Another Monday Night has went by us. Two federations, the World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling are both in the fight for one thing. Ratings. WCW, fresh off a pay per view, is giving all they have to create new storylines. The WWF, with Wrestlemania only 2 weeks away, is trying to steal some Pay Per View heat, and they then try to win that heat with an early Wrestlemania main event. Two federations will enter, only one will triumph as the ratings victor..but first, they must go through Mr. Tito, and his Phat Daily Column first.

Monday Night Impressions

Monday NITRO

But before I chop up Nitro, let's take a little trip. Let's all jump into my time machine, and go to the year 1992, which I consider the final year that the WWF was dominant in the wrestling market.

Tito's Time Machine

First we will travel to the Royal Rumble 92. The Royal Rumble had a great reason to win it this year, as the World Title was up for grabs. Hulk Hogan had just been eliminated, and Sid (then called Justice) and Ric Flair were left at the end. Sid was looking down at Hogan, and taunting him for eliminating him. Hogan grabbed Sid's hand, and pulled him over the top rope, thus causing Sid to lose.

Now we go to the Wrestlemania press conference to determine who is the #1 contender at Wrestlemania. We have the Undertaker, Roddy Piper, Randy Savage, Sid Justice, and Hulk Hogan all there, as they were considered the best back then. Jack Tuney(sp?) was about to make the worst decision upon choosing the #1 wrestler because all of his decisions before him were in favor of Hulk Hogan. Since Sid was the last man besides Flair, Sid stood up, thinking that the spot was his. It was announced that Hogan somehow got it, as the WWF did everything for Hogan. Sid was furious, as he tore up, or at least tried to, a stack of papers in front of him. After the conference, Sid talked to reporters and screamed about being the last man.

Next up, we will travel to a wonderful edition of Saturday Night's Main Event, which I can remember clearly because I have that badboy on tape! We have a tag team match set up with Sid Justice and Hulk Hogan vs. The Undertaker and Ric Flair. Before the show, Sid was seen in an interview, saying that he was sorry for blowing up for his actions at the press conference. We are now backstage at the event, watching Hogan and Justice give an interview. Justice was in the middle of his interview, and Hogan comes running in and takes over..obvious dispair on Sid's face. Later on in the main event, Sid walks out on Hulk Hogan during the tag match, and makes a statement to Hogan. Hogan, later that week, drops his #1 contendership to wrestle Sid at Wrestlemania.

Now we are at Wrestlemania 92, and the blowoff match between Sid and Hogan is a very sloppy match, and the men didn't work together good back in the day. Nuff said.

Alright, we are back in 2000 now. Now wasn't that fun? With that special trip being said, let's look at what happened on Nitro last night. First, highlights of the press conference were shown with Sid talking to reporters, until Hulk Hogan interrupts him as the reporters now give Hogan their attention. Sid could also be pissed off at the fact that Hogan basically saved his ass at Uncensored, and again taking his spotlight. Jealousy is showing, just like it was in 1992. So we somehow have a special tag match with Sid and Hogan vs. Big Poppa Pump and Jeff Jarrett. Do you see a pattern? Two top heels, like Flair and Undertaker in 1992 vs. Hogan and Sid? Anyway, in the main event, instead of walking out on Hogan like he did in 1992, Sid attacks him. This will set up a match at Spring Stampede, and like the one at Wrestlemania 8 and a few Nitros last year, it's going to suck.

I swear that there was a couple "shoots" tonight on Nitro. First off, I think that Big Poppa Pump flipping Hogan off and telling him "fuck you" was pretty real, as Hogan just stood there. Another shoot were done by the very high pitched Mark Madden. Every Hogan comment he did was very truthful, as he would say that he would hog the spotlight and so forth. He had many hatred comments towards Hogan, putting him down at every instance that he had. Of course, that could just be a very good annoucing job that he just did. Oh well.

