Welcome folks to the Friday edition of the Phat Daily Column. Ah, nothing like coming home late at night and catching up on 3 HOURS of wrestling on tape. Argh! 2 hours of Smackdown, and a special hour of Tough Enough 2. Good thing Tough Enough will only be a half an hour, starting next week, or I'll be screwed. Around the last half hour, I was so tired, my vision was sort of blurry.

Anywho, I'm "Mr. Negative" for bashing the first 3 WWF NES games, according to some readers. Jesus, are we playing the same NES games? For each WWF game I've played, the gameplay just seems horrible on the NES system. Take Tecmo, WCW, or even Pro Wrestling... the control is very simple and the games are good on replay value. WWF games just give you a bad taste in your mouth, despite the decent roster of wrestlers to choose from. Too bad the WWF and Tecmo didn't hook up back in the day.

But hey, I'll prove myself to be "Mr. Negative" once I review Smackdown, and later Tough Enough. On to the PDC.

OH, but before we go on to the PDC, I recently saw two videos in my local video store of interest: Best of Backyard Wrestling Volume 3 and Best of Backyard Wrestling Volume 4. Being the avid fan of backyard wrestling and a supporter of it as well, I will eventually review both videos. Those videos can be purchased, if you're interested, at BackyardWrestling.com.

And again before we get on to the PDC, thank you very much to the individual who held up the "Who Better Than Tito" sign up at RAW. I appreciate it greatly.


We start up the show with a "hot opener", as the Dudleys/Stacy took on Hardyz/Lita.. Oh wait, Stacy was "injured", so she'll just be at ringside, being her extremely hot self. Manly Jazz comes down to take her place. Ha! And you guys said Chyna was a man.... Decent six man, but a Wrestlemania match was unfortunately made out of the match. Lita vs. Jazz will most certainly go down at Wrestlemania, which could fill the spot now left by the Tag Title match that I'll get to in a bit. Yikes. Jazz vs. Lita will show how overrated Jazz is, and it will expose the spot machine that Lita only is. Awesome spin kick by Stacy, by the way...

What? What? Kind of a weak interview between Hall, Nash, and Steve Austin. Reminded me of Nitro. Austin would then say that he would make his way up to the NWO, and whipped out a gun and shot a net at Kevin Nash. Good thing he hit his target, or it would have been trouble. The net didn't help Austin, as it appeared that Hall no-sold Austin's attack. Uh oh...

Next match was William Regal vs. Big Show. What a poor match between these two. I guess it was "non title", as everything on television except for the Tag Titles is now "non title". Whatever. Big Show would get a comical victory over Regal, as William blasted the Big Slow with the brass knucks, only to have the Big Show fall on him and pin him. Looks like the Big Show is getting the slow push that Hogan probably just promised him.

Wow, funny how Stephanie McMahon was a "dominant female" over Chris Jericho AND Triple H tonight in her backstage segments. She did nothing but humiliate both wrestlers. She just loves this power, ladies and gentlemen, and it's because of her that the WWF is so oppressed anymore from being even more successful in business.

I had a bad feeling about the next match. Maven beat Goldust in a remotely clean win in a Hardcore match. Man, the word "Hardcore" is so diluted right now. Chris from Harvard was at ringside, and being the night of Tough Enough 2's debut, I thought he'd run in. After the match, the Undertaker would attack Maven, but Al Snow would be there for the save. Well, we have another match...

Al Snow vs. Undertaker was basically the Undertaker dominating, with Al Snow having some inspirational spurts. The Undertaker was about to put Snow to sleep with the 'Taker Sleeper, but Ric Flair was there with a lead pipe to attack! Flair beat down the 'Taker, and still said "no" to wrestling him at Wrestlemania. I believe Flair is going on the Asian tour, correct? Looks like we're getting a one week hype of Flair vs. Undertaker.

Next match was APA vs. Chuck & Suck for the World Tag Titles. Michael Cole said that the APA couldn't wait for Wrestlemania after the gaybar attack on RAW, so they wanted their World Title shot tonight! In other words, the WWF used their head and realized that this match would hurt the overall card of Wrestlemania. Thank the lord! Chuck and Suck won, as they are the WORST tag team in the WWF right now. If the WWF would have any brains, they would immediately get those titles off Chuck & Suck, put them on the Hardyz or Tazz/Spike, and set up a TLC match as a last resort for the fans. Dudleys vs. Spike/Tazz vs. Hardys in a TLC match would top anything done with Chuck & Suck. Put Palumbo and Gunn back on Heat or Jakked, where they belong. Take the APA there too.

