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-After I wrote the scenarios, that Hogan might turn face, I thought about it. There's a good chance that Flair will turn heel, but it seems doubtful that Hogan will turn back to face. I have heard that Hogan wants to stay heel with his cool fellow NWO members Hall and Nash. Also, from those segments, it appears that he's very solid within the NWO organization. Flair keeps leaning towards heel, and the announcers keep making it like he'll turn.-Monday Night would be a great day for Sting to return to the television scene, because it's the day after the pay-per-view. I hear that WCW.com say that Sting will be back next week. I hope he comes back soon, because WCW needs him badly!! -Eric Bischoff is off with his daughter in Europe. Many people are saying that he wants out of WCW. I doubt that's true, highly doubt that's true. Why would he leave? He's a capable man, if he can get out of Hogan's ass.


-Many are saying that the Rock will most definately leave the coperation because of losing the title at Wrestlemania. This will enable for the Rock to actually win matches on his own, and for Paul Wight to attain Superstar status as the top man in the corperation. This would be a good move, and if it happens it will occur on big Monday, the Monday after Wrestlemania.-The WWF is going right after the company who created the "Slammin Wrestlng Hits" cd. This company is gonna get it, hard. The WWF is gonna sue them for all their earnings off the cd, and then some. I have the cd, and it's very painful to listen to. The cd also has some WCW themes on it, so where is WCW in this?-Terry Taylor is being laughed at for bringing in Public Enemy. PE has been a joke from the start, since they get absolutely no crowd reaction. Nobody cares about those extreme losers anymore. The went from wrestling on WCW Worldwides, back to ECW for nothing, and on to the WWF. They need get back on track, badly! They will most likely be given one more chance, and then the WWF will cut them loose.

.....I guess I'll be doing this every Friday now..

I Want My ECW TV!!!

Wrote by: Mr. TitoInspired by: Painlord

Where has all the ECW TV shows gone? Every week, I hear that more and more areas are no longer having ECW TV. That's not good at all. ECW needs to expose themselves to get the word out about how good their federation can be. I remember I got screwed out of my ECW Television! I relied on the Pittsburg WB 22 for my ECW, and one night I came home to find that WCW Worldwide was in it's place. I was pissed!! The WB 22 station didn't like the content of the ECW informercial, so they replaced it with the great WCW Worldwide. No more ECW television for me! ECW, plain and simple, needs to find a channel that will use them as an actual program. That's right, I said an actual program. The ECW television show, isn't really a television show. It's a damn informercial. They pay for their slot. They have no contract with the stations, nor do they syndicate their shows. They have to pay the informercial fee every week. I remember getting sick of seeing the same video highlights of videos of what they were trying to sell. I actually enjoyed the infomercial, but I can't see it! The only way I can see it is if I go to ecwwrestling.com and view it on Real Player. I guess that's alright, but it sucks viewing it on a 2 inch by 2 inch screen, and if you don't view it on a 56k modem or a network, it's real slow and glitchy. Even when you are watching with a 56k modem or a network, it's still blurry. Many of you readers have e-mailed me asking me where they can get their ECW TV. I have no answer, but to go online and watch it. Maybe you can bitch at your local stations to put the INFOMERCIAL on their station. I've been without ECW TV for a while, and the only way to see ECW anymore is to buy the Pay Per Views. That's it for me!So what can ECW do? They need to find a channel to leach onto so that they can build a huge TV audience. Fox Sports would be perfect...but they are hellbent on creating their own wrestling federation, instead of helping ECW achieve world title status. They need a real wrestling program, if they ever hope they can be like the big two!

@Well, that's all I could rig up for you kiddies today! Enjoy your weekend! This is Mr. Tito, the only phat daily columnist, signing off!.

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