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For anyone who is asking, there won't be much in the way of Multimedia reviews soon. Sure, I'll review "Forceable Entry" when it comes out, but what else is there? Several books have been delayed of wrestlers, the current video scene sucks, and I don't have a Gamecube to review the upcoming game, Wrestlemania X-8.

As for the Video Game histories... lately, I've been incredibly short on time to do anything on the side. Plus, I haven't actually looked around for SNES roms or anything of that nature. If I find some time, I'll start the SNES series.

On to the PDC.


-It's funny that whenever the WWF does DECENT in the ratings above their current slump, a press release always comes out about how successful the night after Wrestlemania was. Too bad a press release never comes out during lower ratings. Oh wait, that would mean a press release for each and every week! That's a lot of typing. Anyway, RAW scored a 5.3 rating, which is a good 0.8 above last week's rating. Yep, that's significant alright and the Wrestlemania spike has come through. The WWF better hope that the Split carries the Wrestlemania momentum because we don't want a depressing summer for wrestling, like last year.

-As for Steve Austin. Several news sources say that he's not at RAW or Smackdown due to unhappiness with the WWF and for his character. Mick Foley actually felt that same way on his way out. Scary. It's been reported before that Austin was very unhappy with the fact that the NWO was coming in. It wasn't for the fact that they would take any spotlight away from Austin, but it was for the fact that at their ages, the NWO are horrible wrestlers. I'm guessing that when the WWF wanted Austin to not only face Scott Hall but to job to him to, Austin saw that as a big slap in the face for the many years of hardwork he has put into the company. I don't blame him.

I mean, look. The original planned Wrestlemania Main Event was supposed to be Triple H vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin. This would have been a great idea since their No Way Out 2001 match was the Match of the Year for 2001, and a rematch would be spectacular at Wrestlemania. The NWO wrench changed everything, however, as Triple H was off to face Jericho and Austin was given Scott Hall because Nash can't last in a long singles match. Even worse, the NWO has hardly given the WWF ratings boost, so Austin has a good argument about working with the NWO.

-I'm still upset at the RAW ending in the Hogan/Rock vs. Hall/Nash match. It was so short and to have a F'N countout... Countouts are soooo 1990's and 1980's, especially 1980's. The WWF could have put the Outsiders over Rock and Hogan to help Hall and Nash's careers, or the new face duo could have went over clean on the Outsiders. A disqualification ending would have gained the same rage among wrestling fans, too. My only guess is that before the match, someone refused to job. Let's see here.... Rock is able and willing to lose to anyone, so that means someone on the OTHER tag team must have refused to lose at the last moment. Hmmm......

-I've seen some interesting feedback on Brock Lesnar's debut. Most enjoyed it, as did I. We have all read about Lesnar in the news, although most never saw who he was. I watched a September 2001 tape on OVW (thanks Krueges!), and damn it, Brock was a hoss! This guy spent several years in the WWF developmental system, so he's trained and ready to be the future of the WWF. I've actually seen, however, some negative feedback on Lesnar. Since he no sold trashcan shots or any of Spike, Maven, or Al Snow's offense, many are saying that he's ripping off Bill Goldberg. Huh?!? This is far from it. For one, Goldberg beat up every decent WCW midcarder on his way up to the top. Lesnar just attacked 3 WWF jobbers who fight over a silly Hardcore title. No where close to Bill Goldberg. Lesnar is going to be an incredible talent, and with Paul Heyman as his manager, the sky is the limit.

And I'm proud of the WWF for FINALLY making a step for a guy to be a manager. Sure, it's nice to see a hot-piece-of-ass managing a team, such as Stacy or Torrie, but take a look at the 1980's and early 1990's. You had greats such as Bobby "the Brain" Heenan, Jim Cornette, Jimmy Hart, Percy Pringle (later Paul Bearer), Gary Hart, JJ Dillon, and even Paul Heyman (Paul E. Dangerously) as great managers. With wrestlers who couldn't talk, they were great mouthpieces for them, and also, the managers cheated their nuts off to help their wrestlers win the match. In the late 1980's, we had the famous Midnight Express vs. Midnight Express feud. What's really known, by most, about these two teams was that they had feuding managers in Jim Cornette and Paul E. Dangerously. Their feud was as good as the wrestling inside of the ring, and that says a lot since both Midnight Express teams were pretty good.

-Triple H versus Undertaker as the main event for Backlash? Ouch, that's not good. For one, this match would need for Triple H to seriously carry the 'Taker to a good match. However, Triple H has yet to have an outstanding match since his return, leaving everyone to wonder if he can carry the Undertaker. But of course, who else are they going to have wrestle Triple H? Chris Jericho? Oh yeah, his credibility was shot when Stephanie botched his feud with Triple H. Kurt Angle? They already fought at No Way Out 2002. NWO member? Possibly, although I don't see how Hall would get a title shot, and Kevin Nash wouldn't last in a longer singles match. That may leave just the Undertaker... hmmm... Maybe Steve Austin?

-Apparently, the Rock is going to take several months off in the summer to film an action comedy. Oh, that's just great. His absence could help the WWF drop down a few notches again, leaving the main event scene with even more stale main eventers. When the Rock left last year, who did the WWF push in his place to feud with Austin and Triple H? Kane and the Undertaker. It took them two months to even bother pushing Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho, and only then, those two just had several hints of a SINGLES push, as neither man could officially beat Austin. So, let's watch the WWF repeat its past mistakes.

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