF is actually paying roughly $600,000 to $800,000, with incentives, to damaged goods. But I will give the WWF credit though. They used him properly on RAW, as he cut a promo on Hulk Hogan. But they signed him to WRESTLE, so the investment may have been a bad one in Nash's case.

I will add that Scott Hall has been pretty good lately. Yes, I'm one of Hall's more harsh critics, as I don't tolerate ridiculous drug or alcohol abuse that got Scott Hall into loads of trouble and many trips to rehab. He looks to be in good shape, and besides the first few weeks in the WWF, he's not pissing off anyone backstage. That's good, and I for one, hope he keeps it up.

If you can just SMELL THE RATINGS, we'll have Ivory/Jazz take on Lita/Trish. Why not find Chyna and Sable from the gutters they are hiding in and make it a 3 way tag team match? Let's face it, and I'm not trying to be sexist here: the Women's division sucks. The more ridiculous fact is that the Women's champion can travel to both sides of the WWF division. Oh lord! How about placing the Women's division on Vince McMahon's Smackdown, while placing the Cruiserweight division on Ric Flair's RAW? Now that would be great.

But getting back to my point. What incentives do wrestling fans have with seeing two boring ladies who are properly trained facing two other ladies who aren't fully trained? Even worse, the WWF keeps pushing Jazz, a lady who has never been properly introduced to WWF fans. If the WWF boasts telling "stories" to WWF fans, then why not do the same for Jazz? Inform us, for the love of God! Also, shove Trish and Lita down to Ohio Valley Wrestling. Once Victoria or even Nidia enter the WWF, they'll be more polished wrestlers than Trish and Lita will ever be. Lita and Trish could learn a thing or two from Jim Cornette.

As if the Tag Team nightmare couldn't continue... Chuck & Suck will face the Hardy Boyz. Why even try with the Hardys anymore? They've jobbed so much, and their disappearance from late 2001/early 2002 hasn't helped matters. They are still two punching bags for other teams. And the WWF has said that these two guys are the future of the WWF? How much credibility will they have when the future arrives? Especially when they have to job to Chuck & Suck, a team who can't even carry enough heat to have a bout with ONE team at Wrestlemania.

Test will face Tajiri... WHY??? Why, out of the blue, was this match booked? Is Test getting revenge for his pal Booker T because of the lost Shampoo commercial? First, you have Test, who has only been a side character lately, and then Tajiri, who is hardly even on the main 2 television shows anymore. So hey, let's put them in a match together! That will jumpstart the sagging Smackdown ratings!

For revenge, the Hurricane will take on his own sidekick, Mighty Molly, in a one on one match up. This is even more ridiculous. The Hurricane hasn't been on either Smackdown or RAW in a LONG TIME, and so thanks to his little backstage scene at Wrestlemania, he finally gets a shot on a main television show? Geesh! Let's hope that the Split helps the career of Helms, because it was flushed down the toilet a long time ago. Thanks WWF.

-At least RAW has some hype going into it. Before Smackdown goes down, the main event for RAW is Stephanie/Chris Jericho versus Triple H in a handicapped match, with Stephanie being handicapped because of ridiculous booking ideas and the fact that she's the CANCER of WWF television right now. Smackdown, tonight, expects to see more confrontations between Vince McMahon and Ric Flair. Maybe a sucker punch or two?

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