Howdy! You don't understand how nice it feels to not worry about anything school related. This past quarter stressed me out badly, and now, if feels like someone just took the 500 Pound Gorilla off my back. But anyway, I have a nice long week to relax back here at home, and I'll make the most of it. So if you try to e-mail me for the rest of this week and next week, don't expect a speedy reply.

I'm on the evil COMPAQ FROM HELL right now, which means that I have to push save every 5 minutes. Argh. I remember when I was doing my streak of daily columns, I had to redo 5 columns or so thanks to the computer freezing. Man, that sucked so bad. Stupid me spent an extra hour of my life to redo the columns to keep that wonderful streak going. Ah, those were the days....

Enough about this old piece of shit Compaq. Late last night, I began reading Chyna's book, and I flew threw the introduction and chapters 1 & 2 with ease. I should have that book done by no time, unless something comes up here at home. 1st two chapters were a pleasant read, and if it keeps going, then it might receive a good grade. Now if she keeps this conceited attitude up, like it seems to be leading to, then Chyna will get ripped. I just hope that the book doesn't get stupid like the end of the Rock's did, or the book will get thrown out the window. I still can't believe the Rock was in character for the last few chapters of his book. Oh well, I graded him for that. :)

On to the PDC for some WWF Day.


You know, I really wonder where Test's career is going at this point. He's thrown so many decent midcarders to defeat, but yet he has no PPV feuds going for him. Isn't he a champion or something? Tonight, he defeated Eddie Guerrero, which makes me sad because there is no hope for Eddie vs. Benoit at Wrestlemania. Could somebody be scared of getting upstaged at the Superbowl of Wrestling? Uh huh.

Steve Austin had one of those lovely sit down interviews, which was much clearer, by the way, than his appearance on Jay Leno. Austin kept stuttering and slurring when talking to Jay about his career or the WWF. Hmmm, I wonder why?

Oh my God to the booking of the Billy Gunn/Hardy Boyz vs. Justin Credible/Xpac/Albert match. Oh lord, what a joke that was. Besides the Hardys, you have wrestlers who suck but are overpushed, or wrestlers who can be decent but have egos about themselves.

Geesh. Nothing like the old arrest angle to get a feud over. The Undertaker was arrested on television for "assaulting Triple H". Hmmm, now wouldn't it be easy for the cops to let the Undertaker go if they saw what happened on RAW? Oh wait, that's too easy.

I really hope that Shane McMahon totally stays away from his father in the storyline, and does NOT rejoin him. We've seen too many of these garbage angles where Shane and Vince would reunite on an evil scheme. It's been done many times, so why not let him be against his father the whole time?

Odd match with the Dudley Boyz and the Chris Jericho. The fans didn't know who to cheer for in that match. I find it very funny that the Dudleys and Hardys have stayed away from each other this week, making their hype for Wrestlemania to be rushed in the next 2 weeks. Yay.

Steve Blackman, I guess, joined Too Fools last night, teaming up with Jerry's Kid, Grandmaster Sex-ay. They even defeated the prized tag team of Right To Censor in the Goodfather and Bull Buchanan. By the way, Buchanan has the most graceful top rope legdrop in the business. Blackman showed his lack of charisma at the end of the match, doing the stupid Too Cool dance.... or at least trying.

How many times will Kane and Triple H fight in their lifetime? Way too much. It wasn't a bad match, though, with Kane losing.... again. Kane is Triple H's Randy Savage, if you know what I mean. If not, then recall that Macho Man NEVER defeats Hulk Hogan. Well, Kane NEVER defeats Triple H, mmmk?

Wow, Austin vs. Kurt Angle.... have we seen this match before? Oh wait, it has a special stipulation: No DQ match. Uh huh. I just love how creative the WWF gets for their repetitive matches. The match was pretty exciting though, with lots of drama (not for your momma). And guess who lost the match? Our Olympic Hero.

However, I'm willing to look at it this way. At least he's wrestling at the main event level. Sure, he's not winning, but guys like Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho were shoved down the card after feuding with a top level (in WWF's minds) wrestler. Angle might be Austin and the Rock's whipping boy for the moment, but at least he can say that he hasn't been depushed like Jericho/Benoit. Angle has been busting his ass in his matches with the Rock and Austin, which I hope doesn't go unnoticed.