My bad feeling would come true, however, as Goldust used the 24/7 rule to pin Maven. So what will this do? Set up a lame Hardcore match at Wrestlemania? Or will this push Maven for a big Wrestlemania win against Goldust?

Very well put together segment about Hulk Hogan's career. It could probably educate a lot of 1998 fans who didn't even know who Hogan was. Funny how the Terry FUNB (FU New Blood) version of Hulk Hogan was absent in the video.

Next, it was Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Booker T. Not a bad match overall, as both wrestlers put on something watchable. Looks like Booker T is back to using his kicks for his finisher. After the match, Booker T was embarrassed to see that Edge was getting the foreign shampoo ad, instead of him. If that sets up a Wrestlemania match, I'm going to laugh. Not that Edge vs. Booker T wouldn't burn down the house, but that's a poor way to set up a feud. I'm convinced that the WWF writers just enjoy writing stupid material for Booker T just to laugh at him backstage in the meetings.

What is honestly going on with Christian and DDP? Oh well. At least DDP is on television, and that's a GOOD thing.

Very good Main Event this week, as Kane/Triple H took on Angle/Chris Jericho. Odd to see Triple H and Kane wrestling, given their past. Pretty good ending, too, with Kane blasting Angle with a chair and Triple H getting the win afterward to build him up in the process.

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 1
No Contest: 1
24/7 Hardcore wins: 1

LAST WORD: I don't know about you, but this show seemed short to me. Just the appearance of it, I suppose. This week's show featured some decent matches, and some decent "sports entertainment". The undercard was slightly better than usual, and with a main event, I'll give this show a


for its efforts. Expect a lot of NWO/Austin stuff next week. Bad time to give the Rock a few weeks off...


Well, I can't really say much about the casting special. It appears that the rumors were true about the WWF bringing in out-of-shape guys for parody in the show. I thought that the top 25 were good picks, although I certainly don't agree with the top 13.

Now, I'm not too good on their names yet, so forgive me. Thanks to ToughEnough.com, though, I can be more familiar with the final 13's names. Anyway, I thought that the gymnist and Dan were badly snubbed. Funny how the WWF execs said that they couldn't do anything with a guy who flips around. HA! So instead, they are going to train an average person how to wrestle the same old boring style of wrestling? Also, I would have chosen Dan over Pete, Kenny, or Robert. Dan and Pete are the same size, but Dan appeared to have more determination than Dan. Despite his heart, I just don't see Robert lasting. He's slightly out of shape for the gig. Of course, you could argue that he was kept on to work with Matthew.

I thought Hawk was the funniest out of the bunch. The guy is F'N crazy. I wonder if that energy will last once he gets his ass kicked in the ring a few times. Kenny just seemed like a filler pick, to me, reminding me of Shadrik from the first season. If I were to take bets on the men, I'd go with Matthew, Shad, or Jacob. Matthew has a lot of heart and appears very fast for his size. His added size WILL help him take bumps. Shad just appears to be an incredible athlete, which helped Maven in the long run. Jacob just looks like he has the balls to take the beatings within the ring. Let's hope his attitude doesn't overcome that though.

As for the women... I'd put my money, at first, on Jackie. She's the one who was turned down from the first season, but she trained hard for the second time around. That sure-fire determination will go a long way. Plus, I have a feeling that she watched a good bit of the first season to know what to expect, and probably trained, somewhere, already to take bumps and to do some wrestling holds. Linda looks like a tough athlete for the job, too.

I don't really see Anni, Jessie, or Alicia panning out. Anni is a body builder, and not a wrestler. She'll be just like the big dude from season one, or even just like the tall blond from the first season. Jessie is WAY too small, in size, for the WWF. She's going to get her ass kicked the first few weeks, and probably quit within 2 shows. I see Alicia pissing off a lot of people within the house and the trainers too.

LAST WORD: It's hard to really say anything about this cast, as they have yet to hit the ring. All I know is that their house will be based in Los Angeles, as will their training site. NOT GOOD. Lots of "Real World" happenings will occur there, which is not what you want out of a show that creates pro wrestlers. We'll just see what occurs next week, as it appears someone can't take the heat already.

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@That's all for today. Some of you have been egging me on to write a certain column, inspired by the Stephanie one, for this Weekend. Well, I work a double on Saturday, so I'm not sure if I could do that or not. We'll see. Until the next PDC, just chill!

Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

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