Welcome back to another edition of the one and only Phat Daily Column. Sorry for being so late, as I have been taking finals all day in college!! My mind is about to explode!! Anyways, I'm sure you all care, so on to the PDC!!


Raw Is War

1st Hour: 5.82nd Hour: 5.8Composite: 5.8


1st Hour: 4.82nd Hour: 4.33rd Hour: 3.8Composite: 4.31

Head to Head: Raw 5.8 to Nitro's 4.05

-Alright, Raw wins again, with Nitro somehow going down in the third hour. Raw was solid throughout the evening, but it shows that Nitro's first hour was still strong. I feel Nitro was not as strong in the second hour, and it showed. The second hour's best part was the main event...which got cut off! Even though Nitro lost, AGAIN, they are still putting up good numbers.


-Apparently, there will be a new horseman soon. Mongo's status with in WCW is very shakey, plus who really cares about Mongo. He sucks! I think the horseman will eventually have Goldberg, or possibly that take too many vacation wrestler called Diamond Dallas Page. Either way, just replace Mongo for the love of God!!!-Will Sting come back next Monday?? I hope so! I'm not a Sting mark, but I enjoy watching him wrestle, as he can always put on a show. There is always this long continuous debate to what Sting's gimmick will be. The most likely choice will be the Crow Sting, but the Blond Sting is another great option. Who knows, he just might ditch the Sting gimmick and use his real name, Steve Borden, like many other wrestlers now do.-Oh joy, more WCW heat in the backstage. Many wrestlers are extremely pissed at the head booker Kevin Nash, as you all know. Good old Eric Bischoff returned to Nitro last monday, backstage that is, and many wrestlers were complaining to him about Kevin Nash's behavior. But just remember, if Bischoff hates the whining now, just think if he talks to Nash about the problems. Nash is the biggest crybaby around now!


-The WWF is jumping the gun on Paul Wight vs. Stone Cold, as they are having the two fight this Monday on RAW!! That's alright, but it won't have a winner. You really think either wrestler will do the job? If any thing happens, Stone Cold will lose, because they don't want their new golden boy, Paul Wight, to lose this early in his career. Another thing about this match, there won't be as much heat for this match in the future, unless Paul Wight beats Stone Cold.-Well, WWF has layed the smack down on the Slammin Wrestling Hits cd. They won their lawsuit, and the company, something like Beast Records? will have to do a recall to all of the music Stores. In fact, I was laughing at the manager of my local National Record Mart bacause of the recall. Anyways, that cd is getting what it deserves. That cd is an earsore on WWF themes, but the WCW themes aren't that bad. Like I said before, where's the WCW at in this case?-Good old Mick Foley will most like have knee surgery, instead of just time to let his knees heal. That's a shame. I like to see Mick Foley take the huge bumps, but he's human. Besides, if he takes bumps for what he's being paid, then the wrestlers who make much more than him should take even harder bumps than he does.

Alright kiddies, since I was late today with my Phat Daily Column, I'll write a little extra today. It'll deal with Flair as a heel, and Hogan as a face in wrestling today. Enjoy!

Flair as a Heel now!

With Flair as a heel, there is much more you can do with the man. As a heel, Ric Flair can draw more heat than any other wrestler. Flair also puts on a way better show as a heel, making fun of the crowd, cheating very badly to win, and taking the cheap shots on wrestlers that he would normally not do as a face. Another concern with Flair as a heel, is his horsemen will be heels too. Heel horsemen are great! The can be the biggest bad-asses as heels, and they actually stick together as heels. When they are face, they just don't stick together, or they just get their asses kicked very badly. Another aspect with Flair as a heel, is he is a better world champ. The gold just looks great on him as a heel, plus whoever defeats him as a heel is usually the biggest face at the moment.

Hogan as a Face, again!

Alright, let's all just hope that if Hogan is a face, that he's not Hulk Hogan again. If Hulk Hogan would return, it would most likely be the biggest laughing stock around, or it could bring some fan interest back to those hardcore Hulkamaniacs! Of course, I'll be puking all over the place because I can't stand Hulkamania. Anyways, if he is a face again, he will most likely stay as Hollywood and take the Wolfpac with him. Since he and Nash are great buddies now, they will probably stick together, and take Hall, Big Poppa Pump, and who knows about Buff now. But wait, could Scott Steiner be a face again? No way! He's too over as a heel to become a face. If you turn Wolfpac face, get rid of Steiner, let him go his own ways, and probably take Buff along for the ride as well. One thing about a Hogan as a face, he never loses that title, and he defeats everybody. So if you think his title reign as the heel Hollywood is bad, you ain't seen nothing yet.

@Phew! That's all for today. I'll try not to be as late tomorrow! Now that I'm on spring break, expect even PHATTER daily columns. This is the Great One, Mr. Tito, the ONLY phat daily Columnist, signing off today. So just chill...till the next episode!

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