It's time once again for the Phat Daily Column. Yes, it is indeed a Saturday, but why should that stop me? Should I take a day off just because it's a weekend? NO! I have lots to cover in this lovely Saturday edition, including the return of the ECW on TNN show review, the review of the Larry King Live show with Hogan, Foley, Blaustein, and Piper, and so much more. Why keep hyping it, on to the PDC!

Correction, well sort of, from last column. When I said that I had a week off in yesterday's column, I meant from school, and NOT taking a week off from the Phat Daily Column. Sure, I MIGHT think about it once the streak of one year of consecutive columns finally comes, but nothing now. I just have a week off from school until the new Spring Quarter arrives. This should ensure a nicer Mr. Tito, as the pressure and stress of school has been making me a meaner Tito...or at least that's my excuse. :)


-The WWF kicked ass for the Smackdown overnight rating of 7.5, but somehow, it didn't show up in the official rating which was a 4.8. Still, that is pretty damn good considering that it was up against the NCAA tournament, which it beat in the overnights, and it had a few markets with pre-empted shows. I'm sure CBS took notice of the WWF beating their precious NCAA tourney in the overnights, as I'm hoping that it helps influence CBS, if the deal does happen, to put some WWF programming on the main CBS channel. Hey, I can hope can't I?

-Lots of reports are saying that Stone Cold and HBK will appear at WWF Axess, but NOT Wrestlemania. I call it bluff. For one, why would they attend that and NOT attend Wrestlemania? Also, what would a Wrestlemania be without the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Micheals? Plus, Wrestlemania is supposed to be filled with lots of surprises and fun, and what better way to do that than to have Stone Cold and HBK involved in some way? Just my opinion.


-Lots of rumors about fired management and whatnot keep going around, but all of the officials are stating that nobody has received the axe yet. Well, why haven't they? Ok, these are people's jobs that I'm talking about, so I'll be nice. It will all depend on Uncensored, from what I'm hearing, for everyone's fate. Sullivan, Busch, Dillion, and many more could be in the same unemployment office along with Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo, once that very low Uncensored buyrate comes in. It's funny too that Hulk Hogan said on Larry King live that he would be wrestling in front of 15,000 or so people, when only 2,000 have bought tickets up to now. OUCH.

-Well wouldn't you know it, Scott Steroids Steiner has been officially cleared to wrestle by doctors. Oh yes, it's time for him to show everyone what he talks about, and to be a very big threat in the ring again. Yes, you can start the list again of wrestlers who want no part of Big Poppa Pump in the ring due to his very stiff moves and attitude or temper. Oh well, that's for WCW to control, which they didn't when Steiner was wrestling before, so I blame the roid rages on WCW!

Wrestlers on Larry King Live

Since Mick Foley was going to be on a show with Hulk Hogan of all people, I made it a point to watch the Larry King Beyond the Match show. The show had Barry Blaustein, Roddy Piper, Mick Foley, and Hulk Hogan via satellite. It was primarily based on the life of wrestling, and topics covered in Beyond the Mat. First off, the people in the show. As usual, Larry King has no idea who he is talking to in his interviews. I've never liked him as a talk show host, and you could tell that he didn't do his homework for this show!

Next off, Barry Blaustein. He came across to me as a man full of hot air, as he seemed cocky that he just became the God of Wrestling Knowledge because he was able to make a film. He was whining and crying about Vince not putting ads of his documentary on his shows, and he was just talking stupid on certain topics. Yeah, now I know why Vince could care less for the guy at this point! Also, again with Piper, get that man an education. At least in this show, he wasn't yelling, but the man made no damn sense whatsoever on topics.

Hulk Hogan really surprised me though, as he had some good insights to provide on wrestling. He's been injured a lot too, as he showed or told us every injury that he had. He's been through a lot. He also talked about certain aspects of how wrestlers behave and what goes on backstage. I was expecting his "Me, Myself, and I" attitude to kick in, but it didn't. Shocking! Again, Mick Foley came across to me as the smartest man there, and from just only reading the first 4 chapters of his book so far, I'm convinced that Mick is the smartest wrestler in professional wrestling!

The whole show was somewhat disorganized, mixing from topic to topic, with Piper doing way too much of the talking. Also, you can tell the folks at Time Warner sent memos to Larry King, because he promoted Uncensored like crazy throughout the show! Overall, a decent show, but get some intelligent beings next time you do a show, Larry King, about wrestling. Maybe not even host the show next time as well.


Before I give my "honest" criticism on this lovely show, I must say that I only watched this show in less than 30 minutes. Yes, through the boring interviews, commercials, and downtime, I got through it all in less than 30 minutes late last night. That doesn't say much in terms of overall quality of a show.

Opening Match, which was a quickie, had the Impact Players win a match versus Nova and Chetti. Great screwjob finish to end it quick, thus ending any eyesores that could have happened watching the Impact Players wrestle!

Next up, Sandman vs. Angel. I like Sandman, but please cut down those intrances! Good thing I taped it! Prepare to Fast Foward! Good ole violent match, with some good cane shots from the Sandman. Usually, his opponents take many o' cane shots and not get pinned by them. Not Angel.

NEW JACK!!!!! God, I missed him wrestling on the TNN show. He's the original gangsta that I enjoyed way back in late 96 and early 97, as I still do today. It's funny, however, how New Jack can jump off a balcony and keep getting up, but when he gets the WEAKEST SPEAR IN HISTORY by Rhino, he gets pinned. I sure as hell didn't get that. Tajiri came into the ring. Hey, booking idea! New Jack vs. Tajiri!!!

Ok, I've seen them too many times. It's got to the point that I've seen Tanaka and Awesome wrestle on TNN WAY too much. It's been over 5 times now, and this one was probably the weakest one of the bunch. A few good table spots in this match, but a no contest at the end with Raven "Baby on Board" coming out, which seemed to leave Joey Styles speechless, put a bad impression in my book.

ECW on TNN Phat Stats

Matches: 4
Clean Wins: 1
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 1

Last Word: Oh no, not HONEST CRITICISM. Yes, I'm afraid that I have to do it. Repetitive Tanaka-Awesome matches are getting on my nerves finally. Due to the fact that they were great matches, I let it pass me by. But this time around, I won't. Book Dreamer vs. Awesome. Book Raven vs. Tanaka. Book some new matches for christ's sake! Oh wait, we have this injury excuse to live by. Oh please. With the opening part about me watching this show in less than 30 minutes only shows the worthless promos still being shown and the too many commercials factor is still hurting this show. Therefore, ECW on TNN gets a


in my gradebook. I bet it will get something around a 1.2 in the ratings. They could defeat WCW Saturday Night because WCW SN is up against the NCAA tourney and the repeat of the Mammoth special which had higher ratings than RAW. Go ECW!!!

@I guess that's all of the trouble that I can stir for today. I'll be back with my wonderful Uncensored predictions, so just chill until the next episode! 11 days until 1 Year of Consecutive Columns

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