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One more final to go!! Whooo!! After I take my last painful, stressful, and annoying final today, I get to go home and relax for a while. It's well deserved, too, for this quarter has been hell for me, myself, and I. Talk about becoming burned out from school... well, this quarter did it to me.

I picked up a copy of the 2001 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Almanac, and it's good as usual. It seems that it's the only decent thing by PWI these days, if you ask me. I was very disappointed with the PWI 500 this year, and I was also very disappointed with the Year in Review edition as well. Besides the 2 month old articles, they've been rather stupid on certain rankings or awards for wrestlers. How Booker T is ranked behind Hulk Hogan for the year 2001, and how the Rock had a better 2000 than Triple H, as they say, is a mystery to me. They've been doing these odd considerations for a while, which is why I quit my suscription about 4 years ago.

At least the Almanac is awesome. It has listings this years ratings, every title change ever, and the top stories of 2000 in chronological order. There's much more in the fine book as well. I shouldn't say fine... The binding on the almanacs are always terrible. It's funny, because you must be cautious when reading it because you don't want any pages to fall out. I usually have a hell of time finding those almanacs, too, but that was in my hometown. Here at school, I just went to Little Professor's Bookstore, and there were plenty of copies. That's funny, because the book is rare in my hometown, which is flooded with shopping malls.

I actually have a good story about the PWI Almanac. For the 1996 edition, I brougth it over my Aunt's house for whatever reason. My cousin wanted to see the book, and he sat down to read it for 5 straight hours! He was only 11 at the time, and he wasn't a big wrestling fan. I guess the loaded information within the book intrigued him so much to read about all of it in one shot! Amazing.

Want a grade for the PWI Almanac of 2001? Fine. I'll give it an easy A+. Anything that gives you great information each year deserves that. On to the PDC.

Note From Tito: Since the Quarter is over, I'll be going home. Yes, that means I'll be back on the COMPAQ FROM HELL, which means I'll have less power at my finger tips to answer your e-mails or whatever else.


God, I love the Cruiserweight Tournament. It's the only damn thing "fun" in WCW right now. It's very convenient of WCW to put the Cruiserweight tag matches at the beginning of the shows, that way nobody has to endure the rest of the bogus garbage that Johnny Ace thinks is a well booked show. Good match between Rey-Rey/Kidman and 3 Count, but I'm wondering what a Elix Skipper/Kid Romeo vs. the Filty Animals match will result in? If Kidman and Rey-Rey win it, I'm sure they'll laugh when asked to job it to someone.

Nothing like a long interview.... Oh boy, we get to see fucking Rick Steiner in a main event again. WHY THE HELL DOES JOHNNY ACE SEE SOMETHING IN RICK STEINER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Excuse me. I'm just tired of seeing a deadbeat 40s wrestler, who took loads of time off before returning, getting such a spotlight when it's obvious that he's not a draw. Can you say 1.6 main event on Nitro? I sure can, and I can also say that Rick Steiner is a worthless piece of shit within WCW. How about that?

Alex Wright jobbing? Man, what planet am I on? Good win for the artist formerly known as EZ Money. WCW better sign him, since they just jobbed him over a guy that WCW always seems to hold on to. It's weak talent like Alex Wright that makes you wonder why good talent like Crowbar gets released. Don't worry WCW, in a few months, the WWF will show you what a star you made and didn't appreciate. (WCW actually made the guy formerly known as Devon Storm into a good wrestler. That's one of the few rare cases of WCW improving a former WWF wrestler.)

Wow, Reno still works for WCW. Now if you could direct me to where Jindrak has been hiding, we could have all of the talented Thrillers back in WCW again. Reno jobbed to Shawn Stasiak in an OK match. Stasiak seems to be getting some improved heat with Ms. Hancock at his side. So was she acting that she was pregnant the whole time? I've seen several opinions about Stasiak and how he's just picking up where Shane Douglas left off. Hmmm..... I kind of disagree. Douglas has the arrogant attitude that just makes you want to laugh, somewhat. Stasiak's attitude makes you want to jump over the railing and swing away. Perfectshawn just has that "dickhead" type look going for him now, which is his best work since he was Meat in the WWF.

Weird 4 corners match between Shawn O'Haire, Chuck Palumbo, Buff Bagwell, and Lex Luger. It's definite that Totally Buff are winning the World Titles now. Luger has jobbed to much for the past few weeks, and the team of Totally Buff lost last night. I do wonder if Bagwell's 2 month contract or neck injury might change plans, though.

When you watch Chunder, you're always guaranteed a Kwee Wee match. Always. Tonight, he got to job away to Shane Helms, who will probably get the win at Greed if you ask me. Anybody who goes through a bad entrance should get a title belt. Kwee Wee just needs to drop his terrible Saturday Night Live gimmick ripoff already. I thought Bischoff wanted to axe all Russo ideas? Kwee Wee would be a fine Cruiserweight, just as long as the wrestling speaks for the character, and not the gimmick.

