Welcome to another wonderful edition of the Phat Daily Column. You'll have to forgive me if I make no sense at any point in this column (some would argue the whole column), as I took an intense math final before writing this column. I'm simply going for my math minor in college, or possibly a double major with math, so if there's anyone out there going for a Master's or even further in math, you've got balls of steel.

Anyway, I was quite proud of how I used the past Wrestlemanias for remembering the World Title feuds, in comparison to today's Triple H vs. Chris Jericho debacle. Clearly, this year's Wrestlemania is headlined by Rock vs. Hulk Hogan, but looking back to Wrestlemania 8, many remember the awesome feud between Macho Man Randy Savage and Ric Flair for the wrestlers themselves. Nobody will remember Jericho vs. Triple H as the wrestlers hating each other, oh no. Everyone will remember Stephanie's involvement, and how she wanted her hand lotion and how she fought over the dog.

I just want a fucking show that has the WRESTLERS feuding with each other, and NOT McMahons creating the feuds. Let's give major props to Shane McMahon for getting out when he did. He probably saw how he was hurting the shows in a way, so he got smart, and got the hell out. You can't ask that of any other McMahon, especially Stephanie. As a head writer of the WWF, she clearly doesn't see how her presence actually hurts the shows. She's annoying to the point where you want to change the channel, which is clearly apparent with the recent ratings slide, despite Wrestlemania in the looms.

But hey, it's only millions of dollars on the line. On to the PDC.

Oh, and apologies for the pop up banners. LoP/WH has no control over what the ad companies choose to do with the ads, so when they rig pop ups, they'll do it when they please. I'm a believer that pop ups actually discourage good advertising, as they only make internet viewers mad. Hopefully, they'll be cleared up soon.


-Ooops, I missed the WWF Divas: Sex on the Beach special. I chose to set the timer for the new edition of South Park, rather than view another WWF show for the week. By the way, this week's South Park was extremely messed up. If you didn't watch the cheesy 1980's ski movies, you would have been lost watching last night's show. I've seen plenty, so I got the joke, although I'll admit that it wasn't nearly as funny as any of the more recent South Parks, especially last week's.

-HOWEVER, I did catch Triple H on the Conan O'Brien show. As a regular viewer of Conan, I made sure I caught the show. Triple H is usually a good guest on whatever show he goes on, because he has a good personality that's away from the stereotypical wrestler. Why is it, that on every show that a wrestler appears on, the hosts ALWAYS comment on the wrestler's size?!? Conan is no different, as he asked what Triple H does for a work out and how he eats. Can't you ask them normal things, like what you do in your spare time or anything else you'd ask a regular guest, say from Hollywood? They would talk about gimmicks, and Triple H would dog Duke the Dumpster Droese for his trashman gimmick. Hard feelings from the a Royal Rumble match, where Triple H fought on the "Free for All" to determine who was #1 and #30 in the Rumble?

And then, Triple H and Conan dogged the PDC's favorite wrestler. Conan had a magazine with him, and after dogging Taka and Funaki, they turned to a picture of Crash Holly. Conan would joke that "this is a guy who thinks a lot" or something of that matter, and then Triple H ripped him hard! Triple H would say that Crash is the "cannon fodder" of the company, as he's a guy who "gets creamed a lot". Ouch!!! So let me see here... Crash Holly criticized me for calling him a jobber one week, so when a wrestler at the top of the business recites the same thing, then it must be true! Suck on those apples, Crashy-Poo.

-For once, I'll say that Eric Bischoff said something smart. In an interview with WrestlingObserver.com, Bischoff suggested that the NWO hasn't been successful because of the absence of the element of surprise. Back in 1996 and 1997, the NWO was shocking and exciting, as you tuned in to see who would get attacked or who would join the NWO. Now, they are just a group in the WWF, with the appeal of 1996-1997 no longer there. What a smart remark by Bischoff, as he's exactly right. That's why possibly adding guys like Shawn Michaels or X-Pac could be a good thing, along with any other threats, such as one of the big 3 (Triple H, Steve Austin, or the Rock) or someone else.

