Alright, I'm sorry I couldn't produce the Phat Daily Column yesterday. I had a HUGE Chemistry test to study for, plus I also had to work. Anyways, tonight is the night for wrestling. Two live shows will go head to head tonight! On to the PDC.


-Alright, I heard that Flair and Hogan might fight at Uncensored for a non-title match. Wait a sec, a non title match?!?!?! What the hell? Hogan has no @#%& to defend that title against anyone. Hell, I heard that Flair will be putting his career on the line. He should be putting that up against the world title. Also, since it's a non-title match, let's think on this one. Who's gonna win? Too damn predictable!!! -Cool news here. Bill Goldberg might be going down to Japan to take on the Great Muta. Muta has been calling Goldberg on for a while now. I would love to see Muta spit the mist in Goldberg's face. -There has been lots of WCW booking conflicts lately. Many are pissed at Nash's and DDP's booking styles, as they both give pushes that would help their own careers or their friends. Benoit and Malenko are the ones really affected by the booking as they are both promised big pushes, but Nash thinks they are too small to become main eventers. (Aaron Bingham) Hey Benoit and Malenko, aren't you glad you guys re-signed with WCW?


-With all of those Sable Nude sites coming out yesterday, all I can say is whoever owns those sites is doomed. Playboy is gonna crack down on them, big time. You better download those pictures, cause you won't be able to view them on sites. I must say those were some good pictures! Come on March 8th!! -WWF is laughing at those who make reports on how evil their wrestling is. What can those loser critics do? Cry and whine about it some more? McMahon is doing the right thing by striking those critics down, and ignoring them by not changing his show. -WWF comes to you live tonight with Monday Night Raw. They defeated Nitro pretty good last week, and it was taped!! Live shows are much better anyways, and more people tune in because there aren't any of those dirty taped RAW results to read. Can't wait to hear Jim Ross, the best wrestling commentator EVER, doing play by play again. I must say that Michael Cole did a good job, and I don't care if Ross or someone else was feeding him lines. Cole still had to commentate, even though he lost his voice a few times doing it, he still did a great job. He is still way better than that fat piece of trash Tony Shiavone, you know, the guy who carried Jim Ross's bags in WCW?

@Well that's all for now. I'll be back with the Monday Night Impressions as well as grades for both shows. This is Mr. Tito, the only Phat Daily Columninst, signing off. So just chill...till the next episode!

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