Welcome back to another thrilling edition of the Phat Daily Column, which is the column that never stops..no matter what! Nothing like a good serving of Chunder, which I saw ALL of the show. I'll give you my thoughts on that, along with other thoughts in the wrestling world. Without any more hesitation, on to the Phat Daily Column.


-The WWF is going off on selling videos, as they have released quite a few of them this time around. They have a new Mick Foley video, a new Rock video, Royal Rumble 2000, and the Eve of Destruction. Maybe I'll rent these ones, as I'm not particuarly interested in any of them, as they are just updates on their careers. I was hoping for the WWF to maybe release videos like the Best of Royal Rumble, Best of King of the Ring, Best of Summerslam, and possibly videos like an Owen Hart tribute. Oh well, can't get everything!

-Wow, the WWF RAW was NOT the top cable show this week. NO, Nitro or Chunder did NOT defeat RAW in the ratings. Ha, that could never happen when you have Hogan still acting like the 1980s on your shows. Anyway, it lost to the Raising the Mammoth special on the Discovery channel. Although I could laugh and make fun of RAW for losing to a special on Discovery, but that special was spectacular! Be sure to watch it when it comes back on the Discovery Channel on 8 pm Saturday. Wait, that's not wrestling!

-As for the rumors of a possible 3 Way dance happening because of the 3 McMahons. All I have to say is look at Summerslam 99, and I think maybe another pay per view after that. Sure, they were decent, but nothing spectacular. Triple H's build up was sort of slowed thanks in part to Summerslam's 3 way dance, and the point of getting the BEST heel in the business vs. the BEST face in the business would be lost when you add the Big Show, who only gets heat because he's Shane's boy. Maybe have Big Show fight Rikishi or something?


-I'm sorry to all of the loyal Hulk Hogan fans, but I have to say this about Hogan. He was horrible tonight. In and out of the ring, he reminded me of himself from the 80s, only in slow motion. Sure, the crowd was going berzerk for him, but those arenas aren't exactly filled. The fans that go to WCW events now are either very hardcore Hogan fans(mostly), or they just come to the WCW event because wrestling has come to their town, as every fan just about attends shows, especially when they don't come around much. WCW must realize this, and they must find a way for him to put over younger talent. I know I'd appreciate him that much more if they did.

-Great match with Jeff Jarrett and Booker T, and I guess a decent one from Dustin Rhodes and Kidman. One thing these two matches have in common, and that's the fact that the winners just arrived in WCW a few months ago from the WWF. Booker T and Kidman have been busting their balls for WCW for years, and they have more talent in their pinkies than Jarrett and Rhodes combined! But lord only knows that they can't get put over by wrestlers that came from the WWF, therefore, annoying me for yet another night.

-Why can't they push the extremely talented and charasmatic Luchadore known as La Parka?

-Buzzkill, Hugh Morris, Brian Knobbs, and Dog. Please send them to Saturday Night, and have them put over the younger talent on that show. It's funny how wrestlers with no crowd reactions in WCW get over all the time.

-Hey, Lodipage.com is claiming that Lodi/Idol had to change his name for some odd reason. Maybe Billy Idol was about to sue? HA! No, but my question to the man now called Rave: why not go back to your name Lodi? Some wrestlers I just don't get!

-Dave Scherer is reporting that some layoffs could happen at WCW. What those layoffs could be at this point, who knows? But what I'm hoping for is that the whole WCW management and bookers gets the axe! Ok, they will be out of the job, and unemployed..so I don't wish that upon anybody. Maybe a swift kick in the ass to get things going! Don't you see the bad ratings every week? Don't you see a federation that gets 1.1s on their only cable show getting a higher buyrate than you do on Pay Per Views? Don't you notice how angry your younger wrestlers are, and how successful the ones that left are? I just don't get it with WCW anymore, as they are so blind on their problems. I want them back on track, and unfortunately, something drastic just might happen in order for things to change.

And finally....always keep this in mind: All Publicity is Good Publicity. That's all I need to say.

@That's all for this wonderful edition of the Phat Daily Column. I'll be back tomorrow to lay into Smackdown, and other fun topics. See you tomorrow. 13 Days until 1 year of Consecutive Columns

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