Oh my, the Phat Daily Column is back! Yes indeed it is, as I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. My gosh, my head is spinning from seeing way too much WWF programming this week, as I could recite everything that has happened from Smackdown and RAW last week, thank in part to Livewire and Superstars. Tonight, we keep on the road to Wrestlemania, as they need to book matches fast! WCW, I guess, had a pay per view last night, and it looks like they've cleared up all of their feuds to possibly start new ones tonight! Yay. To stop this rambling, I will no go on to the PDC.


-Oh wow, rumors are going around about USA possibly joining up Chris Craft, part owner of UPN, to buy out Viacom's part in UPN. Ouch. The "shit would really be hitting the fan" then. Viacom would be retarded if they gave in to any offers from the two, if it does happen. If they lose UPN, there is a good chance that they will lose their current deal to own WWF television. There is no way USA/Chris Craft will completely own UPN...No Chance in Hell.

-Trish Stratus finally made her debut on Heat last night, as she was looking at Test during his match, and Prince Albert during his match. Reports about that are that she will form them as a tag team, and give them a catchy name called T & A. The name is a good one for professional wrestling, but the wrestlers..come on! Both have ability..so I'm not ripping on their moves, agility, or performance in the ring. I'm ripping the hell out of their charisma, which they are both absent of. Oh, I guess that is where Stratus comes in. This is going to be a tough project WWF!

-Ok, this is sad. Right now, I'm promoting Superstars, which I did a report on, because it will have Behind the Scenes of the Rock at Saturday Night Live! If you didn't get to see SNL, you are mad! It was great! Anyway, I just thought I'd add that great wrestling knowledge to anybody that cares.

-Both Superstars and Livewire were hyping more fighting between Triple H, the Rock, and Big Show for RAW, as anything can errupt tonight! I guess being friendly is over from Saturday Night Live, as Triple H gave congrats to the Rock, and Big Show was working with him on some skits. Ha! Anyway, look for matches like Smackdown this week on RAW, where each of the McMahons were booking everything.

-As for the rest of the show. I really hope that the WWF starts getting matches together, because for a Wrestlemania card, they haven't hyped much. Usually with a WM card, they hype it for weeks or months. Now they only have 2 weeks. That's not enough time to get a feud over, no matter what you do. Look at what I'm talking about. We have the Dudley Boyz. They are beating up Mark Henry and Mae Young, and they don't have contenders to fight for Wrestlemania. See what I mean? Then they have anybody run in whenever they want, so we'll be seeing a lot of 3 way dances or 6 man matches. Oh well, at least the WWF can't say that they are dragging anything out.

Beyond the Mat

-From what I'm hearing, Beyond the Mat only did $950,000 in their first weekend at box offices nationwide. Even with limited audiences, this is a very low number. I've had reports of people seeing it everywhere, and they told me that the theaters were always empty for the screening. Hmm, I guess this can all be blamed on Vince McMahon for not advertising it. This is legit proof on why Barry Blaustein constantly goes on every and complains about Vince. His documentary did some week opening numbers, so you know he'll be back on those shows, crying some more.

As for myself, will I review Beyond the Mat sometime soon? Well, I'm smack in the middle of Pittsburgh and Columbus, which are two hours away from me and are the closest places that have Beyond the Mat in their theaters. I'd consider taking a trip, if I only had the time, which would be 6 hours, to drive up, watch it, and drive back. Therefore, I'll wait until it comes out on video, and I might review it then.


-Scott Steiner made his return last night, as he's now off of his suspension from talking stuff on Ric Flair, WCW, and Steve Austin in an interview on WCW television. But before I go any further, let's do a little explaining on Scott Steiner. Some fans get on me when I call him "Scott Steroids", as I would too if I saw a columnist ripping on a favorite wrestler of mine. I only do that because of his out-of-control-attitude. He was NOT like that when he wasn't so damn huge or muscular like he is today. Many considered him a very nice wrestler to work with. Now, every wrestler fears him and doesn't want to be in the ring with him. See where I'm getting at? Sure, you could build a body like he has without steroids, but you can't be psycho like he is without taking something, hence the nickname Scott Steroids.

