Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Sorry I had it late yesterday, it was just the only time I could make one. With that all being said, on to the PDC.


-Reports are that the Disco Inferno has re-signed with WCW for 3 more years. That's great news, as Disco is one of the best WCW workers around. He's very entertaining, and does well with his gimmick, where anyone else would mess it up. Disco can always put up a match, and he can always put on a show. -WCW officials are pleased with how the Hardcore match went on Uncensored. There are reports though, that Hak, formerly the Sandman, gets loaded on beers before those matches. If you remember back to ECW, he uses to wrestle drunk all the time, so he can take pain better. Of course, if he's getting loaded backstage, that means others might do so too, and that is not good.-Last night, Bret Hart was on WCW live, and he said he is optimistic about his role in WCW. He is sick and tired of having all of his angles shot down hours before Nitro. He was rumored to start feuding with Goldberg for the next PPV, but his good buddie, haha, Nash struck it down. On WCW live, he said that Nash is going around and telling everyone that the Hitman is too old and can't wrestle anymore. Bret also went on saying that there is no teamwork in WCW. Just so you know, he said he wouldn't lower himself to re-joining the WWF because of the quality of their show now. I wish WCW would wake up, find a good angle for this man, and give him a push that he deserves!


-On Raw this Monday, you will most likely see a title switch or title losses between the Road Dog and Mr. Ass. The locker room isn't pleased with the two winning the belts oh so close to Wrestlemania. They feel it's messing up the card, which it is. The Road Dog and Mr. Ass are very likely to lose those straps this Monday.-Sable will most likely lose the strap to Tori at Wrestlemania because quite frankly, Sable is too damn precious to be in the ring wrestling. Ahem, anyways, Sable would continue her old role of coming out, turning the fans on, maybe do some merchandising. Reports are that her loser husband, Marc Mero will be coming back in late spring. You see his gimmick back will be decent at first, then he'll job to everyone in the federation after that. Always happens with that loser.-Good old Shamrock's contract runs out right after Wrestlemania. Will he re-sign? Well, if you didn't know by now, he's going back to UFC. I'm sick and tired of everyone joking about Shamrock in the WWF. He's become a top notch performer. Everyone bitches about Shamrock taking falls in the WWF. So what, he's a good sport about it. He's showing good sportsmanship, and he's getting much more cash there than he ever would fighting at UFC's.


-Reports are, that Sweet Stan Lane is going to attempt a comeback at the young age of 45. What I wouldn't give to see the Midnight Express wrestle again. They were my favorite team back in the day. Oh well.-John Kronus is now out of ECW, so now where to? He's already contacted the WWF about work, but he hasn't got a responce yet. I say, go to WCW and team with Saturn again and reform the Best Tag Team Ever, the Eliminators. If not that, feud with Saturn claiming that you carried the team. Oh well.

Alright, I decided to write some extra today, enjoy.

Stone Cold is getting Huge!

See too much Stone Cold around? He's everywhere now! He's in commercial ads now, television show appearances, merchandising, and many other things. You can't go no where anymore without hearing the name "Stone Cold" being mentioned or seen on posters or television. He's really starting to become bigger than Hogan. I mean really. Sure Hogan was freaken huge back in the day, but he was really the only big fan favorite to chose from. Nowadays, you have a handful of fan favorites as well as heels to cheer from. Back then, it was the law to root for the fan favorite. Now, it's fair game. Fans love the bad-asses in the business, and Stone Cold is the biggest one of all. I can just remember when Stone Cold 3:16 started at the King of the Ring a few years back, and how far he's come from there. He would keep talking trash, until Bret Hart started giving him interest. Stone Cold kept calling him on, until Bret finally came back. Stone Cold lost to him at Survival Series, but he put up a match, and the fans were starting to respect him. When it came time for Stone Cold to fight him again at Wrestlemania, the fans were backing the bad-ass Stone Cold, and not the face Bret Hart. The WWF took notice, started merchandising, which went through the roof, and started making him fight heel wrestlers, but he kept his same bad-ass attitude. He would eventually get the title, and finally becoming the top man in the WWF, which he is still. No one in this business gets a larger pop than Stone Cold. Jakks makes Stone Cold in every series since it sells so well(even though the newer ones look more like Goldberg). Hell, they even have a toy hunter Stone Cold set out now. Stone Cold videos sell through the roof too! If that's not bigger than Hulkamania was, I don't know what is.

@Well, that's all for today. This is Mr. Tito, the ONLY phat daily columnist, signing off. Have a nice day!

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