Hi kids! Welcome back to another great post-Monday Night edition of Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. We saw a rather good Monday Night of wrestling last night, but too bad both shows got cut off at the end!!! I have my gradebook out, and it's time to go to the PDC.

Monday Night Impressions!!


-The first hour was weak, and I won't grade Nitro by the first hour anymore, but I wanted to point out the Chris Adams-Steiner match. They looked like they were hitting each other for real. Watch that match closely, and they are really smacking each other. Kinda cool.-I also loved when Disco was in the Konnan video! That was the best damn Konnan video I have ever saw!! -The first part of Nitro was good with Goldberg, Flair, Nash and Hogan in the ring. Finally, something that generates fan interest.-That's a shame that Kidman lost the title. His contract is running out soon. He'll win it back when he re-signs.-The WCW tag division is just too weak now. I like Benoit and Malenko with the titles, but their matches aren't that exciting.-WCW should sweep the NWO black and white under the carpet!-They should have saved Disco vs. Konnan for a Pay Per View. They'll probably fight there also, especially since Disco beat Konnan.-Jericho will never beat anyone until he re-signs!-Now, I believe that Flair was pinned completely and fairly by Hogan. Damn ref screwed it all up! Hogan once again did his "Hulking up", and the crowd was behind him as well? The match was good, but of course it was cut off.====$This week's Nitro was good, but they need to extend their time, so that we can see the whole damn main event match! It was a good overall Nitro, and I give it a


for it's efforts.


-I must say I am sick of the Raw beginnings with the continuous bullshit between the Rock/McMahon/Paul Wight. It's starting to go no where! I'm tired of it!!-I gotta say, that I called it to my brother that the construction crew was building a table for J.R. That was rather interesting to have him there, bickering with Michael Cole all night.-Interesting. Road Dog is the new IC champ, Mr. Ass is the new Hardcore champ. Does that make sense. Will they trade titles? I wonder what will happen on Raw, because you have two matches at Wrestlemania in limbo.-I must say that was funny with LOD 2000 coming down. Brisco and Patterson looked hilarious dressed at LOD! That match showed that Shane has some wrestling training. This making fun of LOD 2000 means two things. 1) LOD is never coming back, and that was a way to embarass them, or 2) that is a way to bring them back, by angering them to come back and kill the corperation!-Lawler at the Playboy mansion was hilarious!-Too much Ministry again! I hate the ministry. I find myself changing the channel when they come on!-Every Sable and Tori segment gets huge ratings. I'd would imagine that it will be huge again. Go Tori!-The Rock/Paul Wight vs. Stone Cold/Mankind match was good, but it was another opponent for the television time cut off! ====$Well, it was a good Raw, much better than last weeks show. I'm still pissed about Raw having at cut off at the end, because they never let that happen. Anyway, this week's Raw recieves a


for it's efforts.


-Wow, Scoops reports that there is some serious heat between Bobby Heenan and Tony Shiavone. There were reports that they got into a serious argument at Uncensored. I really hate Tony Shiavone. I think he's the worst announcer around. He is nothing but a Jim Ross wannabe, as he carried his bags back in the day at WCW. Heenan can't really be himself around Shiavone because he doesn't really react too much to what Heenan says. Heenan was great in the WWF, because the announcers reacted with whatever he did. -WCW was really impressed with Mikey Whipwreck's performance at Uncensored. They feel he did a great job working with Kidman. If he continues this good wrestling, they will probably push him. Just remember, he's a former triple crown ECW champion! WCW just better hope that he doesn't get injured, like he usually does!-Reports are surfacing that Stevie Richards was seriously injured the other night at an independent show. That's sad, as he is my favorite wrestler. I hope he recovers quickly, so that he can return to the spotlight, and hopefully go to one of the big two some day.

@Well, that's all I have for today! I hope you have enjoyed today's Phat Daily Column! This is Mr. Tito, the ONLY phat daily columnist, signing off. Have a good day!

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