-I'm really hoping that Sting returns to WCW full-time, because this angle with Vampiro could be magical. Vampiro helped Sting in his match with Lex Luger, and hugged him afterwards. I just hope bad politics backstage don't allow for this angle to not be carried through. It has lots of potential, and I'm hoping that it provides some interest in WCW again, because they can't fill stadiums at Pay Per View events..no where close!

-Once again, Hogan gets the spotlight. He fights adversity by taking what Scott Steiner gave him, and then defeats Ric Flair, in what many have e-mailed me, a joke of a match. It's getting pretty ridiculous with Hogan right now, as you can't tell me that he doesn't have the stroke at WCW. He was probably the one who made the decision to make him vs. Flair the main event, and to have Steiner nail him before his match, to make himself look good. I'm getting sick of this garbage, as I've been watching the same pattern for 2 years now. I have one quick solution to a lot of WCW's stress right now: can Hogan. Not only him, fire the whole booking staff as well..and maybe all of the management too.

-Hey, Chris Candido showed up during the Artist/Psychosis match. Oh please book Candido to beat the Artist tonight, oh WCW bookers. Not a fat chance, as we can't have one Kevin Sullivan's buddies(the Artist) lose a match. Oh no, we just can't simply do that. Has Sullivan ever tried friendship without having to give his friends a push at WCW?

-So NoDraw(say it like Psycho) Sid is still our champ, eh? Yay, lose more ratings for all I care, because if you are going to keep someone, who the fans could care less about, as your world champ, then maybe you deserve it. Or better yet, why not just have Hulk Hogan defeat Sid coming up, which has been talked about by WCW to happen. This is getting ridiculous, as Jeff Jarrett should be champ...or should he? I still say that he's nothing but a guy still rubbing off of his WWF gimmick. He's really starting to annoy me with his stupid interviews and guitar shots.

-The Nitro preview on WCW.com is stating that we will have more Sting feuding with Flair and Package. The way they are talking, it could be another Flair vs. Sting match, which after all of their matches and great ones that they were, I'm getting sick of seeing those two wrestle over and over again. I hope that WCW has it in their hearts to book something new tonight, as it would be oh so sweet to see. It also looks like we have a return bout between Lex Luger and Vampiro. It will probably end the same way as their last match did, which is a shame. Please, someone put over Vampiro!

-Hogan will be there on hand, as I'M HOPING that he is put in the ring with Scott Steiner tonight. I'd really love to see Hogan wrestle that maniac, and take all of his stiff moves. WCW.com says that Steiner and Jarrett have been bugging promoters for some kind of challenge to Sid. Oh please don't let it be a handicap match!

-Ooooh! Reactions from Daffney and David Flair about Wall's latest destruction on Crowbar. Smell the ratings! Netcop

-Chris Candido will make his wrestling debut against Lash LaRoux tonight. I really hope that LaRoux puts him over, because the only thing more annoying than the long interviews that the WWF puts on are the pointings to the sideburns of Lash. I hate that!

Cat vs. Dog in a match. Joy. Aren't we thrilled.

-Booker T and Kidman will get to lose to the Harris Boys tonight! Yay, let's hold them down forever!

-How about this to fill out the rest of the card: Tank Abbott vs. Barbarian, Norman Smiley vs. Hugh Morris, and Dustin Rhodes vs. Curt Hennig. My gosh, I can just feel the excitement!

@That's enough for today. I'll be back tomorrow with those critical Monday Night Impressions, as I do every Tuesday...it's tradition, as I started it way back into my second or third column ever. See you tomorrow, so until then, chill...till the next episode. 9 days until 1 year of consecutive columns

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