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You know, a reader (sorry, I already deleted the email) asked me if by writing a column daily, it would help me write papers for school. Why, yes it does. For one, I type like lightning, thanks to writing a column everyday. I'd probably whip near everyone in a speed contest, especially when I'm on caffeine or if I'm very mad about something. Oh yes, it's true. But the main thing that helps me in school via the Phat Daily Column is the improvising. Sure, I have a few ideas on what to do for each column, but what you see is improvised from start to scratch on the opinion part of the columns. When I write a paper for class, and it's on a topic I could care less about, I can improvise my way out of it. Something must work, because I've aced every writing class that I've been in, thus far, in college.

Of course, the papers I write for school are much better proofread than the PDCs, sadly enough. The only thing I really check are the HTML errors, because I type the PDC in Wordpad. I try to avoid using either Word or Word Perfect at all costs, especially since there are problems with copying and pasting. So if you see a random spelling error, just remember to blame Wordpad and NOT Tito.

On to the PDC.

Today's PDC
*Ratings Analysis
XFL Gazette at the bottom (Ratings!)



First Hour: 2.4
Second Hour: 1.7
Composite: 2.05
Composite Last Week: 2.05
Composite Last Year: 2.6


First Hour: 4.4
Second Hour: 5.4
Composite: 4.9
Composite Last Week: 4.5
Composite Last Year: 6.3


RAW: 4.4
Nitro: 1.7
Margin: 2.7

WWF Weekend Shows

Livewire: 0.7
Superstars: 1.1
Mtv Heat: 1.9

Well, one federation improved all around, while the other increased and decreased. The one that improved all around was RAW is WAR, which if you read Yesterday's Column, you'll know that I liked RAW enough to give it its first A+. The wrestling was good, the angles were smooth, and so forth. Sure, it had some faults, but the ratings show an improvement from last week's ratings joke.

Nitro, on the other hand, went up in the first hour, and down in the second hour. Good lord, the first hour was about 100 times better than the first. You had the great Cruiserweight tag match between the Jung Dragons and Romeo/Skipper to enjoy, along with the return of Ms. Hancock. The second hour, however, saw the federation going down the toilet. Johnny Ace SUCKS as a booker, and he proved it by booking Rick Steiner in the main event with DDP. A big 1.6 rating for that match. Yeah, Rick can truly draw, right?

MI Smooth vs. Kanyon, Helms vs. Karagias, and Booker T vs. Luger just dragged the first hour's ratings down. I was pissed when Scott Steiner hyped a "special" opponent for Booker T, only for it to turn out to be Lex Luger of all people. I'm sure the net fans weren't happy about it, either, when the special "main event wrestler" that was hyped on WCW.com (before they pulled it off later) wasn't Booker T's opponent.

RAW started off very slow, with the Xpac/Credible vs. Hardys match and the Regal interview segment. Then, it picked up with a good Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero match, and then the show totally went up when Shane McMahon returned. The show continued to do well, without competition, and then it peaked with a 5.8 for the main event at the end. You take improvement where you can get it.

But if you want to see something decrease, look no further than the poor rating for Livewire. Damn, a 0.7?!? That's down 0.4 points from last week's ratings, and a scary sign for the WWF. Well, don't hit the panic button just yet, as Superstars remained at par, and the same with Mtv Heat. It's still odd to see Livewire dip down so much.


The ECW Complex

Thanks to Nick Ponton for slapping some sense into some of us on the Message Boards for this one. For every ECW wrestler who makes the jump to either WWF or WCW, a lot of expectations are placed on the wrestler. Those expectations may or may not come from an ECW fan's respect for an ECW wrestler. When you watch ECW constantly, you seem to be hooked on the wrestlers and their personalities. The ECW environment created wrestling that had about every wrestler getting over with the crowds. The matches were set up and booked to showcase each wrestlers BEST abilities. Wrestlers just looked like great performers within ECW.

But when they go to the WWF or WCW, it's rare that they become successful or so-called main event superstars. The big case is with Tazz, as many close Tazz supporters are just furious about how the WWF handles him. He was the top dog in ECW, holding onto the TV title and the World Title for very long periods of time. Tazz just looked tough as hell in ECW.

