Welcome to the wonderful Sunday edition of the Phat Daily Column. Yes, this column does show up on Sundays, as other columns enjoy a day off. Well, I can somewhat see why many take the day off, because the news is USUALLY slow on a Sunday. Especially when there is no pay per view, which we have this week. Oh wait, that thing called ECW Living Dangerously, which is probably the most unhyped pay per view around, is tonight. Oh, that will be such wonderful fun, as I'll try to predict whatever quickly booked matches they have today. All this and more, so on to the PDC.


-One thing I don't like about WCW is their unfair treatment to certain wrestlers. They let Scott Hall do anything he wants, and you won't see them Fed-Ex firing his ass like they did for his little buddy X-Pac, or what they did for British Bulldog. Oh no, we shouldn't do that. They just worked as hard as they could, and they didn't goof around like Hall did in their days at WCW. Hall is in and out of re-hab like there's no tomorrow, and he could care less about any creative plans for him in WCW. He never has for that matter, as I question why WCW has kept him around. Oh wait, it's for that stupid lawsuit. I say fuck the lawsuit. It's obvious that wrestlers are very pissed at WCW for keeping Hall around, and Shane Douglas will probably rub off Scott Hall's no-firings in his upcoming lawsuit with WCW. See, if you keep Scott Hall, chances are, you'll lose two lawsuits.

-Looks like the eventual return of Scott Steroids, ahem, Steiner will be around March or April, as his "suspension" will finally end, and he'll return to television. Hey, maybe he'll be able to wrestle again. I think that he's faking his so-called injury. You don't continually stay in great shape if you really did have some bad back problems. I think that he would struggle lifting heavy weights with a bad back more than you would by wrestling. Duh WCW! Maybe he'll be able to start wrestling when he returns whenever, but I doubt that WCW could contain him again. He just doesn't care or respect any authority in WCW. Of course, WCW doesn't have any true authority.

-Yikes, Meltzer was saying that a bunch of Luchadores like Super Calo, Lizmark Jr., Damian, Ciclope, and the great Hector Garza are jumping aboard the WCW racial discrimination suit, as I truly don't blame them for doing so. Besides Rey Mysterio and a little bit of Eddy Guerrero, Juvy, and Konnan, the Luchadores have never been pushed much. Especially the ones joining the suit, as all they did in WCW was lay down for other opponents, or just continually fight each other. The addition of the Luchadores makes the case stronger for Sonny Onoo, who is basically the spokesperson and leader of the lawsuit.


-Stone Cold Steve Austin does seem to be appearing at Wrestlemania, but the real question is "at what capacity?". Well, consider this. Before the neck injury, Austin was booked to possibly turn heel and put the Rock over at this year's Wrestlemania. Obviously, that didn't happen yet, as Austin is recovering from spinal surgery. But could he happen? What if Stone Cold "screwed" the Rock out of the world title this year at Wrestlemania? I don't know if that would happen now, as Stone Cold seems to be appreciated World-Wide by fans about his injury. WWF takes notice of things like that, and they've probably avoided anything like that by making Triple H a very good heel. But never say never!

-For those of you who are wondering, Mick Foley seems to be getting into the mix for Wrestlemania as well...maybe as a special guest referee, if and only if they don't decide to give that to Stone Cold. Of course, he could ref another match..bah! He'll be there at some capacity. The one who is really in focus is Shawn Michaels. Is there such a Wrestlemania without the Heartbreak Kid ever since he entered the WWF? I don't think so, as I'm hoping for him to somehow show up. Although they don't really need him, it would just add another element of surprise to the biggest wrestling pay per view of the year!

Here's something to clear up from Friday's column: I guess some people misread what I do sometimes, so here's some explanations. After my Mayhem review, I said that I don't have a Playstation, therefore no PSX reviews. Then I said that I wouldn't buy one because Sony or whoever won't be making games for the ORIGINAL Playstation once PSX 2 hits the shelve around Christmas. I guess I write wierd sentences sometimes, as it was greatly misunderstood. Why I won't buy a PSX now is because of the fact that when the Playstation 2 comes out around X-Mas, they will be making games that will only be able to be played on the Playstation 2, and they won't work on the original. That's what I was saying, as I knew that the Playstation 2 could play old PSX games! Argh! Why buy a system that will be obsolete in 9 months?(meaning the original Playstation)

ECW Living Dangerously Predictions

Television Tournament
The main course of the night, as there are a bunch of opening round matches for me to choose from. I'll go straight to the winner, and my thoughts are that he will be the man who Paul Heyman considers the new "bad-ass" after Taz left ECW.
Tito's Pick: Rhino

Steve Corino vs. Dusty Rhodes
The American Dream will have lots of interference to deal with, and I think that it will cost him the match. Plus, ECW, I guess has more future plans for Corino than Rhodes.
Tito's Pick: Steve Corino

Wing Kanemura vs. Balls Mahoney
Wing who?
Tito's Pick: Balls Mahoney

Gedo and Jedo vs. Chris Chetti and Super Nova
Gedo? Jedo? Where did they find these jabronies?
Tito's Pick: Chetti and Nova

Danny Doring and Roadkill vs. CW Anderson and Bill Whiles
Hey, this was an undercard for another pay per view. Moving on up...
Tito's Pick: Doring and Roadkill

Masato Tanaka/Tommy Dreamer vs. Mike Awesome/Raven vs. Impact Players
Damn, this looks like it will be a damn good match! Umm, with Dreamer/Tanaka feuding with Raven/Awesome, the Impact Players will make a steal here, thus becoming world champs from Calgary, Alberta Canada once again. Speaking of Lance Storm's phrase, I about fell off my chair laughing when he said that on ECW Hardcore Revolution!
Tito's Pick: Impact Players

@Yay, nothing like a fun Sunday column. I'll be back tomorrow with some evil Monday Night torment, I mean hype, along with other goodies. See you tomorrow! 17 days till 1 year of consecutive columns!

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