Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column
Mr. Tito (March 10, 1999)
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Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. The ratings are in! Oh joy! Anyways, on to the PDC.



1st Hour: 4.9
2nd Hour: 4.1
3rd Hour: 4.1
Composite: 4.37


1st Hour: 6.5
2nd Hour: 6.4
Composite: 6.45

Head To Head

Raw: 6.45
Nitro: 4.1

-Ok, what does this tell us. Well, a 4.1 isn't so bad, considering the first hour of Nitro scared many fans away. Raw did great in the ratings for a taped show! Many of you have wrote in to me about my grades yesterday, as I gave Raw a C and Nitro a B+. Why you ask? I excluded the first hour of Nitro. It was an eyesore, and I realized that head to head is what matters. That first hour was a test to see how good two hours of Nitro would be. It did better than last week, I think, and it will probably be the same thing next week. Shows that Nitro is in the right direction. As for Raw, I didn't like the past edition. I felt there wasn't anything new accomplished, and I feel that the ministry parts bored me to death. A 6.45 for a bad taped show is great!


-The real reason that Macho Man hasn't been on Nitros could be the fact that Macho's contract comes up some time this year. The reports are that are very sketchy, but it does seem reasonable. WCW is very used to limiting the wrestlers with contracts up. Who knows, Macho's contract might not be up soon, and he could be still recovering from the knee surgery.

-As many of you have known, the Stinger has been wrestling at house shows with the Crow face paint. That is exactly what he wants to be when he comes back to television. That's odd, I feel like I'm watching WCW about 2 years ago. We have the nWo with Hogan, Nash, Buff, Hall, but now Lugar and Steiner, and Sting will probably come down from the rafters, never speak, and tease that he's not part of WCW, when he really is. I think that WCW is in panic now, so they are trying to go back to when they were successful, and pray that it will generate ratings again.

-I hear that WCW has thought of bring in UFC fighter Mark Coleman to job to Goldberg. Do you actually think he'd job? Mark Coleman is a bad ass, and he'd crush Goldberg in real life. Coleman would be embarassing himself if he did this. I would really like to see Goldberg in a UFC ring. He'd get crushed. Also, the plan for Goldberg to constantly challenge Stone Cold has been scrapped.


-This is what has about Luna: "In a correction of what we posted on Tuesday, WWF.COM learned that Luna HAS NOT been released from the World Wrestling Federation. Rather, a high-ranking official has told us that she is "indefinitely suspended for unprofessional conduct." " That's what the WWF says. The unprofession conduct was from not taking Sable and her loser Husband Marc Mero's crap. Those two have become head cases in the WWF, and Luna was just sticking up for herself.
-The plan for McMahon on Austin could be anything, and it could be a complete screwjob with someone turning into corperation, or someone leaving. Many rumors suggest that Stone Cold might just be the coperate mystery, and he'll screw the Rock out of the title at Wrestlemania. Another, could be that McMahon's plan will backfire, and that Paul Wight will help Stone Cold win the title. We'll have to wait and see what happens at Wrestlemania kiddies!

-The Legion of Doom right now are thinking about their careers. They are wondering if they can make one more run, or not. LOD was ruined by the stupid suicide angle. I still say bring back LOD as heel. If many of you remember the LOD in the late 80's in the NWA, they were great. Give them back Paul Ellering, because they were at their best with him!

@Well, that's all I could rig up for today! Have a wonderful day! This is Mr. Tito, the only Phat Daily Columnist, signing off!.

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