My lord, the internet is on fire again! Thanks to the momentum of No Way Out and the large speculation over Jerry Lawler and the WWF, the net is seeing some record numbers as of late. It's always funny to see.

Glad to see that the majority enjoyed the Shouts yesterday. It's just a way for YOU, the readers, to get involved. I get bombarded with emails, asking me to write something in the PDC. Well, the Shouts can give you that craving or whatever.

As for the Lawler situation... I'm going to wait and see what unfolds later today, so that I can discuss it for Friday's WWF day. There are so many rumors just popping up right now, plus, everyone loves their Dubya Cee Dubya! Hey, they put on a good Thunder this week, so let's show some respect! On to the PDC.


Wow, not worthless crap on Thunder this week. I can't believe it.

Hot opener this week with Kwee Wee/Mike Sanders against the Jung Dragons. By the way, reports are saying that Yang was yelled at by Eric Bischoff to get in better shape. It's said that Yang just laughed at that, thus putting him in the Bischoff doghouse. Well, the Dragons won, which means that cooler heads prevailed backstage. The Jung Dragons have had the BEST matches on the last 4 Pay Per Views, so if you ask me, it's time to award them with something, damn it! Booker T. The crowd, the few that were still there, cheered on the returning hero. See, it's good. Booker T is a fresh face and someone to actually cheer for. The segment served to hype Booker T vs. Scott Steiner on CHUNDER! Holy cow, how can we get that high quality match on Thunder?!? It's also amazing that we get this here, and Rhodes vs. Jarrett on Nitro. Go figure!

You know what, Shawn Stasiak has a good gimmick right now. He's playing a very cocky individual now, especially since he has hair to slick back to prove it! He was getting some good heat on the mic, and he worked a decent match with Johnny the Bull. Jindrak who?

Damn, Johnny Swinger vs. Shane Helms was a hot Cruiserweight match! WCW would be stupid not to sign Swinger, for he has put on two good matches in one night (since Thunder is taped after Nitro). My lord, the Cruiserweight division is hot tonight!

Konnan vs. Awesome was just there. It's hard to get into a match, considering that Konnan is so inconsistant due to injuries or just time off, and for the fact that Mike Awesome was flushed down the toilet the day that Russo made him the "Fat Chick Thriller".

Chuck Palumbo showed why he's the most improving wrestler, by wrestling a good match with Disqo. Disqo, when he wants to, can carry a good match when needed. Too bad we aren't seeing the Disco of 1996, who was always, oddly entertaining to watch in the ring. But hey, that was 5 years ago now.

Rick Steiner can always bore you, no matter what decent matches surround him. He fought Big Vito to a snore. Hey, didn't Big Vito bust his ass during the 2nd Russo era and the Ace-Taylor era? Yes, I believe he did, wrestling through some injuries. Oh wait, Rick Steiner disappeared once Russo returned during the SPRING of 2000. Wow. That's a lot of time off.

Scott Steiner vs. Booker T wasn't bad, but not their best. Still, it's good for a Thunder main event, but it had a damn run in! ARGH!! I was going to give this show an A-, defeating Nitro... but we all remember the rule against run ins.

This show goes the same way as Nitro with a lovely B+.


I can't believe it: there is more WWF rumors going around than WCW ones!

I still won't believe the Fusient rumors. I still think they are going to buy WCW, despite many rumors saying it won't happen. I think that Bischoff has done enough attaching for Fusient, and the second WCW starts climbing in the ratings from the bottom depths that they are currently in, Fusient will pop a boner and finalize the deal.

I'm so glad to see Booker T back. Although I mark out for him big time, I think that WCW needed a fresh face on the main event scene. Currently, the main event scene was flooded by guys, besides Scott Steiner, who were on top of WCW in 1998 and 1999. That's not good, and Booker T is just right for the time since he officially became a main eventer during the summer of 2000. Just give him a NEW FINISHER other than the Bookend, and he'll be a success in the long run for WCW.

The dumbest decision is what WCW is doing for Bill Goldberg. They plan on holding him back until May or June. BAD decision here by WCW. They need Goldberg's star power NOW, and not later. WCW can't run on the Steiners forever. Goldberg, let's face it, is the biggest name in WCW right now. He's perfectly healthy, so put him to work for the approximate $2 - $3 Million he makes per year.

The Jackson 5

5. The Cat: Too popular to not include.

4. Johnny Swinger: Not even under contract, and wrestling great matches on WCW TV.

3. Diamond Dallas Page: Helped to carry a great 6 man on Nitro, along with Booker T.

2. Scott Steiner: Wrestled well as the champ this week.

1. Booker T: Welcome Back! Welcome Back! Welcome Back!

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@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with WWF day, where I'll FINALLY offer my opinion on the whole messy Lawler situation. So just chill till the next episode!

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Click Here for a good column discussing the problems of the XFL. reports that Vince McMahon was in and out of the NBC offices yesterday, probably to discuss the problems the XFL seems to be having in it's short 4 week life. reports that the XFL Vice President of Sales resigned yesterday to take a position for Time Warner's CTN or College Television Network. He also announced that he was leaving due to low ratings, which made his job hard from selling advertisements.

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