WWF Livewire Report
Tito Jackson 3/11/2000
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WWF opening.

Livewire opening theme.

The show starts with the intro of the hosts, Michael Cole and Marissa Mazzola. They say that Wrestlemania is ONLY 3 weeks away, and they discuss how Triple H and Big Show are geared for their main event.

The hosts discuss how Kurt Angle is such a fighting champion. Highlights of Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle from RAW, and then the hosts talk about the odd partnership of Bob Backlund and Angle. The Tazz vs. Angle match is shown from Smackdown. Speaking of Jericho, he will be on Heat tomorrow night, and he will fight Dean Malenko. Watch out for the rest of those darned Radicals in this match! I remember Dean Malenko once saying that for some odd reason, he and Jericho struggled to work together to make a great match. Hmm.

Last week's Livewire "Question of the Week" is shown, with the results!
Which Alliance would you rather see run the WWF?
Stephanie and Triple H - 48.6 %
Shane and Big Show - 51.4%

Jakks backtalking wrestler promo is shown.


Back, and they immediately show lots of Headcheese highlights. They then talk how Blackman defeated both Hardys on two separate nights. Shows RAW match with Matt, and Smackdown match with Jeff. They discuss how Al Snow is adding charisma to Steve Blackman, and how his popularity is really picking up! They showed snapshots of the fan from Smackdown, showing how happy the fan was. That looked funny.

Cole and Mazzola talked about how the Madison Square Garden WWF event in NYC and Backlash at the MCI Center in Washington DC were sold out. Better get your tickets for tomorrow night's Albany show! You can get your tickets for the upcoming East Lansing show by calling 517-432-5000. They list some other upcoming shows as well.

Wrestlemania.com Contest for best signs promo is show.
Wrestlemania 3 Weeks thingy is shown.


They talk about the mean streak of the Dudley Boys, and with that, they show them destroying Mae Young through the table. Shows Smackdown highlights of her in a wheelchair, bitching about her pain, while Mark swears revenge! Cole said that Young is still suffering from whiplash from the bump, and Marissa was shocked that someone 10 years older than her grandma can take such a beating. I'd be shocked of someone that age giving birth to a hand! Cole says that Mark Henry is very upset about this situation.

They discuss Terri's evil mindgames with Edge/Christian, which leads them to the lovely WWF.com Question of the Week!

What's up with Terri?
1. She's still in cahoots with Hardys
2. She's got a crush on Edge
3. She's a she-devil

Log on to WWF.com to vote!

Speaking of Edge, he gets to fight the Bossman on Heat. They show the wonderful WWF calender with future events.


Wonderful Jakks backtalking wrestlers promo shown again. They talk about Crash Holly, and praise him for the 24-7 title defense. They show RAW highlights of the Hotel Room, and Crash's match with Viscera. Smackdown highlights are next, with the laundromat and the match with Mr. No-Heat Prince Albert. Marissa says that she LOVES Crash's pajamas in the Hotel segment, and Michael Cole makes fun of the Mean Street Posse for their failed attempts and their bad losing streak in matches.

WWF Superstars is tomorrow, with an in depth look at behind the scenes with Chyna at 3rd Rock from the Sun. WWF Axcess promo is shown.


Snickers Slam of the Week: Shane McMahon "screwing" the Rock at No Way Out. In my opinion, one of the best screwjobs ever. Cole and Marissa discuss the Big Show/Shane alliance, and how Shane is focused on stopping the Rock from becoming as huge and successful as Stone Cold Steve Austin was. Lots of highlights are shown from the problems of the coalition between Shane/Big Show and Stephanie/Triple H.

They then show Big Show booking the Kane vs. Road Dogg/X-Pac match from Smackdown, and the match as well. Why Kane continually has to put over tiny X-Pac is beyond my control. Hosts say Kane is still upset at X-Pac, as I'm hoping that this feud ends REAL SOON. They somehow get off the subject, and talk about Billy Gunn. He had shoulder surgery this week, and could be out at most, 6 Months. They said that Mr. Ass and DX aren't talking about their little "break up".

Rock on Saturday Night Live promo is shown. You should watch it, as AC/DC will be the musical act for the show also. AC/DC = Good Stuff.


Shows the Rock's great run at Smackdown, which in my mind is the best performance that I've seen the Rock do. He literally busted his ass Thursday, and took some good bumps for a very high profile main eventer. Kudos to him! Poor Marissa is so mad at Triple H and Big Show for being so evil to the Rock. Awww. They then discuss the fragile coalition, as it's not completely stable.

WWF Wrestlemania All Day Package is shown! A MUST BUY!


More Wrestlemania hype about the Triple H/Big Show match, which will be eventually changed...hopefully! Come on Vince! Anyway, they show the Smackdown match between Rikishi and Big Show/Triple H. Hosts talk about the Rock's struggles, as he can't get into the main event at Wrestlemania and that Big Show and Triple H keep pounding his ass. Cole hypes the Rock for something at Monday Night Raw. Hey, how about some extensive Heat hype?

Jericho vs. Malenko, but watch out for those damned Radicals! Too Cool vs. Headbangers in a TRUE Heat match, as it's about time that a certain team was pushed back to this show! APA will be at Heat in some capacity.

Michael Cole said he couldn't WAIT until Heat, as I just can't either(bad sarcasm). Marissa questions Michael Cole what he did with his hair, as it did look sort of greasy throughout the whole show.


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