WWF Livewire Report
Mister Tito 3/18/2000
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WWF trademark intro. Shows opening highlights of the Rock/Triple H/Big Show feud from this whole past week, mainly the Rock's challenge. Livewire opening theme.

Micheal Cole and the lucious Marissa Mazzola are your hosts. They discuss the past week's events, like the Dudley Boyz, and they discuss where they left off with the Rock last week. Marissa was in awe about the Rock, and how he was only 27 years old, with many years to go. Gee, she's really Shane's wife, and she's praising his enemy. Talk about acting! Shows Big Show vs. Rock from RAW, which was the great Vince McMahon's return! Marissa discusses how the fans went crazy during the end of RAW. They again discuss how the Rock is only 27, and still hasn't achieved his prime yet.


A new cool WWF promo for "Don't try this at home" was shown. Great promo!

Back. They discuss Crash's 24-7 title defense, and they show RAW at the airport. Micheal Cole makes fun of Pete Gas for his very short title reign. They show Crash's defense at Funtime from Smackdown. Cole calls Crash an "idiot" for playing arcade games. Marissa, like last week, thinks crash is SOOO adorable. After the highlight, Cole laughs at how you must be quick to run away to defend the Hardcore Title.

They discuss how the Fleet Center in Boston sold out in 5 minutes for the King of the Ring. Of course, there are reports that it wasn't quite 5 minutes. They show areas where tickets are going on sale, with Rock's theme from the new Rap cd coming out Tuesday.


Shows Wrestlemania sign contest, and then Micheal Cole discusses how easy it is to win! They talk about the round trip flying, and Cole says that he likes to fly Coach. Marissa says "no wonder I never see you on flights"! The mention Mae Young, and a nice highlight reel is shown about Mae, with words from Moolah's interview chiming in. Cole says that Young is in a medical facility, recovering once again. Marissa is shocked about Moolah's attitude toward Mae. Micheal Cole says that it's easily jealousy, as Moolah brought Mae into the WWF, and Mae has become HUGE in the WWF.

This Week's WWF.com question: Who do you think will win the Triple Threat match at Wrestlemania?

1. Triple H
2. The Rock
3. Big Show
Go to WWF.com and vote!


Back, and Cole questions Marissa how she got the great Livewire coffee mug. Cole bitches that he never got a mug, and he's been doing the show for 3 years! He also said that he's never had a dressing room either, as he gets ready in his Ford Pinto. They, again, discuss the main event at Wrestlemania. Hightlights of the very long interview with the McMahons from Smackdown is shown. They discuss Vince's role now, and how he'll be in the Rock's corner at Wrestlemania.

Superstars Tomorrow: A tour of the Big Show's house!


Back, and Marissa "mugs" in front of the camera with her slick Livewire mug. Cole tries to impress her with the fact that he'll be in the audience tonight for Saturday Night Live. However, Marissa says that she'll be backstage at SNL, and later partying with the RockRadicals. Highlights of Malenko's victory against Rios for the Lightweight title are shown. They talk about how Malenko was the first Radical to get WWF gold, and that Benoit could be jealous because he's aiming for Kurt Angle, the Euro-Intercontinental champion. Shows the Smackdown match with Jericho/Tazz vs. Angle/Backlund. The hosts discuss a possible jealousy brewing between Radicals for titles. They show Malenko getting the win against Brian Christopher on Smackdown. Marissa proceeds to brag more about the SNL party to Micheal Cole. Aww, poor Micheal Cole.


Back. Lots of highlights shown about Terri's evil ways towards the Hardys and Edge/Christian. Highlights of the Dudleys vs. Edge/Christian are shown from Smackdown. Cole talks about how Terri pushed Edge over the edge, but Marissa has some sympathy for Terri, as I do too because I'm tired of seeing the WWF women smacked around. Which brings us too....

Last Week's WWF Question of the Week: What is up with Terri?

1. She's still in cahoots with the Hardys - 23.4%
2. She's got a crush on Edge - 59.7%
3. She's a she-devil - 16.9%

Discusses the new contender match for the Tag Titles, and they show the flopped ending of the Radicals vs. Hardys match at Smackdown.


Snickers Slam of the Week - Highlights of the Rock vs. Big Show at RAW. Shouldn't that be slamS of the Week? Hmm.

Cole seems very happy that Vince McMahon is back on television, but Marissa still laughs at Cole, telling him that no matter what you do, you won't be invited to the SNL cast party. Now is that nice? They go on to discuss more about Vince's return. They show the ending of the long intro interview on Smackdown with the matches being set up. Shows highlights of Rikishi vs. Big Show, Kane getting trapped backstage, and Rock vs. X-Pac from Smackdown. For some reason, I don't recall the Triple H vs. Godfather match being shown, or maybe I just missed it? More Triple Threat Wrestlemania hype is given. Hosts discuss that the Rock has had a wild week!

Sunday Night Heat Preview:

Scotty Too Hotty vs. Essa Rios, in a match more true to Scott Taylor's form.

Trish Stratus is RUMORED to appear, but hey, they showed her picture on the screen, so she will BE there. Micheal is so horny over her.

Marissa continues to rub her SNL backstage appearance to Micheal Cole, then she says that his hair looks better this week, and then she presents Micheal Cole with his own Livewire styrofoam cup. My gosh, it was like a soap opera with these two!


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