Welcome to the wonderful Saturday Edition of the Phat Daily Column. Yes, I said Saturday edition because the PDC comes to you each and EVERY day of the week. I have some bad news though. When I came home late last night, I obviously went for my taped ECW on TNN. Well, just put it this way...I saw Elvis. Elvis Presley marathon on VH1! In my area, TNN is on 32 and VH1 is on 33, so I guess when I was programming it, I hit '3' too many times, and I didn't doublecheck myself! Argh! Well, I guess ECW gets a week off in my column, as I have heard that the Awesome-Raven vs. Tanaka-Dreamer match was simply great, and I missed it! Well, anyway, on to the PDC.


-Smackdown got a 4.5 this week for Smackdown, which is way down from previous weeks. Yikes. This ought to soften up any CBS deal, eh? Well, they had a few jobbers being put over on Smackdown, which I say wasn't a ratings draw, like Prince Albert. Yes, fans told me that it was only done because he was a native of Boston. It sure didn't help produce bigtime ratings! Hey wait, I have an idea that will instantly boost ratings! Bring Back Vince McMahon. Need I say anymore?

-I can't believe myself, I forgot to comment on the Handi-Cap match between Kane and DX from Smackdown. Ack! Again, the interference allowed for X-Pac to defeat Kane with an X-Factor on a chair. You know, Glenn Jacobs, who is Kane, has to be the best worker in the WWF. He doesn't complain about having to put over a runt who won't ever achieve main event status or be a World Champ. He has put over everybody, from the Rock to Steve Austin to Triple H, but does he complain about it? Not at all. So why not push Kane? Why not give him the win at Wrestlemania and make him an unstoppable monster towards the World Title? Nah, that would be too easy, as we must somehow get X-Pac over, right?

-A lot of readers are panicing due to the fact that they don't have TNN in their area. They say that TNN is just about in every area that USA is in, but that statistic is wrong. USA is in just about every market, and it's considered one of the best channels on cable according to some cable companies. TNN isn't considered much by some cable companies, due to the fact that it gets low ratings on every show, each and every week. Plus, a lot of them consider having the channel with the Country videos and ESPN better buys for customers. Well anyway, TNN isn't on as much cable systems as USA is, and that's my point. I still can't imagine RAW on TNN. And to see the TNN logo in front of the Titantron? Now that really scares me.


-My gosh, Thunder drew a 1.95 this week, which is only 0.05 higher than last weeks if I'm correct? Anyway, this show is going to the toilet. WCW keeps thinking that by having an unopposed show, ratings will just come instantly. For most people, Thunder is the equivalent of getting root canal done, which means that it's like torture to watch! I don't see why it gets lower than Nitro though. Thunder does have the best announcers from WCW doing the show, and the midcarders get more of a spotlight on Thunder. Oh well, maybe if WCW would try to make the show a little more interesting, then maybe it wouldn't be sinking towards Saturday Night's level.

-Looks like Hogan is getting struck down on his creative control clause in his contract for once in his life. You know, I truly wonder who has supervised WCW for the past 3 years. Don't they see that there is no authority at the backstage that matters? The older wrestlers, namely with the million dollar contracts, do what they want and control the show completely. That's why you never see any young, break out stars in WCW. I swear, nobody sees any problems in WCW. Can't they tell that Kevin Sullivan can't book worth a damn? Can't they see Thunder, Nitro, Saturday Night, and Pay Per View buyrates going downhill? How blind can you get?

-Micasa said that Sean Stasiak will probably be the man that took the Kidcam, just like he was the one in real life WWF who taped conversations with wrestlers, and was eventually fired from it. Yeah WCW, just rub off of another WWF superstar. In fact, have Kidcam continue to be exactly like G-TV anyway(which still hasn't found someone who was behind that). Well, Stasiak is perfecting his wrestling skills at the WCW Powerplant, and maybe we'll get to see him soon on WCW television. Who knows, maybe he'll do a fun 'shoot' interview on why he was fired from the WWF. Yeah, just like Dustin Rhodes did..yeah, that would work! (sarcasm)

@That's all for this Saturday edition, as I was counting on the ECW show to be the main focus. Oh well, there's always next week. I'll be back tomorrow to maybe give some ECW predictions, and to do the usual ramblings of the wrestling world. 18 more days until 1 year of consecutive columns

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