So Nitro opens up with an Opening Interview, which is 10 times as worse as any from the WWF, and it makes me mad because I can't change the channel like I do for the opening RAW interviews. Both Jeff Jarrett and Sid are starting to get really bad on the mic. Another thing that really bothered me was another Sting vs. Ric Flair match. God damn, enough already! They have fought so many times that it is truly hard to come up with new moves or spots everytime they fight. It showed tonight because I could probably throw in my brother's Sting tape(he tapes every appearance by Sting, I swear) and show about 3 recent matches on Nitro that looked the same. It was still a good match, but come on! Luger and Vampiro had a very good match, but nooo, we just can't put Vampiro over.....I do however, love this early Vampiro and Sting angle. Those two, along with Booker T, are my favorites in WCW right now.

Pretty good debut of Chris Candido, who defeated Lash LaRoux who is really from Alabama(thanks Historian!). I wonder if Tammy will ever come to WCW too? I really hope Candido doesn't screw this up, because it looks like WCW already has some good work for Candido. Shame on you WCW for constantly jobbing La Parka. Oooooh, another chokeslam by the Wall, through another table. Yeah, he's soooo over by his actions. Please. There's nothing like a good DQ when Booker T and Kidman about beat the Harris dorks for the titles. What a joke.

Please give Norman Smiley a push to get out of wrestling these horrible wrestlers. Hey, remember when Vince Russo wrote up a storyline where Hugh Morris would have to take care of his old father? HAHAHAHAHA! Ahem. And you kiddies want Russo back, shame on you! Why does Dustin Rhodes have the "pirate" gimmick again? I don't care what anyone says to me about this comment, but Tank Abbott is a joke in WCW.

Nitro Phat Stats

Matches: 9
Clean Wins: 5
Screwjobs: 1
Disqualifications: 3
No Contests: 1

Last Word: My gosh, this wasn't the type of show that I was expecting after a Pay Per View. Lots of good matches with bad endings tonight, as WCW really needs to work on that. Nothing spectacular happened, as I could have cared less about Sid turning heel in WCW because he switches back and forth so often. This show gets a


for its efforts, as this ship will sink if nobody steps in and makes this show a good one. I've had enough. I've been nice to WCW for the past weeks with my "B-" grades. That's all ending, as the grades will get lower and lower unless WCW improves. It's sickening to see a federation that was the stuff back in 1997. I watch all of WCW programming(except Saturday Night), and the thanks that I get for watching their show since 1988 are horribly booked matches and boring storylines played out by guys who I disliked in the WWF back in 1988. It's time to put up or shut up for WCW right now. The buyrates are low, the ratings are low, and the wrestlers could care less for the promotion that they work for. I'm starting to care less about a federation that I've been loyal to when nobody cared about. Wake up WCW, you are losing the wrestling battle bigtime! I predict another stomping in the ratings with a 2.3 in the second hour against a show that actually tries to entertain, even if the angles suck sometimes.

I still say the turning point for WCW was Starrcade 1997 when they really dropped the ball on the Hogan and Sting main event.


No opening interview, as we are treated to a very good X-Pac/Road Dogg vs. Hardy Boys match. Oh wait, just when I open my big mouth, after the next commercial break we are treated to an interview. Yeah, way to try to avoid it WWF. ZZZZZZZZZZ, long WWF interview, ZZZZZZZ. I'll give them props tonight though, because it was nothing as bad as the opening interview on Nitro. Vince decided to break open the Wrestlemania Main Event. I'll have a comment on that in a second.... Just when you get sick of every angle that the Bossman is in, he has a new flunky to help him draw less heat than before.

I don't know what it is, but Perry Saturn looks very odd in the WWF. I'm not bashing him, as he's one of my favorite wrestlers, but he just looks a little out of place in the WWF. Hmm. Oh well, as I question who the hell were the legal men in the Too Cool match. My gosh, WWF bigmen don't work together well, as seen in the Rikishi vs. Kane match. Benoit and Jericho had a good bout, with Angle screwing Benoit out of the win. Damn, I can't wait to see Benoit and Angle fight!

Oh my God!!! G-TV returned! Please don't ask me who is behind it, because I DON'T KNOW. Notice the weak cheers when the team of T&A was announced? That's one team that desparately needs to find charisma together! Hey, how about a "Charisma on a rope double ladder match" with HeadCheese? I'd PAY to see that one.(although Snow has some charisma) So let me see here, this whole purpose of having all of these tag matches were for the Dudleys to attack the Hardys and Christian/Edge? It better set up a 3 way, or I will be pissed all together at the WWF's decision here. Great stuff by having Tazz come down to challenge Crash Holly in the middle of his tag match. I think that crowd was a bit out of hand outside though, as I bet the WWF didn't intend for it to get that bad.

