Welcome back to another wonderful edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. It's early Sunday morning, trying to stay awake to type this column. I hope I can make it...


-The Outsiders are re-forming! Yay! Oh joy, they'll probably be the ones to take those covetted world title belts away from Benoit and Malenko, thus ending any hopes of giving life to the Tag division. Here's what will happen. Hall and Nash will win the titles, never defend them, Hall will go into re-hab for something, Nash will then have to use another nWo wrestler to defend the belts again, that other nWo wrestler will be the one losing the match, Hall will come back and he and Nash will win the titles again, the nWo will break up into two groups again, and Hall will turn on Nash or vice versa. Wait a sec, is history repeating itself??-Macho Man is just itching to come back! He wants a piece of the action really bad! He's upset that he was used for one night only, and then put back on the shelf again. Poor Macho. Even though Macho is an old man, he can still perform with intensity. He's one of the best performers ever.-WCW talking about making a theme CD. It's about time! It must really hurt to see how well WWF the Music, volume 3 tear up on the Billboard charts!


-The Wrestlemania card has a few question marks surrounding it. What is gonna happen with the IC title and the Hardcore title. The WWF really dropped the ball when they messed with the titles, but they could correct it by having them both lose their titles on Monday. -I have heard that the WWF has offered Flair 2 million dollars to show up at Wrestlemania. Do not believe this rumor!! It's garbage! What the hell would this achieve, a huge legal battle between the big two. Hello, Flair is under contract with WCW. Doing whatever for the WWF for 2 million would only cost him very much, and the huge lawsuit would follow. Think!

I would have some ECW Living Dangerously predictions, but no, I can't F'N watch ECW from my house anymore, so I can't watch ECW anymore. That's garbage!


X-pac, Syxx, 1-2-3 Kid, even Lightning kid, whatever you want to call him, he's gone a long way. I can remember when he was in that shitty Global federation kicking ass in their lightweight division as the Lightning Kid. He was by far and away the biggest talent in that lame federation(besides the Patriot). The Good man went on to the WWF, and came in as the Kid. He then became huge defeating Razor not once, but twice, and then becoming the 1-2-3 kid. He built up his career very well there, and even won the tag titles briefly. He became part of that dirty WWF Cliq. He would start running into personal problems, and was offered to either stay in the WWF and get help, or he could be released. He chose to be released, and he joined WCW as Syxx. That was a great career move at the time, and he went on to become the man in the cruiserweight division. He has the longest cruiserweight title reign of any other wrestler. Syxx would start running into problems with WCW, manly Eric Bischoff. That caused him to lose his title. Syxx would later injure his neck, and while recovering was fired from WCW by Eric Bischoff.Which brings me to the night after last year's Wrestlemania. Maybe one of the best shoot interviews I have ever heard. X-pac came out, joined DX, and destroyed and humiliated Eric Bischoff! X-pac then started wrestling, and his career took off again. This time without any problems. The WWF management is very happy with X-pac now, and X-pac is very happy to be back in the WWF again.X-pac has come a long ways since the days of the Lightning Kid. He kicks ass in lightweight divisions, and he can stand up to heavyweight wrestlers as well. He's the man!

@That's all I have for today! Have a nice day! Thanks for reading the Phat Daily Column. This is Mr. Tito, the ONLY phat daily columnist around, signing off!. Laterz!

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