Welcome to another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Well, we are one night removed from Wrestlemania, and back in to the frying pan with RAW is WAR. Today, I'll review RAW and see if the WWF is going in a new direction or not. In the past few years, the WWF has been recycling Wrestlemania feuds for Backlash, so we'll see if it holds true this year. It shouldn't.

Speaking of Wrestlemania, I found the feedback to be rather strange. Both types questioned my grade of a B+. Some said it was too high, while the others said it was too low. Oh good lord! Get real people. For one, it's only my opinion, and for two, a B+ is a good grade. The show wasn't perfect, as some would suggest, but it was entertaining.

Oh well. Time to get more hatemail. On to the PDC.


Should we call We start RAW off with Hulk Hogan embracing the crowd. Man, those Canadian fans sure are Hulkamaniacs. I wonder how the American crowds will respond? With Canada, they have more longtime fans who know a lot of WWF history, whereas American wrestling fans are younger and started watching in 1998. After a lovefest with the crowd, Rock came out to boos. He would question Hogan about his NWO colors, possibly hinting of a future swerve. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, with both of them losing their voices, came down and challenged the Mega Powers 2000 to a tag match for tonight.

Our first match of the night was Rob Van Dam vs. Christian. Why was this booked? This match was rather short, and the ending saw Diamond Dallas Page running down to throw Christian back in the ring to lose. So the feud is not over? Here's a good question for the IC champions. Will they travel to all shows, too? Linda McMahon would later say that only the Undisputed and Women's champions could travel back and forth. Man, that's sort of a disgrace to other titles.

Trish Stratus vs. Lita was next. YAWWWWWWN!!!! Sell posters, not wrestling moves! With a non-wrestler, we can see how bad Lita is, and without someone who isn't as physical as Jazz, we can see how weak Trish can look. After the match or embarrassment, Jazz would attack, only for Ivory to appear as her new partner. Oh, SMELL THE RATINGS with Ivory/Jazz vs. Lita/Trish!!!!!

Monotone Linda McMahon would come on and announce that the WWF was splitting into two groups, and would have a draft next Monday. I understood what she said since I'm an internet fan, but to the regular, everyday WWF fan, I can see how hard that would have been to comprehend what she was saying.

This would then have Vince McMahon doing an interview in the ring about the situation. Man, the Canada fans are awesome. They were making great cheers all night. McMahon would do his usual "I'm the toughest wrestling promoter" speech, only for Ric Flair to respond. After some words, they'd fight. Yay.

Next, we had Edge/Kane vs. Booker T/Kurt Angle. OK tag match, but I really question the ending. Are we going to see 100 more Edge vs. Kurt Angle matches, since Edge pinned Angle during the tag match? Who knows? At least we aren't seeing a continuation of a Wrestlemania feud, if Edge and Angle start feuding.

The Hardcore match between Maven vs. Al Snow was next. They should have ran this at Wrestlemania, with at least a week of hype. Instead, it's just booked out of no where on RAW. This match had great significance, though. Spike Dudley would try to make another run in via the 24/7 rules, but a big monster ran into the ring, also. It was Ohio Valley Wrestling's very own Brock Lesnar. Holy crap did he beat the crap out of the WWF wrestlers! It's about damn time he debuted, and with Paul Heyman as his manager? Wow. The WWF badly needed some more fresh faces, and Lesnar will be a major star within the WWF soon. He's legit. The Triple-Powerbomb was wicked!

I liked the segment with William Regal and Matt Hardy & Lita. It's enough to get some viewers thinking.

Next match was Dudleys vs. Chuck & Suck. Heels vs. Heels match? That will keep the crowd quiet. Billy Gunn wasn't much for Stacy's ass, therefore, he'd take a weak title shot to the back by Stacy, which disqualified the Dudleys. Afterward, Bubba powerbombed Stacy through a table, off the top rope. I remember when that spot felt violent.

Triple H would come out for a LONG interview. After talking about winning the title, Stephanie would come down, begging for a rematch with Jericho. Triple H granted her the wish, only if she wrestles in the match, too, and if Jericho/Stephanie lose the match, she's out of the WWF. Yeah, this could get my hopes up. But remember two things. First, she'll still be a WWF writer. On that point, though, she won't have to concentrate on writing storylines for herself. Secondly, just because she's out of the WWF, what says she can't join the New World Order?

FINGER OF SHAME to the main event of Hogan/Rock vs. Hall/Nash. A countout?!? Holy Nitro! I was waiting for Shiavone to say "W'e're running out of time!!". I was guessing that Hogan would turn on the Rock, but it never happened.

LAST WORD: As far as setting up storylines to come, this was a good RAW. But let's face it: the matches sucked. Therefore, a


(B Minus) because the matches sucked, but the storyline set up was good. Let's hope that the divisional split does wonders for show quality. Oh yeah, push Brock Lesnar!!!

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