Or adding Scott Steiner. Jim Ross said in an interview with TSN that he'd wish to see Steiner healthy from the current injuries that hold him back from getting into the WWF. Sure, Steiner made the WWA appearance, but he was hardly tested in the ring, like it would be demanded in the WWF. That's a shame too, because I could see Steiner's crazy attitude getting better if he entered the WWF environment. In the last months of WCW, he matured a good deal, although one could speculate that he just wanted to finish his time in WCW on good terms for future possibilities.

-Looks like Jerry Jarrett, longtime wrestling promoter and father of Jeff Jarrett, is back at it, trying to make a company to maybe one day compete with the WWF. I'll agree with the Observer: NOBODY will be able to compete with the WWF unless they get a cable deal with someone. XPW and the XWF are just afterthoughts because of their lack of television deals, and the WWA is hardly noticeable because they aren't on cable. Of course, if your cable channel is careless, it could ruin a company. Ask ECW about TNN. I'd suggest that companies keep begging the FOX networks, because that honestly looks like the only possibility. My theory on the cable channel USA is that they'll pick up the WWF once the Viacom deal runs out, which is why they keep turning down offers from other wrestling companies. Barry Diller, CEO of the company that owns USA, keeps denying that his channel doesn't need wrestling to survive. While the statement may be true, I'm sure he'll be there with open arms to the WWF when the Viacom deal runs out. TNN and Mtv just aren't good channels.

-Sunday Night Heat did a decent rating of 1.7, which I believe is better than what the WWF NY formats were giving. Hey, good decision to get the hell out of WWF NY and focus more on the wrestling. I caught the first part of Mtv Heat last week, and I liked the extended time given to the Diamond Dallas Page versus Lance Storm match. It proved to be a "good thing", because the match was one of the better Heat matches I've seen in a while. The WWF shouldn't have to appeal to the Mtv audience, because let's face it, they are never consistant on watching their shows.

-TONIGHT ON SMACKDOWN, expect Stephanie to keep putting herself over, while sacrificing what should have been a hot Triple H vs. Chris Jericho feud. Maybe Steph will have Jericho get her tampons, the right kind of course, while she fights with Triple H over who gets custody of their pet hampster? Hey, when Stephanie is HUNGRY for power and spotlights, anything is possible.

Expect lots of interviews, thanks to this WWF.com statement hinting that "Also, with only hours remaining until Sunday's Pay-Per-View, you have to imagine that we will hear from Hollywood Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Scott Hall and Stone Cold Steve Austin about their respective matches at WrestleMania X8." A suggestion from Mr. Tito: Tape the shows! That way, you can PREPARE TO FAST FOWARD whenever a dull moment occurs.

By the way, if you fast foward through the entrances, commercials, WWF ads, and most of the dull interviews, you can watch a WWF show in 45 minutes flat. Sometimes, 30 minutes if it's ridiculous on sports entertainment.

In preparation to fight Kane, Kurt Angle will face Rob Van Dam. Hey, it's a worthy training opponent, for RVD always finds a way to hit Angle with a stiff kick or move. What, RVD went 3 consecutive matches with Kurt Angle where he busted Angle open? But I won't get too nasty, as RVD is more polished in his WWF career now, and much more careful in handling his opponent. Plus, I doubt that RVD would want Angle's wife to publicly criticize him again.

And in other matches.... In the repetitive way to hype a tag match, we'll have a singles match between the teams involved. It will be Billy Gunn vs. Bradshaw vs. Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Jeff Hardy. Could be good, given how much Bubba and Jeff are willing to bump that night. For no reason whatsoever, Al Snow will take on the Big Show. So is there going to be a Hardcore match at Wrestlemania? Big Show winning the title would certainly clusterfuck everything, and I know many wrestling fans on the net would like to see Maven vs. Al Snow, pupil vs. teacher match. It would be fitting, since the match would be a good tribute to the success of Tough Enough. And finally, we'll see Booker T/Test versus Tajiri/Edge. Ah yes, the fight over the shampoo commercial, as Booker T got his usual tag partner, Test, involved now. Could be good, too. I'm surprised Test doesn't have a spot on the Wrestlemania show yet. I guess that not only has Shane McMahon kept himself off television, but his favortism no longer holds true as well.

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