But what happened? When the WWF signed him, everyone including me, buzzed about Tazz possibly filling the void of the lack of main eventers at the time in the WWF (since Austin was gone, and a few were injured). Tazz came in, and DESTROYED Kurt Angle at Royal Rumble. Yes, he looked good there because he was working with someone his size. Later on, Tazz would face off against wrestlers much larger than he ever faced in ECW, and he didn't quite look good.... in WWF officials' minds.

The WWF is the land of the big men, and Tazz is a very short person by WWF standards. His stiff style in the ring, with the tough suplexes and so forth, isn't the WWF style. Plus, the WWF has a strict hierarchy of wrestlers, and you must EARN your way up to the top, not automatically receive it. Many fans of Tazz failed to grasp that idea, including me. Tazz even failed to accept the idea, and it rubbed a lot of wrestlers backstage wrong.

Look at some history... Justin Credible hasn't really done much in the WWF, upon arrival. He's just tagging along with Xpac. It seems that Rhino won't be the unstoppable machine he was in ECW, and the WWF has no idea what to do with Jerry Lynn. Take Public Enemy a few years ago when they tried to enter the WWF. Everyone thought that they would pad the tag division, but they were out of the WWF in 2-3 short weeks! WCW has experienced some of this too, as Hardcore Hak or Sandman didn't amount to anything in WCW. Raven, the top main eventer in ECW back then, didn't amount to much in WCW. Yeah, sure he wasn't one of Bischoff's favorites, but his only good matches or angles were with DDP and Chris Benoit; guys who can carry a good match.

The only true exceptions to the rule were Perry Saturn in WCW and the Dudleys in the WWF. Saturn impressed WCW officials so much in his tryout match with WCW, that he was immediately given the TV title in his first televised match! Dudleys did have to earn their WWF spot, but they are now one of the best teams in the WWF today, like many ECW fans expected.

Just remember that the big 2 have established ways and established stars, therefore making it hard for anyone from a lower federation to rise to the top instantly. Just because they were a big fish in small pond, doesn't mean they'll become the big fish in a much larger pond. (To use the famous cliche)


Note from Tito: My email is running slow, so sorry for not thanking each person who sends in Shouts.

Does WCW really think that people aren't going to change the channel if they see M.I. Smooth taking 10 minutes to hobble down to the ring?

With the Hardyz seemingly heading towards a break-up, Matt should change his name to Hardy Jannety.

Where did Big Show find his tights, an old locker labeled King Kong Bundy?

Is the WCW PPV being called Greed as a hint that Kevin Nash is coming back?

Give me a feud with Benoit and Angle! At least they don't need to carry each other in a match.

Isn't it about time that the Undertaker put a sidecar on his bike for his sidekick brother?

It's funny how a lowblow can get you disqualified, but an inverted atomic drop is perfectly legal.

I don't want to become a good wreslter, work my way to the top, pay my dues, and join Team Canada.

Ironic that Undertaker and Big Show was the quickest match on RAW Monday night instead of the slowest.

If the RTC is so morally driven, why don't they go after Mr. McMahon????

I just love Kurt Shamrock's new gimmick of being an Olympic Hero.

With all of the money that WCW wastes, at least give Buff 50 dollars to buy a camera stand.

You'd think that with all of the money Ric Flair has made in wrestling, he'd get that damned chipped tooth fixed!!

The reason why the Rock never taps out to the crippler crossface or anklelock is because his right hand is so worn out from punching.

Man, those sites with multiple Admonitor pop up ads really encourage me to come back again.

Credit for screaming their lungs out: Ryan Murphy, Timothy Gallagher, Karyn Procter, Nice Guy Eddie, CX, 4 String Ninja, Tim Siders, Todd in C-Town, Christopher Siminske, Monolito Tart, and John Sherley.

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NBC: 2.4

UPN: 1.2

TNN: 0.8


Not very good numbers whatsoever.


The WWF and NBC's costs for the current XFL season will end up around $113. Now whether they will generate a profit or a loss to subtract or add to this is another story.

Because of the XFL, many expect the WWF to fall short of their $80 Million projected sales for the first quarter. That certainly can't be good for the stock, which is already suffering in the dropping market.

At the beginning of the season, advertisers were promised cumulative 10.0 ratings through the season with the NBC, TNN, and UPN games. As you can see from this week, they are only at 6.4, which is well under the requirement. So as you can see, trouble with more advertisers is coming very soon.

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