Entertaining show for the most part, with some rough spots here and there. B


Now I have yet to see the On the Record broadcast (as I'll try tonight), but from what I've heard, Vince McMahon just blew up all over Bob Costas. Why did he do it? Can you say Publicity Stunt??? Vince McMahon, lately, has been in panic mode for ratings, both with the WWF and the XFL. It's got him so crazy that he thinks he can generate ratings by doing angles with himself.

Just take, for example, the Trish Stratus angles. Vince saw the ratings going down, so he did the raunchy angles with himself. On RAW last week, he had Trish strip down to her bra and panties! On Smackdown, he did the kiss with Trish in front of Linda. Then for the XFL game last week, the famous Cheerleaders' locker room angle happened, where Vince McMahon went off on the camera man. He's trying to generate attention by trying to gain "cheap heat". You know what they say about "cheap heat": it doesn't last long.

So Vinnie Mac is going about both the WWF and the XFL wrong, if you ask me. For the XFL, he should just stay away and not let himself be seen. Real football fans hate Vince McMahon, or at least not care for him whatsoever. For the WWF, he's trying to carry the storylines too much by himself, and whenever he decides to take a week off from WWF television, the storylines get damaged, and he wonders why the ratings dip. But just look at the Trish Stratus and Vince segments. What good will that do for the WWF?

Absolutely nothing. Trish Stratus is currently doing nothing in the overall storylines for the WWF, as she's just a slave for Vince McMahon. If Vince isn't there, what can she do? She can't fight with Stephanie McMahon anymore, since Stephanie beat her ass at No Way Out. Do you see what I mean? Why doesn't Vince McMahon just go after the wrestlers, instead. The wrestlers do have to wrestle matches, you know, and by forcing them to wrestle someone they can't defeat or just screwing them out of the match would be better, in the long run, for the WWF. Not a stupid fling with Trish Stratus, which takes up a 25 minute segment of precious WWF television time.


Rumors are flying everywhere that the WWF might be negotiating to buy WCW, again. I'm sure Viacom will crack that whip, again, to stop the hungry WWF from expanding without any of the Viacom assets gaining profit too. I highly doubt the WWF is after WCW to buy them... I think Vince McMahon wants to screw WCW for what their worth! The WWF has the exclusive right to match any offer from any party concernign the sale of WCW. Why? It's the settlement between the WWF and WCW from how WCW used Scott Hall and Kevin Nash as renegades in the early days of the New World Order. So it seems as though the WWF has thrown a monkey wrench into the Fusient deal. The WWF could stall WCW enough to finish them completely. Instead of buying WCW, the WWF could just kill them off and buy their talent without buying the company. Now that's a profit.

Rumors are swirling about a possible Crash vs. Dean Malenko match at Wrestlemania. Hey, that could work. The feud would be simple, too. All you need to do is to have Dean-O go after Crash's cousin, Molly Holly, and you have magic in the making. But of course, like all champions under the World Title, Dean Malenko probably won't see a chance to shine at Wrestlemania.

Hey, is that Nova I see, getting a possible WWF tryout sometime in the future? Man, maybe he could have a gimmick to which he attacks the wrestlers that he "claims" stole his moves.

With the WWF, I should stop complaining about their booking. Why? It could be much worse. It could be Johnny Ace, the current joke of a WCW head booker, controlling the storylines. Ugh. I'll take Stephanie McMahon as a head booker, any day, compared to Ace.

The Jackson 5

5. Chris Benoit: After defeating Guerrero in a good bout on RAW, what is his reward? Probably wrestling on Heat. (I don't read spoilers, so I don't know)

4. Chris Jericho: Currently getting the shaft from Regal, but where will that lead to?

3. Steve Austin: The Rattlesnake attitude seems to be back this week. Now let's work on his recently bad talking skills...

2. Test: Two good title defenses this week. Anybody backstage care?

1. Kurt Angle: Made both Austin and the Rock look extremely good this week. Could Angle get any rewards for this?

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@That's all for today. I shall be back, tomorrow, with the final installment of WCW History. I will be covering the final days of Vince Russo. For those of you who just can't bear the painful recaps of the horrible WCW times, just remember that this will be the last in the long series I started a while back. After tomorrow, I'll hop back into requests. It's easy, mmmmk? Just chill..... Grrrrrreat Audio Show!

Take Care, and Thanks for Reading.

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