Welcome back, to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Finally, the best performers have returned to their respective shows. No, I'm not talking about Test, Val Venis, or Hulk Hogan....I'm talking about Sting and Vince McMahon. Especially Vince. I've been waiting his return ever since the first month after the Stephanie and Triple H era. Well, let me discuss in the Monday Night Impressions, so on to the PDC.

But first...another proud moment in my time as a daily columnist....

Whoever held up this very sign at RAW last night, thanks a million. It's grealy appreciated by myself, and I'm very grateful for everytime that this happens. Thanks once again!

Monday Night Impressions


-Yay, the REAL franchise of WCW returned to a louder pop than Hogan did tonight, as Sting came back in the main event match to punch around Luger. Notice Vampiro coming down during that match too! Smells like a very interesting angle going on there. I guess this is the main eventer paragraph, so I will discuss how Jeff Jarrett was stuttering during his interview tonight. Anyway, Sid and Vampiro defeated the very tough Harris Brothers (sarcasm) easily, while Jarrett did nothing but talk. Yay, I really want to see Sid vs. Jarrett(more sarcasm).

I ripped on the Jung Dragons vs. 3 Count match, and now I regret it. They put on a great match. Total props to all of them for this hard fought match. You know, if you made someone like maybe Bam Bam Bigelow destroy Crowbar and David Flair, he would get way over than the Wall is. Wow, Kidman and Booker T won a match together! They didn't have to put nobody over!!! Tony "my voice is so high pitched, it hurts anyone who listens to me" Shiavone said that WCW stood for WE Can't Work together, or something of that nature. He was damn right on that call!

Wow, Norman Smiley didn't put over the Dog. WOW!!! I guess Brian Knobbs respects certain people, because he was selling Terry Funk's shots. First Lodi, then Idol, and now Rave? God damn that is so stupid.

Nitro Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 5
Screwjobs: 0
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 2

Last Word: Not a bad show from WCW, as it had a pretty good ending with the REAL Franchise of WCW coming back and saving the day. Overall, the show had some good matches, and some bad. I'd have to say that WCW is in better shape hyping Uncensored than they were with hyping Superbrawl, so maybe the buyrate won't be so low this time around. I'll give it another


for a decent show. Nothing spectacular besides the Sting return, but it was a watchable show. I'll say that it will get a 2.5 in the head to head competition vs. RAW. Could be higher next week?


Thank the Heavens, Vince McMahon has returned to WWF television

I've been patiently waiting for the return of Vince for a while now, and the WWF delivered on him tonight. The storylines seemed, at times, very drab and dull without Vince adding spice to it. Sure, the return of Shane was nice, as he's great to watch on camera, but nobody attracts heat or cheers as an entertainer like Vince(excluding wrestlers like the Rock, Stone Cold, etc). WWF television has really needed him around for a good ratings spike. Expect HUGE numbers for Smackdown this week.

As for the rest of RAW....Dean Malenko has just make the lightweight title remotely interesting once again! Not to bash Essa Rios, but if you didn't watch Jakked or Heat(at times), then you wouldn't be really familiar with his character. This will allow him to slowly grow a personality for his character, and in time regain that title! My Gosh, mean powerbomb from Eddy on Lita! Poor lady. Also, Pete Gas was the Hardcore champion for around 5 seconds at the airport! Those skits are so funny!

I just love a good opening interview. That gives me free time to watch an actual "wrestling" match on Nitro, although this week, I was stuck with Hennig and Luger. Anyway, I'm hoping that a tag team title match gets resolved soon. You have the Dudley Boys killing Mae again, but the only thing it accomplishes is more heat for the Dudleys. Find someone to fight them please! Good 3 Way dance with Angle, Jericho, and Tazz, but I'm not really liking this thing with Bob Backlund. It takes away from the great and talented wrestlers like Tazz, Jericho, and Angle! Wow, Rikishi took the pin for once in the six man with his partners being Too Cool! Bossman gets no reaction from the crowd for whoever he fights. Moolah is pissed! Headcheese gets better everyweek, the team I mean.

This Mideon attempt for the APA is just so funny. Good to see the Acolytes wrestle for a change. The match with the Radicals shows where Val Venis and Test's careers are truly going. One man has a gimmick that can go no further(Val), and the other has great ability and has no charisma(Test). Finally, the Rock is going to Wrestlemania.....the e-mails asking when Vince is coming back...the e-mails asking how the Rock will get the title shot..they can finally end...

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 11(including Crash Skits)
Clean Wins: 6
Screwjobs: 4
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 1

Last Word: This show gets an automatic 'A' because of Vince's return. Maybe if the surrounding show had some more highlights, a first ever A+ would have been given. RAW gets an


this week for my reason that I just gave. I predict maybe a 6.0 vs. Nitro's second hour.

Overall, a very good night of wrestling.

Other Wrestling Stuff

-ECW on TNN got a 1.1 this week, which pretty much kills their shot at defeating Livewire, Saturday Night, or Superstars..but oh well. I can't say a word about this rating because I taped the wrong channel on Friday night. Oh well. It's a shame that I didn't watch the show, cause I missed out on a great Awesome/Raven vs. Tanaka/Dreamer match. Don't worry though, I'll make damn sure I catch it this week, especially after the last few days...

-Oh my, good old Jim Ross is stating that BB was NEVER fired. Either it's a really good cover up, or just the usual rumors that always float around about wrestlers on the net. Oh well.

-Want me to rip Mean Gene a new asshole for getting busted for drinking and driving? Nah. It's his fault, and his life to worry about now. He was a dumbass for even considering it anyway, as anyone who does it is as well.

-The Whole Fucking show and Mr. Tito's 1999 Wrestler of the Year award Winner, Rob Van Dam, will be returning in a long 6 weeks from now. I can't wait until he returns, as he's a great reason to be motivated to watch ECW on TNN. I just hope he picks up his pieces with Mike Awesome, as I want to see their match up badly! Mike Awesome can really work well with a wrestler that sells his stiff-looking moves, and RVD is the best at that. Speaking of wrestlers that sell Mike Awesome's shots, Little Spike Dudley, who is as crazy as taking what his initials show, is out for 6 to 9 months when he gets the massive surgery on his torn up knee. Hey, maybe Mike could now fight some people like Raven...or how about Tommy Dreamer...maybe Sandman too. Why not?

@That's all I have for today. I'll be back tomorrow with some ratings analysis, and then some. Take it easy, and take time out from your day to be grateful that Vince McMahon has finally returned. 15 days till one year of Consecutive Columns!

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Take Care, and Thanks as always for reading.

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