WWF Livewire Report
Mr. Tito 4/01/2000
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Ah yes, the Livewire report. People still don't realize how much of a time saver this show truly is. You can just watch this ONE HOUR show, and you would know everything that would happen during the 4 hours of combined programming of Smackdown and RAW. Oh well. On to the wonderful report.

WWF intro. Livewire theme intro. Your hosts are Micheal Cole. Micheal Cole talks about Axess, and he says that Marissa Mazzoli is at Axess and will interview the Rock! Micheal Cole talks about how Wrestlemania is tomorrow, and he hypes the fatal 4 way main event match. Cole then talks about how the McMahon family is crumbling. Shows RAW LONG McMahon opening interview. Cole talks about power and being on top of the WWF. He says that the winner of the 4 way match will be in control of the WWF...referring mainly to whatever McMahon.

WWF Questions of the Week:

Last Week's: Do you think Mick Foley will win the World Title at Wrestlemania? Yes: 80.9% No: 19.1

This weeks: Which McMahon will be on top of the WWF after the 4 way match?

A. Vince
B. Linda
C. Stephanie
D. Shane

Go to WWF and vote! (Note: That might be the correct order, but I couldn't write it all down in the 5 seconds that they had it up)


Back. Shows Rock interview from RAW. Cole describes the tag match situation from Monday Night RAW, and how it ended up with Shane/Big Show vs. Rock/Vince with Triple H and Mick Foley as referees. Shows Big Show/Shane vs. Rock/Vince from RAW. Micheal Cole says that Triple H was very confident heading into Smackdown about defending his title at Wrestlemania. Shows Vince and Triple H interview from Smackdown where Vince made the 4 way match a "no holds barred" match. Cole hypes 4 way match, and hypes WM All Day Long package.


Shows Wrestlemania blimp above Anaheim. Cole says to order Wrestlemania NOW or your cable company will shut you out!!!! He was crying the same thing on Smackdown. Geesh. He gives more WM hype, and then reverts to the 3 way, 2 falls match at Wrestlemania with Jericho, Benoit, and Angle. Shows Smackdown highlights of Eddy Guerrero vs. Chris Jericho. Cole says Angle won't be able to attack Jericho and Benoit like he did easily at Smackdown. More 3 way 2 falls hype!


Back. Cole talks about XFL now on NBC, and they show the press conference of the announcement. Short description, but that's all that the segment had..I swear!!


Snickers Slam of the Week: Kane getting thrown over the top rope at RAW.

Cole hypes the Rikishi/Kane vs. Road Dogg and X-Pac match. Cole says that Aggression was #8 on the Billboards this week. Marissa is now on the phone, and she says she's with the Rock. He calls her bluff, and she gets Rock on the phone. Rock dogs Micheal Cole with his usual catchphrases, which I know we've all heard hundreds of times. Cole says that he's done 155 straight Livewires. Wow. They talk about the fatal 4-way match, and the Aggression track about the Rock. Rock says it's the best damn track on the CD. Rock, however, is mad that Micheal Cole has wasted his time. Marissa comes back, and Cole wonders why he's stuck doing Livewire while she's out having fun.

Shows Rock's Aggression Video. Double Yay.

Superstars Tomorrow: Behind the scenes for the Rock Aggression video.

They then show the Rock vs. Kurt Angle at Smackdown. Talks about how Shane will do anything to be on top of the WWF again, and how Shane has made Big Show into a monster!


Back. Kane's Aggression theme, which is pretty good, is in the background, and with that, Micheal Cole hypes the Rikishi/Kane vs. Road Dogg/X-pac. Discusses 3 way ladder match, and then says that the Hardys and Edge/Christian have been focused on each other. Hardys vs. Radicals is shown from RAW. They then show the aftermath of the T & A vs. Hardy Boys match. 3 Way ladder match hype.


WWF Rewind presented by Bop-It Extreme: Stephanie slapping her mother, Linda.

Back. Shows Linda talking to Vince, and Vince setting match for Stephania from Smackdown. They then show Stephanie's first ever match vs. Jackie on Smackdown, where she became Women's champion. They then show the rumble afterward. 4 Way main event hype. Cole says that Mick Foley could live his lifelong dream of becoming World Champion at Wrestlemania this Sunday, and he also described a tournament if he won. He discusses rules of the 4 way match, how it has no rules!! Hypes the following matches as well:

Dudleys vs. Edge/Christian vs. Hardys

Angle vs. Benoit vs. Jericho

Terri vs. the Kat

Cole then discusses the All Day Long WWF package, and he tells everyone to call their cable companies now, or YOU COULD GET SHUT OUT!!!! AHHHH!!!!


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