Ok, great main event from the WWF with the Triple H vs. Big Show vs. The Rock match. It's funny how the WWF works sometimes, as this night proves it. We have Triple H getting the win in the end, therefore we should have no rematches EVER from the Big Show or the Rock. WRONG. Linda McMahon comes out to make a boneheaded decision.(Anybody remember King of the Ring 1999?) A 4 way dance between Mick Foley, Rock, Triple H, and Big Show. Could it get any more ridiculous? Seriously, I would have just loved it if it was just Foley and Triple H, even though they headlined the past two pay per views.

This year's hyping and building up for Wrestlemania has been very week this year. We have lots of matches set up this year with guys just deciding to run down for matches, thus setting up special tag matches. The main event has got a facelift, and I felt that a lot of heat about it was taken here tonight. I'm not saying that the 4 way match won't be a good one, but come on. The main event is always good with the one on one match up. Why take that away when it's always the best moment? I guess that's why I'm not a booker. It was nice to see Foley come back tonight though. I have newfound respect for that man as I'm currently reading his book.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 11
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 3
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 3

Last Word: Good overall show by the WWF, with a few errors as usual. This product is good, but it's no where near perfection. Lots of pretty good tag action, but a bad blowoff with the battle royal at the end. You know my comments on Wrestlemania thus far, so I'll give this show an


, but please clear some things up on Smackdown for Wrestlemania. RAW will show Nitro who their daddy still is with a tough 6.3 rating in the opening hour.

OVERALL, an OK night of wrestling. One side could have been better though.

Other Wrestling Stuff

-Alright, I'm sure some certain ECW fans are eager to see my comments on this matter. ECW on TNN got a VERY LOW 0.8 this week, which is 0.1 lower than what they originally started out with. Ok, let me run through the list of excuses. First off, it was St. Patrick's Day, so everyone was out partying, right? Well, it was on a Friday, so everyone is doing that anyway, so NO EXCUSE. Ok, what about the NCAA tournament. Ok, maybe something there, but the NCAA tournament's ratings are slightly down this year, so it's not that big of an excuse. I should just hold all comments for after this month, as that damn NCAA tournament will be the blame everynight for the low ratings that ECW on TNN constantly gets. ECW can use the tournament to blame instead of TNN editing their show too much.

-My gosh, rumors keep flying everywhere on to who will replace Bill Busch already. For one, he isn't fired yet, and two, people like Eric Bischoff or Vince Russo WON'T replace him. They have already failed in WCW, remember? Bischoff let his wrestlers run the whole federation, thus making it what it is today, and Russo made a mockery of WCW with his outrageous storylines which are still being cleaned up today. How about this WCW when finding a guy to run WCW: find somebody that hasn't messed up a federation before.

-All rumors about USA possibly joining up with Chris-Craft have ended, as Viacom bought out the remaining 50% of UPN. So it's all Viacom's now, as I expect some announcements about the partnership with the WWF to happen really soon now. I do feel very bad for USA though. They are getting the real shaft of this deal, as they were partly responsible for letting the WWF do whatever they wanted in efforts to get on top. Damn shame.

-I'm truly impressed with the 8.2 overnight rating that the Rock did on Saturday Night Live, which is the highest rated SNL ever since Monica Lewinsky made an appearance, and that had national attention. I agree with many readers that this was one of the biggest events in wrestling history, as it will open up more doors for WWF wrestlers to enter. In a forum that is seen by many non-wrestling fans, they could see how funny the Rock was on SNL. I'm still giving the Rock mad props for his performance.

-Yuck, as seen in Calvin's post earlier, Uncensored is projected to do a buyrate around 0.13. That's terrible! That's ridiculous! See the number WCW? Now do something about it!

@That's all I need to say for this column. Damn, this one took me a long time to do today. Forgive me for being a little late this week on the columns, as it's my week off, and I am enjoying it to the max by sleeping in everyday. Can't I enjoy myself? Anyway, I gotta get some money together and buy WWF Aggression to rip apart review in my column tomorrow, so just chill till the next episode.

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