Can I please have the attention of the class? HAHa, damn Eminem song. Wow, I heard that Uncensored was pretty good. Yes, that's right, I didn't buy it. I quit buying the WCW PPVs ever since Starrcade. Anyways, we have some new champions in WCW. Good ones too, that will take WCW in the right direction! Anyway, on to the Phat Daily Column.


-Finally, Hogan without the strap...but someone older than him has the world title!!!-Will Hogan turn face? If he does, the whole NWO will probably turn with him. Why you ask? Well Hogan is finally good friends with former backstage rival Kevin Nash. They both like the idea of sticking together and working together. Plus, Hogan likes being Hollywood better than the Hulkster. He feels Hollywood lets him be himself, not no stupid fan favorite like he was always forced to do. Hogan will NEVER retire!-Bret Hart is going to have groin surgery(OUCH!) to repair that injured groin muscle that is always putting him on the shelf. Bret Hart's career, at least in WCW is really finished. When he comes back, he'll probably continue to fight jobbers, and occasionally lose to one of them. Poor Hitman. I wish they never turned him heel in the first place. They could have made him huge coming off the Survival Series screwjob, but noooo! -Chris Jericho is still deciding where he wants to go when his contract runs out. He hasn't made any verbal committments to anyone yet, and he has said that he'll wait until his contract officially runs out to decide. He feels that both federations are about the same for his career. WCW will serve his money need, and the WWF can make him into a huge star. I say, stay in WCW! More money there, and Chris Jericho does get a lot of television time. Plus, he couldn't use the name Monday Night Jericho anymore!


-Apparently, Mick Foley will take some time off after Wrestlemania. Foley has some very banged up knees, which he is still performing and taking bumps on. He'll most likely lose the match at Wrestlemania against Paul Wight in a big way so that he take the time off he deserves. The WWF should pay Foley millions for the hard work he does.-How successful can the WWF get? They are becoming a huge phenomenon. They are bigger than what the WCW was about a year ago when the New World Order was cool. All of their wrestlers are making television appearances, their merchandise is selling through the roof, and they are getting mainstream media attention. The WWF's ratings are higher than what the WCW used to beat Raw with. -While I was in my local toy stores today, I noticed something. I saw that the Undertaker figure wasn't selling at all, while the other wrestlers were selling like hotcakes. It makes me wonder. I guess parents aren't letting their kids buy him, because of his new gimmick, being lord of the darkside. Maybe kids are just afraid of him now and they don't want to buy his figure. Kinda odd. I have never liked the ministry, it's a stupid gimmick that is an eyesore to watch on WWF programs.

@That's all I could rig up today. Make sure you watch both Monday Night Shows tonight! I'll be back tomorrow with my famous Monday Night Grades!! This is Mr. Tito, the ONLY phat daily columnist, signing off. Have a nice day!!!

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