Welcome, folks, to the returning weekend edition of the Phat Daily Column. Since it's Wrestlemania weekend, I made sure to find some time to post my pre-Wrestlemania column. I feel that I must give my predictions, and as tradition goes, I must give my top 17 Wrestlemanias of all time list.

And with the Wrestlemanias, they change every year for me. Either from viewing all of the Wrestlemanias or reflecting back on them, my opinions on each show appear to change from time to time. I guess tastes change from year to year. My #1 ranking even changes from year to year.

Anyway, on to the PDC.

Top 17 Wrestlemanias

#17 Wrestlemania 9 - No good matches, terrible outdoor set up, and a main event that left sour tastes in everyone's mouth. 1993 was a bad year for the WWF, and this was proof of that.

#16 Wrestlemania 12 - Overated Iron Man match on this card that took up the whole show. Just too boring.

#15 Wrestlemania 4 - Good finish, but the whole show was such a bore for the long tournament for the World Title.

#14 Wrestlemania 7 - American vs. Iraq in the wrestling ring. Probably one of the worst main events Wrestlemania had, as Hogan vs. Slaughter wasn't too technically sound. Macho vs. Warrior is decent, but the Warrior acted sort of strange at parts in the match. 5 elbows and Macho couldn't pin the Warrior?!? Huh?!?

#13 Wrestlemania 1 - The original... Upon recent viewing, the show bored me. The main event is entertaining to watch, but that's it.

#12 Wrestlemania 13 - A lame duck Wrestlemania here, as the WWF was about to shift gears to the new attitude format. Austin vs. Bret Hart is a classic!

#11 Wrestlemania 6 - Hogan vs. Warrior WAS a good main event, considering the talents of both men when it comes to wrestling a match. Rest of the card was sort of just there...

#10 Wrestlemania 11 - For what the WWF had in 1995, this was a decent show. LT vs. Bam Bam had some good heat coming into it, and HBK carried Diesel to something watchable.

#9 Wrestlemania 16 - Too many tag matches or multi-wrestler matches and a bad main event. The Dudleys vs. Hardys vs. Edge/Christian carried this show. This is the show the clearly shows that the McMahons are losing their minds when running the WWF.

#8 Wrestlemania 2 - Some decent matches, with a good cage match at the end with Hogan vs. King Kong Bundy. Some don't like the City to City format. Funny battle royal with the NFL football players involved, too.

#7 Wrestlemania 15 - Good main event, GREAT set up with the Triple H heel turn, too. Good overall card, although I can't agree with splitting the New Age Outlaws up for singles matches on this show.

#6 Wrestlemania 5 - Solid show overall, with a much hyped Macho vs. Hogan match. DEVASTATING Macho elbow in this match, too. This was probably the true peak of the WWF dynasty, as they slowly decreased after this show and had its final shining moment at Wrestlemania 6.

#5 Wrestlemania 14 - Ah yes, the first Attitude Wrestlemania. It's a fun show to watch, like the Funk/Foley vs. New Age Outlaws dumpster match and the main event is good, despite both HBK and Stone Cold's injuries at the time.

#4 Wrestlemania 3 - The one that made the WWF. Although Hogan vs. Andre isn't the best technical match, the nostalgia of the match will never be forgotten. Steamboat vs. Macho was incredible!

#3 Wrestlemania 17 - Great all around show. Besides the Chyna squash, every match was watchable. Bad ending to the Rock vs. Austin match keeps this show from a higher ranking.

#2 Wrestlemania 8 - Piper vs. Hart and Flair vs. Macho are two incredible Wrestlemania matches. Hogan vs. Sid had a weak ending to keep this at #1.

#1 Wrestlemania 10 - Still at #1... What can I say? Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart was the best opening match for any Pay Per View, EVER. Secondly, the ladder match between Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels was a classic! Those two matches carry this show to #1. Giving Bret Hart the World Title win made the show even better, as he wrestled Yokozuna to their best match that night after fighting Owen earlier. The Title tournament format was weird, but hey, it gave us Owen vs. Bret, and that's all that matters.