Konnan and Hugh Morrus fought Disqo and Mike Sanders last night. Funny, because it's a match of 3 washed up wrestlers, and one held back talent from the new Bischoff era. Could you guess which one is getting held back? Terrible, terrible match. Nice of Team Canada to run down afterward, and let me know about the tag match at Greed. Is anybody buying the Greed Pay Per View just for this match?

Oh shoot, if Jeff Jarrett pinned Dustin Rhodes, will that mean Rhodes will win at Greed? Wow, I just love to see Rick Steiner in the main event. I also love saying how bad Johnny Ace SUCKS as the head booker of WCW. Whatever success he had in All Japan just isn't really occurring here in the 'States.

I'll give this show a C+ for being a more rounded show than Nitro, but Nitro had the match of the week on their side, so we'll tie it this week. The Greed Pay Per View may look better on paper than the Superbrawl Revenge card, but damn, the build up for Greed has been a joke.


Now I hate to see anybody lose their job. I've seen family and friends getting laid off from their jobs, and damn it's hard to see them go through all of that. With that being said, I try not to suggest any wrestlers to get fired or released from a promotion. Sure, it slips every once in a while, but I have a temper, so sue me. But the recent WCW release is a pleasant one for two NON improving workers at WCW. The Harris Boys were released recently from WCW, after performing like crap lately. If you watch Thunder, like I painstakingly do, you'll know the horrible matches they put on. After their WCW debut of being Creative Control, they've done nothing for WCW. If you watch them closely, all they did was clothesline, bodyslam, and punch. Neither guy was good on the mic, nor did they have any charisma. They were reported as being complainers about their roles or any kind of jobbing they had to do. Sure, I hate seeing people lose their jobs, but why keep something around that is unproductive? That's why WCW released them, and I'll say "best of luck" to them for wherever they go. I'll just say that I'm happy to never see them on TV again, especially when teams like the Jung Dragons are jobbing for them.

Man, this sale situation is getting scary for WCW. It just doesn't seem that Fusient and Time Warner can strike a deal with each other. The scary thing is that it's March 15th, and WCW has NO shows planned for April yet. Signs don't look good, as ECW went through the same exact thing. Look where they are now. The thing that makes me really sad is that WCW DOES have the potential to eventually become profitable again. They have lots of young and talented midcarders still around, along with a great Cruiserweight division building. Then, if they snatch Lawler to improve announcing by about 10 times, then they could be in business.

Nah. Forget what I said. WCW doesn't have the organization or the smart writers to make the federation a success again. They've made bad decisions since they began officially calling themselves "WCW", as I've covered in my History columns. When it all clicked in 1996, they eventually let it all fall down in 1998. I can't stand it, because WCW can become a long term force in the wrestling business, but they just don't have the balls or the brains to do it.

The Johnny Ace 5

(This is a parody) Johnny Ace came by the Phat Daily offices the other day, and after I laughed at him in his face, he handed me a list of who he considers the BEST WCW wrestlers or the ones deserving of a push. Let's see how the bookerman ranked them....

5. Kwee Wee: He turns me on, thus, I won't ditch the remaining link to Russo. Oh Kwee Wee!

4. Scott Steiner: I love him just because he's related to Rick!!

3. Dustin Rhodes: Man, look at this guy's charisma!!! He's great on the mic, and his father sure gets great use of his knee pads.

2. Animal: I love my brother. Despite being near 50 now, he's still my favorite Road Warrior. I can't wait until I can get Hawk back into shape, that way the Road Warriors, despite being 10 years past their prime, can be the World Champions! Yes!

1. Rick Steiner: Man, this guy is awesome! If you ignore how stiff he hurts wrestlers, he's the best wrestler around! Plus, he's related to Scott, so since Big Poppa Pump is the WCW Champ, well, why not push his brother?!?

Remind me to NEVER involve something written by Johnny Ace in regards to this column. He doesn't quite have the mind to appeal to American wrestling fans.

Now my rankings...............


5. Booker T: Decent win over Lex Luger, but I feel sorry for Booker T this Sunday when he has to carry the terrible Rick Steiner to a match, even with taking his stiff shots.

4. Diamond Dallas Page: Anybody forced to wrestle the stiff and idiotic Rick Steiner needs to be on this list.

3. Lex Luger: The Jackson 5 appreciates when a wrestler with a bad ego starts to cooperate with younger wrestlers.

2. Shane Helms: Two watchable matches this week. What more could you ask?

1. Jung Dragons and Kid Romeo/Elix Skipper: One big tie for #1. Damn fine tag match Monday Night.

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@That's all for today. Tomorrow, we'll take a dive into the world of the WWF, which has been putting on better shows lately, thank God. See you tomorrow!!!!

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