Welcome to the wonderful Monday edition of the Phat Daily Column. Wow, I just love when people mark-out all over me. Just when I rip the hell out of their precious federation, they get so aggressive. Why? Well, I'll attempt to answer that, and I will have some Monday Night previews for the best 2 Wrestling Federations, WWF and WCW, today. Without further ado, on to the PDC.


-Oh joy, Hulk Hogan returns tonight, and I will return to RAW when he comes on! Now what am I saying, Hulk Hogan is the biggest draw in WCW right now. Yeah, because all of the other good ones are hurt and none of the younger guys don't get any chances at being popular, thanks to guys like Hogan. Anyway, I wonder what we'll see tonight from Hogan? Probably another 80s like interview, only this time, with Mean Gene! Of course, they only allude to Hogan on the Nitro preview, I suppose it will be such a big surprise. Yay.

-The REAL WCW Franchise returns tonight, as I'm most certainly mad at him for not really trying to come back. Sure, times suck at WCW. The management sucks, the bookers suck, and the backstage morale sucks, but Sting is the true biggest draw in WCW, and fans, like myself, want to see him when he is healthy and available. His return will be a breath of fresh air for WCW, as I really hope he returns for a match up. It looks like he'll just "appear".

-We get Curt Hennig vs. the Total Package, as Hennig put on a great performance last week against Flair. Of course, this is the Total Package we are talking about, so Hennig is going to carry this match. Hey, at least Luger sells everything you hit him with. I hope these matches with Hennig are somewhat of a push, because a lot of fans, surprisingly, still respect Hennig.

-Jung Dragons vs. 3 Count tonight! Smell the Ratings! This match will really attract fans!

-Bigelow vs. the Wall tonight. ZZZZZZ

-My gosh, we have Booker T and Kidman vs. Lane and Idol. This should be a good match up, but you know the ending really well. Either Booker T or Kidman will hit their partner, and the other team will capitalize. It's getting old WCW, as you should start pushing them separately, instead of avoiding it by making them feud like this.

-Brian Knobbs vs. Terry Funk. Maybe Knobbs will no-sell the chicken?

-Oh yay, WCW is going to make Norman Smiley put over the Dog. That's just nice WCW, as you are so damn blind for who's over in this match. Lord only knows that you are deaf when it comes to the loud cheers that Smiley gets.

-Oh my, Disco Inferno is getting forced back into singles competition against Stevie Ray. Poor Disco, and not in a sense that Stevie Ray will kill him, but the fact that he has to fight the horrible Stevie Ray.


-I've been watching a good bit of WWF programming this weekend, as I saw all of Livewire and Sunday Night Heat. I would have saw Superstars, and maybe reported it, but I forgot to set the VCR Sunday Morning. Anyway, on Heat, the dancin' tag team finally made their way to wrestle there. You know what I mean... As for the Malenko match. Malenko once said that he and Jericho struggle to put on a good show together for some reason. They put on a good match last night, as maybe they shook it off for that match? The funniest stuff of the night was the skits with Mideon trying to get into the APA. My gosh that cracked me up. As for Livewire this weekend. If you don't have UPN, or if you've missed any WWF shows, make it a point to watch that show. It reviews everything from the shows within one hour. Hell, you could just skip 4 hours of your life watching RAW and Smackdown just to watch 1 Hour Livewire. How about that?

-Well, we have another RAW tonight. As usual, the Code Red thingy on WWF.com tells the official Monday Night preview, as it won't come out till later today. So therefore, I'm deprived. BUT, I do know that the Rock will be there to do something big. Both Livewire and Heat were hyping it bigtime, as you never know what he'll do. I'm hoping that he finds Vince McMahon to help him back into the WWF. I miss Vince. Without him, the WWF has too many errors and failed attempts for heat like he doesn't get. Anyway, Wrestlemania is 3 weeks away, so you guys better start putting together a card..now!


-No Pay Per View thoughts. Why? Because I didn't care to order the Pay Per View. I just didn't seem to be motivated by a card that wasn't announced until recently. Sure, they have injuries, blah blah blah. The other federations have injuries too, and you see them compromising, and NOT making excuses. The majority of the feedback today that I'm getting is that it was a good show. Yay, then good job ECW. At least you do deliver at Pay Per Views, but what I'm saying is that you really "half-assed" the booking and promoting for this pay per view.

That's why I made fun of Jedo, Gedo, and Wing yesterday in my column. As a casual ECW fan, I don't know who these guys are, nor should the rest of anyone who isn't a HARDCORE ECW fan. I was just doing that because guys that non-hardcore ECW fans see on a pay per view card that they've never heard of, is an instant turn off NOT to buy a pay per view. That's why I dogged them yesterday, and it probably would have been much better if I caught the ECW on TNN show to see how "impressive" those wrestlers really are.

It just seems that everytime I dog ECW, I'm made the target of constant bashing. Why, because the hardcore fans can't take some honest criticism? Here are my thoughts on ECW: I want them to be successful. Why do you think I keep mentioning the run to defeat shows like Superstars, Saturday Night, and Livewire? I used to watch them back in late 1996 when they had the Eliminators, the Gangstas, Taz as a heel, and Raven and Sandman when they were cool. In fact, from late 96 to mid 1997, I have EVERY syndicated ECW show on tape. Yes, I was a hardcore fan then, although ECW was getting rather boring then when Raven, Brian Lee, Perry Saturn, and Stevie Richards left. This is to let you know where I stand for ECW.

From mid 1997 to late 1999, I had no ECW except for the Pay Per Views that I would purchase, and I would somewhat catch up on everything in the half hour preview. But I felt that it lost a lot of steam from the old days, and they were pushing guys who could "wrestle", but really lacked in the charisma and entertaining areas. So now, it's a level playing field for ECW in my mind, just like it is for WCW and the WWF. If I see something bad for ECW, like repetitive matches, match-ups with guys nobody has heard of, or just lame booking, I'll rip the precious ECW for it. I'm not scared to do it, as other writers seem to describe everything that ECW does on their shows. It just seems like I'm the only writer that notices that ECW isn't that great. Sure, they can put on a show, but they aren't the best thing since sliced bread.

That's the mentality of many of the MARKS that write me when I bash a precious ECW on TNN show, or if I rip some Japanese wrestlers who they know of, but I feel that by having them on the card without the fans knowing more about them, really hurts a pay per view buyrate. I'm not no shill of ECW either, which I guess is suprising to many considering that I can see faults of ECW, just like I always make it a point to see the WWF's faults and WCW's faults. I call it unbiased.

@That's all for today. I'll be back with the Monday Night Impressions tomorrow, so just chill...till the next episode. And remember, opinions are just opinions.

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