LAST WORD: I'm sure many will disagree with this list. That's fine with me. I'm sure that if I'm around next year, I'll post a new list with different rankings.

Tito's Wrestlemania Predictions

Maven vs. Goldust
Why even bother giving Goldouche the Hardcore Title? What purpose does this make? Take a nice look at my predicted winner:
Tito's Pick: Al Snow

European title: Christian vs. Diamond Dallas Page
I have a feeling that this match won't get much time to develop. But for whatever, I see Christian walking away with the title since no respect will ever be given to DDP, especially on a Wrestlemania.
Tito's Pick: Christian

Shampoo Match: Edge vs. Booker T
Edge will win simply because he's wrestling in his hometown. That way, on RAW this Monday, Booker T will cheaply win the rematch to get back his "heat" from losing to Edge at Wrestlemania. I can see it happening. Should be a decent match.
Tito's Pick: Edge

Kane vs. Kurt Angle
Oh baby, make this match the hot opener! I'm hoping that with longer Pay Per View time, these two are going to put on yet another incredible match together. I believe it's possible, especially since Kane sells for Angle more than he does any other wrestlers. It's hard to choose the winner here, but I'll go with Angle.
Tito's Pick: Kurt Angle

Women's Title: Lita vs. Trish Stratus vs. Jazz
Again, let me say this again: this COULD be a good match. I'm guessing that the little brawl on Smackdown will signify Jazz retaining her title. However, Lita does deserve the title after not getting it from Chyna a year ago. Although Lita isn't the best women's wrestler, she's at least over with the fans and Jazz isn't.
Tito's Pick: Lita

World Tag Titles: Chuck & Suck vs. APA vs. Hardys vs. Dudleys
Very hard one to predict, given the Billy Gunn win on Smackdown. I'll go with the APA. The APA vs. Chuck/Billy match, alone, would have sucked, but to show some allegance to Bradshaw and Faarrooq(or however it's spelled) for changing the match, the titles will be awarded to them, possibly. The NWO will soon gain the Tag Titles, so a face team needs to job them off, and it's not going to be the Hardys.
Tito's Pick: APA

Ric Flair vs. the Undertaker
This will be entertaining. Let's hope that the Undertaker's best program in years leads to a good blow off. I see Flair losing, but giving a great effort in the process. I just hope it doesn't get overbooked with Vince McMahon. I can live with Vince costing Flair the match, but too much involvement will be bad.
Tito's Pick: Undertaker

Intercontinental Title
RVD BETTER win this match. A Wrestlemania IC win will greatly boost the career of RVD and give some promise to the title that was once respected. With Regal, the title is worthless because A) he hardly defends it and B) he's a boring champion.
Tito's Pick: Rob Van Dam

Scott Hall vs. Steve Austin
This match might surprise some people, given Hall's effort for the match. It's Wrestlemania, so I doubt that Hall would want to look bad. Of course, this IS Scott Hall we are talking about. Regardless, Austin will put up a great effort to carry Hall, if necessary. My prediction is based on the recent rumors about Austin and Vince having some heated discussions. My bet is on the possibility of Vince wanting Austin to job to Hall, but only for Austin to say NO. Therefore...
Tito's Pick: Steve Austin

World Title: Triple H vs. Chris Jericho
You'd think that Triple H would get the blow off win, correct? I'd believe so, but think of this. If Austin, Rock, and Triple H win, then that would mean that the 3 top faces won their matches perfectly. That would make no sense to me. I have a feeling that Jericho MAY squeak one out here, but to be on the safe side, I'll go with Triple H.
Tito's Pick: Triple H

Hulk Hogan vs. the Rock
Something is fishy about this match. Why kill off the NWO so quickly by having the Rock defeat the leader of the group early on? Sure, we saw Rocky get pinned, cleanly, on RAW, but you never know when Hogan is wrestling. I'll pick the Rock, but I'm very unsure of that choice.
Tito's Pick: the Rock

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