Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
Mr. Tito (March 19, 1999)
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Hi kids! Welcome back to another edition of the Phat Daily Column. I'll see what I can do for this very slow news day. On to the PDC.


-Either Scott Hall is back in re-hab, or he recovering from that stupid foot injury. Last night, Flair stripped Hall of the title. I wish Hall would get his life in order. Even in his golden days in the WWF as Razor, he had very bad problems with drugs and alcohol. It appears that he has no guts to get his life in order. He'll just be a wrestling junkie for the rest of his life.

-Sting should, and I say should be at Nitro Monday. I'm not guaranteeing it, but he could be there, as he will be on QVC the day after Nitro. WCW, and I have said many many many times, needs Sting very badly! One thing though, if he's in the rafters again, how much history is WCW going to repeat? Anyways, as you all know, when he comes back, how good will he be? Everyone has heard about the backstage heat against him now. If he gets a push, everyone will be pissed at him.

-Eddie Guerrero will be returning to action in the late spring from his injuries from his car crash. When he comes back, I hope he's not misused, AGAIN! The Latino World Order was the biggest bore to watch, and they were barely even a good group of midcarders. They should keep him heel when he comes back, but give him a push that he deserves!


-Dr. Death is slated for a HUGE push after Wrestlemania. He will most likely cost Bart Gunn his match vs. Butterbean, and he will then destroy Bart Gunn in a REAL wrestling match, not some dumb boxing/wrestling match. Dr. Death seems to be in the best shape of his life as well. He also seems to be recieving the fans attention, and his wrestling figure, which used to collect dust on the shelves at my local toy stores, now sells like the rest of the figures(besides Undertaker).

-WWF official are saying that this Wrestlemania is gonna be the best ever! They really expect the biggest buyrates ever for a PPV. I don't know, there are many Wrestlemanias they have to top, like Wrestlemania 3, 4, and 6. Those 3, in my mind were the best. The Ricky the Dragon Steamboat vs. Macho Man match at Wrestlemania is hard enough to top, not to mention the rest of the card. We'll have to see on the 28th!

-Al Snow is almost a sure thing to win the Hardcore title at Wrestlemania. He would be a good champ, compared to the recent one, Mr. Ass. Now, I will say though, that Hardcore Holly did show some promise in that division. Now I'm not saying that I back Holly or anything, it's just that he's been screwed over all his life with stupid gimmicks, like Sparky Plug, and who can forget the New Midnight Express. I think many treat him with absolutely no respect since he has never really had a good gimmick of his own. Now as Hardcore Holly, he has something going for him. He's been a good WWF workers, and he's accepted the roles that the WWF has given him. So show some respect!

@That's all for today. I was going to add an additional piece, but I'm running out of ideas! Anyways, have a good weekend! This is Mr. Tito, the ONLY phat daily Columnist around, signing off!

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