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Finally, the Tito is done with Winter Quarter! Oops, I used one of those repetitive phrases, but oh well. I get a lovely week off, which I'll use to take time out and read Mick Foley's book for the first ever Phat Book Review. Well anyway, Smackdown was last night, and I have some "honest" criticism about it since no show on earth is perfect, along with some other wrestling rants. On to the PDC!

But first, yet another Tito sign was at Smackdown last night! Chris R. held up a "Tito Rules" sign, and he even had "13 days until 1 year of consecutive columns" on it as well. This makes me very proud as a columnist, and especially this week, as I've had at least one sign on RAW, Nitro, Thunder, and Smackdown. It's greatly appreciated, and thanks goes out to EACH and EVERY one who held up the signs! My gosh, I have count to see how many I've had total.


-Wow, is anybody else getting a headrush from all of this quick Wrestlemania booking? Hell, the WWF was too quick that they had flaws. Example...Chris Benoit running in and attacking Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho for absolutely no reason. Sure, Benoit and Jericho have fought in WCW, but they have developed no storyline for Benoit to run down during Jericho's match. Nothing at all! Anyway, Chyna makes the save on Benoit, so I guess she has reason to run down and save Too Cool now, right? Whatever.

-Speaking of Too Cool, Grandmaster Sex-ay was used properly on Thursday: as a Lightweight wrestler. I feel that one of the reasons the old Lightweight division died, was the fact that Scott Taylor and Brian Christopher teamed up, thus losing contenders in the Lightweight division. So I'm glad that Christopher is wrestling Malenko, and I'm not saying that in a way to bash him, ok? But I will bash him this way, as I read something in Boyd's post that cracked me up. It was the news that Grandmaster was getting an ego in the back due to Too Cool's success. Hehe, it's gone to the point where other wrestlers purposely don't try too hard when Brian is in the ring. I think that is very funny to me, and it's something to admire if you are a Too Cool fan.

-Wow, the Godfather defeated Triple H!!!?!?! Godfather got put over by a main eventer? That's scary. On the other hand, Rikishi Phatu defeated Big Show as well. Cool! Now if you could only have a rematch with Phatu instead of a 3 way dance at Wrestlemania... I hate the main event 3 way dances. In fact, the Survivor Series 99 one is one that really stands out for me, as a few fans reminded me. Let me see here...3 way dance with Stone Cold, the Rock, and Triple H. Sounds good on paper, right? Well, Stone Cold's injury was getting worse and worse, so he couldn't wrestle that night. Instead, he got run over by a car, which I hope that gets resolved when Stone Cold does come back. Anyway, someone had to replace him. That very person was Big Show. So basically, if the main event goes down at Wrestlemania, you are repeating history from Survivor Series, and that main event wasn't that good at all.

-I have this bad feeling that we will be seeing a Chickenwing vs. Tazmission match at Wrestlemania. Oh my, maybe for a good laugh, but it would be more of a joke if anything. I guess the WWF was trying to fix the tag situation tonight, with Edge and Christian quickly getting defeated by the Dudleys. So we had a lovely contenders match, which the Hardys and the Radicals(how they got this, I don't know). I must say that this was an excellent match, as Benoit and Saturn have been great assets. They really make their opponents look really good, and when you work well with the Hardys, you can put on a spectacular match..which they did, but noooo, they had to had to get counted out, thus delaying any proper build up with the Dudleys. Nice half-assed booking booking WWF.


-Thunder improved this week by getting a 2.0 rating for the first time in 3 weeks. Of course, it wasn't a good show at all. The only thing good about Thunder is the commentary. Bobby Heenan and Tenay work well together, and they aren't that "high-pitched" like those guys on Nitro. The Hogan handicap match was simply horrible. Why they booked that one is a mystery to me. And of course, hardworkers continually get held down from WCW, and it showed with the show. Booker T and Kidman continually put others over, as I'm convinced that they have jobs just like Kane does in the WWF: They get paid to lose.

-For a cut that didn't tear any muscles, it sure seems like Goldberg is taking his nice time to return to WCW. Many project a return in April, but it's apparent that he doesn't want to come back too soon. Of course, he needs to come back in top shape, and I guess that is his thinking? You know, I could go on and on about this, but there is one thing that I must say about Goldberg. He doesn't draw ratings. For all of those predicting that he'll be Superman, and fly in and save the ratings from going any lower, think again. He was the main man of Russo's regime, and yet nothing came of that. During his run as World Champ, the ratings went down. Yes, the whole show was crumbling, but that's my point. One man can't save a show! Just look at Hogan. His comeback has done NOTHING for the ratings. As will Goldberg's.

-Oh my, more WCW management rumors are floating around. I've seen on "other" newsboards that certain people have been fired, only for the big shot newsguys to strike those rumors down. There is talk of a complete front office clean out, and all of the bookers backstage will be change. Wow. How about some of the wrestlers too? Ones that hold down the product, like take Hulk Hogan for instance. His thinking is "Me, Myself, and I", as he uses his creative control to do whatever he wants. Then you have charisma minus guys like anyone associated with Brian Knobbs always getting television time. Hello, can't you hear the crowd NOT chanting for those wrestlers? Do something Time Warner, even if you do have to sell off WCW.

@That's all for me today. I'll be back tomorrow, and I will HOPEFULLY have some ECW on TNN thoughts. ECW luckily got the week off from my "honest" criticism on their lovely TNN show. But anyway, it will be all fun. So I'll see you tomorrow with more PDC to go around.

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