Welcome one and all to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Well, I have some bad news to start off on this column. The ECW Hardcore Revolution for N64 review will not happen today, as some circumstances out of my control happened. Let's just say that I had the game reserved for Tuesday Night, and some stupid, ignorant, buck-toothed, and lazy kid is 2 days late on the game. Therefore, I couldn't get the game. Hopefully, the kid will get off his fat-ass and bring the game back today so that I can hopefully review it tomorrow. I just hope the kid is happy with the nice fine I told the video game rental place to give him, and I hope he's doing bad in school in school from playing way too many video games! Did I just say that? I sure did, now on to the Phat Daily Column.

Ratings Analysis

Monday Nitro

First Hour: 3.0
Second Hour: 2.2
Composite: 2.6


First Hour: 6.5
Second Hour: 6.5
Composite: 6.5


RAW: 6.5 Tito's Prediction: 6.4
Nitro: 2.2 Tito's Prediction: 2.6

In Comparison

WWF Livewire: 1.7
WCW Saturday Night: 1.3
WWF Superstars: 1.7
ECW on TNN: 1.1
-Alright, Nitro got stomped. Plain and simple, they were shown who their daddy truly was. A 2.2 is ridiculous!! I thought that Nitro put a decent show than in the previous weeks too, but RAW was just too strong coming off of a decent Pay Per View. However, do you notice the second hour of RAW? TNT made a bold move by putting the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit special on, as it kept RAW in check. RAW couldn't max out cause of it, as TNT should keep hammering specials out like that. But back to Nitro. God damn, a 2.2 rating. That's terrible...but not as terrible as RAW used to be before they stepped it up. During the great NWO run, RAW was as low as 1.8 or so back in the day. Let's see if RAW can push Nitro down or below that mark in the upcoming weeks.

-You probably notice some addition ratings information, now don't you? Well, I just want to prove a point. As you can see from the new "In Comparison" section, the ECW on TNN show was only close to WCW Saturday Night. So ECW on TNN is moving up in the ratings? No. WCW is moving down in the ratings. For some odd reason, but Superstars and Livewire shot up this week, far out of ECW on TNN's reach. If ECW on TNN starts beating Saturday Night consistantly, then maybe I MIGHT start agreeing with Rob Van Dam and Joey Styles's prophecy.


-My gosh, I've read some interesting articles on how determined CBS is to get the WWF on their channels. If I were the WWF, I would only agree to the deal if and ONLY if they could have some shows on the main channel, and that of course is CBS. The stupid CBS deal would have the USA WWF programs jump over to TNN, where ECW happens to be, and have Smackdown on UPN still. I wouldn't agree to that one WWF, as TNN seems to be very particular on what they air. Plus, leaving USA network would be so ridiculous. USA has been the best to the WWF, giving them anytime that they've needed. They stand by the WWF 100%, and they don't mind that the show is leaning more towards adults. Like I said, if I was negotiating for the WWF, I would only agree to the deal if and only if you get some shows on the main CBS channel.

-How disturbing can it be for a porno to show up when you are expecting to see No Way Out? That's what happened in Canada, as I'm sure some kids were shocked to see two people without shirts on really go at it!! A couple people were interviewed in Canada about it, and some parents were really upset that their kids got a chance to see some free porn. I'm sure that the parents had a lot of explaining to do to their very young children just before No Way Out officially came on.


-It's funny how rumors just go around. Sting and Bret Hart are NOT holding out on WCW. Sting isn't being used much, and Bret Hart is still recovering from post concussion syndrome. The only one who is holding out from WCW, is Bill Goldberg. Sting and Hart know that times are rough in WCW, but at least they want to come back and try to make a difference. Goldberg wants to sit out and make the millions that he's held out on TWICE! And you people really wonder why I constantly dog Bill Goldberg....

-WCW's explanation for Chris Benoit not being on the World Title history is the fact that Benoit's victory was reversed the night after he won it. Ha! If he was still there, I bet that they would list him..but nooo, he left, and WCW is showing him absolutely no respect at all. But that's ok, because Chris Benoit is making it in the WWF. He's enjoying himself, and he's happy to be wrestling there, whereas he was unhappy wrestling in WCW.

-If you have been to Misfits.com, you will see that the Vampiro vs. Jerry Only war is getting really ugly. Jerry Only bashed Vampiro hard on the site, probably blaming Vamp for the Misfits dropping Only. Wasn't Jerry Only the one who said that he wants a title belt around his waste so that he could show his children? Anyway, it seems like many music stars get really close to Vampiro, and then turn bad on him. Take ICP. ICP and Vampiro used to be very close, but then it fell apart, and ICP bashes the hell out of Vampiro when they get the chance. Only is now the next man to step up to the plate. How ridiculous this is becoming!

Oh yeah, I'm proud to say that I've never used any of M.L. Curly's material, nor have I ever tried to read his articles. M.L. Curly is a sick sick man.

@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with the usual Chunder thoughts, as well as other stuff. Hopefully, that crackhead will return Hardcore Revolution so that I can review it for tomorrow. So until then, just chill, till the next episode!

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