Hey yo, welcome to another great edition of the Phat Daily Column. I would have had this column for you late last night, but my damn computer froze! I guess I'll write it again!


-WCW right now is very frustrated with Scott Steiner. They have seen his attitude change ever since his NWO turn. He's always in trouble with the law, always arguing with some wrestlers and officials backstage, and his interviews are too lude for WCW programming. I wonder if 10 days in jail will help that man.-Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko are set to lose those covetted World Tag Team titles. Why so soon? The Backstage Boys don't like them as tag champs too well. It was Eric Bischoff that wanted them as tag champs, and it's Nash and Hogan that want the belts off them. Those power hungry losers feel that Malenko and Benoit are too small to be main eventers, and they should contend in the cruiserweight division. I could see Malenko in there, but not Benoit. Benoit can take anyone on.-Kidman said on WCW live that he re-signed with the company. He is, in my opinion one of the best cruiserweights ever in WCW, next to Syxx(Syxx lost the title because the management didn't like him, or else he would have held the belt longer). Kidman is one the best all around wrestlers in WCW, and watching him is one of the best reasons to watch WCW programming.-Mongo had yet another no-show at a house show recently. I say, fire his ass! He's the worst wrestler in any federation around(including independents), and having him in the Horseman makes my stomach turn. Even Dennis Rodman, who has only wrestled a few times, is way better than Mongo. Who can ever forget that eyesore of a match between Mongo and Reggie White. The worst wrestling match I have EVER seen!


-I just want to know who on earth got those washed up Boyz 2 Men to sing America the Beautiful. With the WWF becoming huge now, couldn't they find someone else? That's not to say I'm badmouthing Boyz 2 Men, it's just that their popularity has faded, and they should get someone that's hot right now.-The WWF is getting more and more sleezy women for their women's division. Now I didn't say there was anything wrong with that. : ) The WWF is really intriguing me how they are running their women's division. They are taking a good approach and getting beautiful feminine women, unlike what WCW did back in the day getting all those "manly" women to wrestle. -Last night Hawk and Animal fought in the independent federation that Shawn Michaels and Jose Lathario run. They recieved huge pops from the crowd. The question is, will they ever return to the WWF? When Brisco and Patterson dressed up as LoD 2000, they were either burying the LoD, or they were calling them on to come back..

Here's some extra goodies for today...

We Want Sting!!!!!

With the possible return of Sting Monday, and the last chance of me respecting the man, I felt I had to write something on the Stinger. Even though I'm not a Sting fan, I didn't realize how much I would miss the man. He brought high energy to his matches, and I enjoyed watching him wrestle. I have enjoyed watching him wrestle way back to his NWA days. I remember watching the great Clash of the Champions match with Flair that went to a 45 minuted draw. That, to this day, is one of the best matches I have ever seen, and Sting was only just beginning to get good. I can remember watching him win his first gold against Mike Rotunda on Saturday Night Main Event, and jumping up and down when he won the belt. I will always remember the match at the Great American Bash vs. Flair, where he finally defeated Flair. Sting was even around in WCW's "hard times" when everyone was leaving, yet the Stinger stayed around.Sting is WCW. If someone says that Hogan is WCW, tell them how it is. Sting, I'm sure, could have jumped ship like the rest of the wrestlers, but he chose to stay. During those "hard times" Sting carried the load. I felt it was garbage when Hogan arrived in WCW, and they kissed his ass from the start. He immediately won the world title, but was Sting left in the dark? No! The loyal WCW fans still loved him. The match I will always remember was on an edition of Nitro, where Hogan was questioning Sting's loyalties, and then Hogan challenged Sting to a match. That match was huge. Two of the biggest faces, ever, squaring off. I can remember Sting whipping on the Hulkster, and putting Hogan in the Scorpion Death Lock, and hearing Hogan shout to Macho: "He's gonna Break it Macho!" I loved that!Then when he disappeared when WCW dropped the ball on him, I was left to wonder where's Sting. Then he was in the rafters, as the Crow?!?! He would spend about a year toying with wrestlers, until he would finally get a match with Hogan. Too bad Hogan's politics never allowed Sting to get a clean pin on Hogan. Sting would later be put in the stupid and worthless "face" wolfpac, and he would eventually get injured, or at least he was faking injury for time off, against Bret Hart. He hasn't returned to television since.So, will Sting return Monday. If so, as what? You have all heard by now that Sting wants two gimmicks. One could be as himself, but what could that do? Some wrestlers go down the tubes when they use their real names, because their gimmick is missing. The other, is the Crow Sting. I would like it, if and only if he didn't repeat history by hiding out in the rafters. Ah, hell, I just want Sting back. Any form will do, just so that I have something to enjoy when I'm watching Nitro.

@Well, that's all I have for today. I hope you have enjoyed todays installment of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. Take care, and enjoy wrestling! This is Mr. Tito, the ONLY phat daily columnist around, signing off!

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